Book Review: “COVID-19: A Devil’s Choice” by John Schroeter

Interviewed and written by Maria Ryan 

Covid-19 A Devil’s Choice is a literal timeline detailing the beginning of what is called the COVID-19 pandemic to our current state of affairs. It is written in a numbered format from 1 to 100. Following this is a doctor-driven discussion regarding the virus itself and the dangers it poses to society at large. For a deeper discussion into the book, what it means for all of us, along with actionable steps we can take to dispel fear and understand the larger context of what’s happening, I interviewed the author, John Schroeter, asking questions I hope will impart knowledge and expand the conversation. His detailed and thoughtful answers, as well as his rich perspective, will inform and educate in these times of great confusion. Get ready to connect the dots.

 Maria: Your book details the sequence of events from what we know about the inception of the virus known as SARS-CoV2 to where we are today, on the precipice of a new world that can only be changed through our own consciousness. You follow up with a discussion with Jane M. Orient, M.D., part of her paper ‘A Perspective on SARS-CoV2, the Most Dangerous Virus in History.’ What do you hope readers will take away after reading your book?

John: Thank you so much, Maria. I sincerely hope the book will spark some latent curiosity, to encourage people to start asking questions about what’s really going on. I hope readers will be moved to start testing the prevailing narrative, and not simply accept the course of events without challenge. I hope they’ll do the math and discover that what’s being promulgated as authoritative “settled science” with respect to this virus and the measures taken to contain it are actually anything but. I do believe if more people did just this much, this whole thing would crumble like the house of cards built on sand that it actually is.

This is what I set out to do in this book: to take the claims to task, point by point. In fact, the inspiration for the “100 points” format was Martin Luther’s 95 Theses—points of contention that he nailed to the door in order to spur debate and dialog. That was his original intent. And it’s my intent to nail these 100 points to the virtual door of the world in order to stimulate thought, discussion, learning, and discovery about what is arguably the most consequential event in our history. Sadly, though, instead of discussion, it would also be an act of resistance, because the free exchange of ideas is being suppressed across this country in ways that look alarmingly like Stasi tactics. So I hope that readers will become emboldened as they come to understand what’s really behind this crisis.

Maria: Thank you for those thoughts. What would be one actionable step, big or small, that a person could take right now to change their consciousness from fear to empowerment?

 John: At the end of the book, I detail 10 things people can do right now to empower themselves. But you’ve really nailed the problem on the head with the keyword fear. In fact, five of the 10 suggestions are concerned with fear. But it’s a complex fear. Besides what we understand to be an irrational fear of the virus, there are other forms of fear that can be just as debilitating. At the forefront is the fear that Martin Luther King described when he wrote, “Many people fear nothing more terribly than to take a position which stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion.”

We see just how true that is, for example, with the mass, sheep-like compliance to mask mandates. No one wants to be the outlier. No one wants to be ostracized. No one wants to stand apart from “prevailing opinion” and risk ridicule or scorn or be told they’re threatening lives with their selfishness. This is particularly insidious because, in the case of mask mandates, they are a very visible form of compliance that actually reinforces the fear, and hence the mass submission. It’s a feedback loop that continuously gains power. The only way to break that feedback loop is to take on the fear directly. And it’s going to take some doing for some people to venture this. It isn’t easy. In fact, it can be both costly and painful.

So it’s no wonder that large numbers have been cowed into keeping silent. Even those who smell a rat still largely keep their opinions to themselves. That’s tragic because one of our most cherished freedoms is the freedom of opinion—and the right to express it. It is our great equalizer. Lately, however, that freedom has been subdued by a very small number of people who have decided that their opinion is more equal than others. And they’ve managed to indoctrinate—or at least intimidate—a sufficient number of people who have tacitly accepted it. And those who have resisted have been censored.

Fear is a tremendously powerful emotion, and it is easily exploited to reinforce ignorance—which is also essential to advancing what I call the COVID agenda. Moreover, fear not only reduces resistance to authority, it actually quells dissent. But dissent lies at the very heart of a functioning democratic republic. Remove that element, and it is no longer a functioning democratic republic! This is not rocket science. So if you want a free society, now is the time to speak up. Let your dissenting voice be heard, fears be damned. Hopefully, my little book will equip and encourage even a small number of people to do just that—to exercise the power they actually possess to turn fear into action.

Maria: What is your personal take on the COVID situation as a whole? How do you think it connects to topics such as the global reset, mandated vaccinations, one-world government, division through politics and racism, track and trace, artificial intelligence (AI) and transhumanism?

John: That’s a handful, but those topics really do cover the waterfront. I think Occam’s razor is a good place to start. It is popularly translated as, “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.” This is actually the opposite of conspiracy theory, which often stands in opposition to other explanations that are more likely.

