All-Cause Mortality of Biblical Proportions

You may have heard the term ‘all-cause mortality’, particularly lately as everyone from journalists and insurance companies to undertakers sound the alarm.

What is all-cause mortality, anyway?

The simple definition is that all-cause mortality reflects the likelihood of dying from anything – cardiac arrest, cancer, old age, accidents, suicide etc  – all rolled into one number.


US Army medical doctor and whistleblower Theresa Long lets us know in this video by And We Know that insurance companies consider a 10 percent rise in all-cause mortality to be a catastrophic event. Her talk starts at about the 45 minute mark. Right now, all-cause mortality for the 18 to 49 age group is a whopping 40 percent! Yes, you read that right – 40 percent.

What is the cause? It’s not an “overwhelming and unexplainable” phenomenon, as the mainstream media would have you believe. There is actually a much more  definitive answer to this burning question.

Edward Dowd knows the answer and has been sounding the alarm. Dowd is the author of Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022. He is a former Wall Street analyst and Blackrock portfolio manager, and is therefore quite adept at this type of analysis. Dowd, along with his insurance analyst business partner Josh Stirling, have been analyzing excess mortality data from the CDC as well as from insurance companies.

In fact, earlier in 2022, the CEO of a major life insurance company stated that death rates in working-age Americans had risen 40 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels, and Dowd cites other sources like a recent Society of Actuaries report that reinforces this data.

Here are some of the stats from that report for the last four months of 2021 regarding increases in excess mortality, all of them setting ‘record highs’:

84% increase in deaths in the US for people age 25 to 44,  a 78% increase for age 25 to 34 and a 100% increase for age 35 to 44. Dowd and Stirling did their own analysis of the Actuaries data and arrived at very similar numbers.

What is the cause? The Covid 19 injections masquerading as ‘vaccines’ are  the main cause. That’s right, It’s not Covid-19 the virus by any stretch of the imagination, but rather it’s the shots causing the increase in all cause mortality. These numbers only increased  after the multiple Covid jabs were promoted around the globe under false pretenses.


UK undertaker John O’Looney has been an early, outspoken voice about this pandemic madness. Early in 2021, O’Looney began to notice that something was just not right. He started investigating matters. What he found was astonishing and has now been confirmed by undertakers and embalmers around the world.

The Covid jab rollout began in the UK in January 2021. The UK authorities kept lowering the age requirement, and the result was to recommend these jabs to the entire adult UK population. Undertakers began noticing the increasing number of deaths in the younger age groups. These deaths were all being attributed to SADS, or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a previously rare occurrence before the jab rollout.

When embalming the deceased, O’Looney and others also began discovering long, clot-like strands consisting of a rubbery silicone-like substance. Surely these were contributing to the strokes and heart attacks being seen all over the world.

“The Biggest Crime I’ve Ever Seen”

The answer is unequivocal – the jabs are causing unprecedented increases in all-cause mortality. This cannot be disputed. Dowd says it is “the biggest crime I’ve seen in the history of my career. And it’s the greatest asymmetric information gap I’ve ever seen.”

Dowd went on to say that despite the pretense that this is a mystery, a large proportion of people in positions of authority know the real cause. Many politicians and medical professionals are well aware of what’s happening.  So tell me, who either ‘doesn’t know’ or is in denial?  Sadly, it’s the people who drank the kool aid and rolled up their sleeves – many of them multiple times. They got jabbed to be compliant for many reasons.  Some for convenience such as travel or participation in basic aspects of everyday life like going out to eat or attending events. Others were fearful of losing a job or not being able to attend college. A large percentage complied because they were told they would be protecting their friends and family members . Almost everyone  experienced coercion and no one gave true ‘informed consent’.  Fear was a major common thread in those that said ‘yes’ to the shots.  Sadly today as so many are dying suddenly, they remain either in denial or clueless regarding the sudden deaths. Cognitive dissonance is alive and well every where you turn. What will it take for people to come to a knowledge of the truth? Time will tell.

Ed Dowd stated that it boggles his mind at the lack of acknowledgement about this from politicians, health institutions, the media and others. He calls it a cover-up of epic proportions, and criminal negligence at this point.

For a deeper dive on this topic, tune in to Dr. Tenpenny’s January 23 interview with Ed Dowd on This Week with Dr. T    and please consider a subscription to a podcast membership after the show.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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