BOOK REVIEW: Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures, by Dr. Karina Reiss and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

by Maria Ryan, Vaxxter Contributor

What the Book is about

Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures walks us through the start of a so-called pandemic, beginning in the early months of 2020 and close to the present day. Reiss and Bhakdi cover a lot of territory in this relatively short book. The explore the origin of the virus, its level of threat, the Corona narrative in Germany, hospitals, economic consequences, comparisons with other countries, vaccination as a universal remedy, and the abject failure of the media and our politicians.


Authors’ Background

Karina Reiss is German-born with a Ph.D. in biology. She has published more than sixty internationally recognized articles in cell biochemistry, biology, infection, and on inflammation.


Sucharit Bhakdi received his MD in 1970 and went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics. He was the chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz in 1990. He has published more than three hundred articles in the field of bacteriology, immunology, parasitology, and virology.


Anatomy of a Pandemic 

As most are now aware, the story starts in China. Coronaviruses have long co-existed with humans and animals and have undergone countless genetic mutations. Normal coronaviruses make up between 10 to 20 percent of annual respiratory infections and cause symptoms that are typical of the common cold. However, reports from China in early 2020 told of a Coronavirus that presented more like a SARS infection. Soon, disturbing images began to appear in China resulting in drastic measures by the Chinese government. But, China quickly bounced back and their fatalities were infinitesimal in a population of well over a billion inhabitants. 


Next, we watched transfixed as Italy, particularly the north, became a pandemic war zone according to the media reports. The book moves towards answering questions regarding how dangerous the virus is. We learned from Italy, the WHO, inept politicians, and a wholly dishonest media just how flawed the death count system was and still is. We also learned that the fallacy was purposefully designed to cause a world catastrophe. The truth was shrouded in lies as the most tenacious doctors and scientists around the globe began to report a very different narrative than the one portrayed by the media and the world “leaders” at the WHO and beyond. Truth is, SARS-CoV2 as a pathogen did not increase mortality from viral illnesses, not in the US and not around the world.


Testing or Lack Thereof

Right from the start, no distinction was made between the infection itself and infectious disease in general. This egregious breach meant that any collection of symptoms could and would be counted as a Covid case. This practice has jacked up the infection numbers to dizzying heights along with several other methods for increasing cases around the world. The authors walk us through an unbelievable lack of science in determining both coronavirus cases and deaths. At the time of this writing, I can attest to a local school district no longer even relying on a test to determine a case. If a student or staff member presents with any symptom that is considered to be a coronavirus symptom, they are now automatically deemed a coronavirus case. This also extends to any sibling of a diagnosed student in the school district whether they present with symptoms or not. Tracking, tracing, and quarantining are based on these completely bogus claims.


The authors move on to a comparison between the coronavirus and the seasonal flu before zooming out and covering the so-called pandemic in Italy, Spain, the UK, and the United States. An emphasis is placed on falsely elevated death rates and the already crumbling medical infrastructure in several countries.


The authors allude to the factors that would render a real understanding of the difference between countries and regions regarding coronavirus. This critical analysis has not be done to date.



Since both authors reside in Germany, they can succinctly lay out the course of the supposed pandemic in their country. They lay out the German narrative from the beginning when the first case appeared on January 27, 2020. The pandemic was announced on March 11 and a lockdown quickly ensued on March 23. By mid-April, the peak of infection had passed nor had there ever been a threat that hospitals would be overwhelmed. Yet, on April 15, the lockdown was extended and rules for distancing and other restrictions were prolonged. 


Mandatory masks, though lacking any clear evidence of efficacy, were nevertheless implemented. The impending second wave alarm was sounded as well. And so the back and forth that we have become accustomed to had begun. Take away, give back a little only to take it away again. All the while the masks must stay on and we must never get within a certain, yet weirdly changeable distance from anyone else. Looking at the other countries who did not impose these ludicrous restrictions on their citizens made this theater crueler and far more confusing.


Hospitals, Ventilators, and the Government

Early on, it was apparent that SARS-CoV2 was not a killer virus. No exponential increase in new deaths was ever determined. Failing health care systems were thought to not be adequately equipped for the feared onslaught. We heard plenty about the symptom presentation in hospital settings where ventilators were likely erroneously and incorrectly used with often fatal results. As thinking members of the population began to question if the treatments were worse than the disease, the fear pumping media doubled down on their efforts to frighten people into total submission. The scattered stories never formed into a cohesive truth. The German government chose to purchase and store thousands of ventilators. The authors go on to explain why this was a bad idea and the very real threat to health when placed inappropriately on one of these devices. Many were placed on ventilators without true need and many died because of it. These deaths had nothing to do with Covid but served to muddy the waters and add to the growing fear narrative.


Collateral Damage

The next chapter entitled Collateral Damage describes the carnage caused by the falsely driven pandemic. It includes all that we as a global collective have sacrificed in the name of a virus with a 99.8 percent recovery rate. The economic crises, disruption of medical care, addiction problems, suicides, heart attacks, and strokes as well as other ailments are covered here. What we can expect in terms of consequences for the elderly, the poor, and young children are also included.


Next, the authors compare Sweden’s model with those of other countries and seek to answer the question: “Are there benefits of lockdown measures?” Due to the mathematical equations and other data they present, the answer is a resounding no. What would have worked was to protect society’s most vulnerable while everyone else went about their business as usual.


One of the longer chapters in the book is on the topic of vaccination. The authors break down the question of the immunity of Covid from the vaccine perspective. They offer a rather thorough but easily accessible explanation of what true immunity to SARS-CoV2 looks like. The role of the WHO in pandemic vaccination hype regarding the swine flu back in 2009 offers a glimpse of déjà vu. We have been here before.


The Failures of the Media and Politicians

This chapter speaks for itself in defining the failure of the media and politicians, namely German politicians. The authors reveal the corruption when questions were raised regarding why politicians refused to follow any science at all when implanting their draconian, nonsensical, and unlawful edicts.



This quick and concise book clearly illustrates the authors’ outrage as they layout an explanatory timeline from the start of the Covid pandemic theater to where we are currently. They have called for all humans, of every color, creed, and race, to rise against the tyranny being foisted upon us. The book is a heavily referenced guide to understanding what has been perpetuated and set into motion. It alludes to the larger reason why we are destroying our nation for a virus with a high rate of recovery outside nursing homes.


This pandemic truly is a false alarm.


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