So as you plumb the depths of this deep, seemingly bottomless COVID well, you don’t have to venture too deeply before the simplest explanation begins to emerge. And it’s the same principle that applies in civil court, where conclusions are based on a preponderance of the evidence. Under the preponderance standard, the burden of proof is met when there is a greater than 50% chance that the claim is true. In the case of COVID-19, we’re well past 50%.

So what is the evidence? Well, for starters, the alarmingly aggressive suppression of proper science in favor of propagating pseudoscience. Let’s list a few more:

  • the unprecedented quarantining of the healthy population;
  • epidemiological models crafted to predict Armageddon;
  • the enforcement of public policies that can only exacerbate and sustain the situation;
  • the blatant disregard for the deadly collateral damage that utterly swamps the effects of the virus—even according to the absurd worst-case models;
  • the massive financial incentives for falsifying diagnoses and death certificates;
  • the deliberate decimation of a world economy to contain a virus that is no more consequential than a bad seasonal flu;
  • the demonstrably fraudulent testing and reporting of results;
  • the unrelenting barrage of fear-inducing media to drive compliance and stifle resistance;
  • the wholesale censorship of dissenting voices.

You get the idea. I could go on….and I do in the book. I’m really only scratching the surface here. The inescapable conclusion is that NONE of these measures would be necessary if we were dealing with a true pandemic.

There would be no reason to manipulate and distort information and strong-arm compliance. Think about that! There would be no political or ideological divide. No rational person would be crying foul if this were the Black Death. And all-cause death numbers bear this out. So, the answer to your first question is that this is, by the overwhelming preponderance of evidence standard, a manufactured crisis motivated, promulgated, and sustained by powerful interests.

The second part of your question gets to why this has happened. Again, remarkably, there is no effort to conceal the answer. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, recently published a book called “The Great Reset” that expounds on all of it. Additionally, WHO, CDC, GAVI, Fauci, Gates, and others have all declared unequivocally that the only path out of this crisis is through a needle—and a needle with strings attached: Their program of global vaccination is to be tied to such things as immunity passports. This is actually an ingenious approach to global population control, which is to include restricting the means to travel, work, socialize, go to school, buy and sell… It’s also a program that sets up convenient scapegoats: those who will not comply.

And that’s something we’re already witnessing. We recently saw Fauci, for example, bemoaning the possibility of anti-vaxxers who could “ruin everything.” This is an important point. Any study of totalitarian movements shows that their programs actually require scapegoats. That’s actually built into the specification. It’s very effective. So we need a heads-up about this. And how interesting is it that the personas and profiles that comprise these scapegoats also happen to have particular political and faith-based alignments! The myriad double standards being enforced now are truly astounding.

As to contact tracing, artificial intelligence (AI), and the rest, these are valuable and powerful tools that are already being horrendously abused—even while our health and governmental authorities are imploring us to trust them. Look, I am a technologist. I have significant patents in RFID and I architect complex AI systems. I work with people like George Gilder – one of the leading economic and technological thinkers of the past forty years who happens to be the author of nineteen books – and other prominent futurists to forecast the trajectories and convergences of technologies. I am well acquainted with the potential for its abuse and the fact that AI is far ahead of any legislative efforts to regulate or control it.

But that’s a topic for another day! Suffice it to say that tracing and AI are all being used by the architects of the COVID game plan. These people are very sophisticated and extremely well-funded; they occupy positions of power and influence, and consequently, should never be underestimated.

Maria: You wrote a sidebar detailing the suspension of global vaccination programs among third world countries by the WHO, GAVI, and the CDC due to COVID lockdown measures as being detrimental to the health of “more than a hundred million children to completely unnecessary death and misery at the hands of preventable diseases in order to slow the spread of a fairly innocuous cousin of the common cold.”

We know that GAVI was set up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the organization’s biggest donor. GAVI is involved with government vaccination policies all around the world. We know that Bill Gates, a known eugenicist, has openly claimed his desire to reduce the world population and has cited vaccination as one of the quickest routes to doing so. We know about the lies and corruption at the CDC. We know that no vaccines undergo adequate safety testing and can cause injury and death.

Why, then, is the suspension of these global vaccination initiatives a bad thing? What do you believe to be the true motivation behind these organization’s policies and what are the questions you hope readers will ask?

John: This is the most important question of all, and I’m glad you asked it. For the sake of discussion, let’s set aside any misgivings about vaccines, just for the moment. In fact, let’s imagine that vaccines really are perfectly safe and effective. After all, this is what WHO, CDC, GAVI, and Gates have insisted, so let’s use this assumption as a vehicle for examining the scenario they’ve already set in motion.

Now, if I believe that vaccines are crucial to the health of the world—particularly vaccines that are intended to stem the tide of the multiple horrible infectious diseases that plague Third World countries—then I am going to fight for them, right? And they have. In fact, nothing could be more important to an organization that calls itself the World Health Organization. But then along comes the coronavirus—a virus that these very organizations actually know to be mostly innocuous for the vast majority of those who contract it, particularly children.

So what do they do? They halt all the vaccination programs for diseases they just told us could kill more than a hundred million people! And this, of course, calls into question what these global health agencies really believe about the purpose of vaccines!

This is important because it exposes two disturbing things about this agenda. First, the coronavirus presents a strategic, once-in-a-generation opportunity to create the conditions for a global vaccination program—and not just for children, but for adults. This is an opportunity to vaccinate every person on the planet – all 7-billion-plus of us. And we’re all expected to receive at least two shots. That’s the ultimate jackpot—and they have accomplished this over a virus that is no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

But what about the 100 million children they say could die as a direct consequence of the suspended vaccine programs, ostensibly designed to prevent “real” diseases? To hell with them. THIS is what they have actually called “a devil’s choice.” Those are their words.

This leads us to the second aspect of this agenda. These people believe they are in a position to make these kinds of decisions over all the citizens of the world. The hubris is astronomical. To my way of thinking, this is the very definition of psychopathy. And this is what I am exposing in this particular sidebar—the incredible “scorched Earth” lengths they are willing to go to in order to advance their globalist goals. This is not mere hyperbole or speculation—they’re actually on record with this; they’re quite transparent about it all. No conspiracy theory required!

That said, in my book I began to introduce many dangers associated with vaccines—and particularly the wholly unethical ways pharma companies are pursuing a coronavirus vaccine. I cover this in a chapter called “A Shot in the Dark,” and these will be greatly expanded upon in the forthcoming sequel to the book.

But again, the larger point I’m making here is simply to expose the unmitigated evil of the people who are orchestrating this massive campaign of fear and intimidation to advance their particular version of the future. As a professional futurist, I don’t much care for their version. If we want to create our preferred version of the future—one based on abundance and freedom and human flourishing—then we’re going to have to fight for it. And fight like hell.

So I ask readers, which version of the future do you want to live? And what are you willing to do—or even sacrifice—to help it prevail over the competing versions? That’s ultimately what this whole thing is about: we’re in an existential fight for the lives and freedoms of our children.

Maria: Your second sidebar entitled Epidemics & Identity Politics details Oregon’s Lincoln County Health and Human Services policy which stated that all residents must wear a mask indoors and outdoors where social distancing cannot be maintained with one caveat: the order exempts blacks due to unfounded concerns about racial profiling and harassment. How does an order which so blatantly disregards the health for which it was applied, and also contribute to the hate and divisiveness which has been steadily plaguing our country for the last several months?

 John: This example really serves to illustrate the political nature of the pandemic response. Not only is it fundamentally unscientific, it actually runs in direct opposition to good policy. While blacks may be more vulnerable to the outcome of infection—many do suffer higher rates of hypertension, which has been identified as leading comorbidity—public policy must never discriminate, particularly to the detriment of a targeted population. This is clearly discriminatory. It shows that these health officials are not concerned at all with health, but rather the opportunity to exploit a crisis to practice social engineering. It strikes me as fundamentally racist, if not eugenic.

I have written in-depth on this topic in my other books, but suffice to say that identity politics is inherently divisive. But to exploit it as part of an official pandemic response is just unconscionable—the merits of the pandemic notwithstanding.

In my work and research, I am very interested in the possibility of stripping away all demographic labels to bring everything down to the level of the individual person, standing alone, a miracle of life created in the very image of God—whether or not the person even recognizes that amazing fact. I think we have to start there. Until we are able to transcend our respective embodiments to connect at the level of our basic humanity—and that calls for a whole lot of love—we will see continued, if not escalating, grief.  

Maria: What would you say to those who beleive that refusal to wear a mask, social distance or stay locked in their homes are the reasons this virus is still hanging around and why we are continuing to lose our civil liberties?

John: This might surprise you, but I don’t say anything to them. And that is my advice to others. Every day we see in the news yet another story of some altercation over masks. There’s just no profit in that. It is important to realize that the general disposition on the pandemic can be divided roughly into three groups:

  • 1) those who understand that the pandemic response has been appropriated and promulgated by motivated interests—and are committed to stopping it,
  • 2) those who are not quite sure about what’s going on, but might actually be open to learn, and
  • 3) those who have drunk the COVID Kool-Aid.

I don’t believe anything can be said or done with respect to the latter. A certain number of people are never going to give up this COVID path. My real interest is in #2. That’s where our energy should be focused. If we can win them over with critical thinking, sound science, and maybe a little enlightenment about the powers that be and a good dose of love, then we would see a very good outcome and a positive direction for the future of our constitutional republic. That really is what’s at stake. And that’s why groups such as the United Medical Freedom Super PAC are so vital.

Maria: Could you give an example of a personal experience where someone challenged a decision you made regarding masks, distancing, or lockdowns? How did you handle it? What was the outcome?

John: Whenever possible, I try not to engage in that two-dimensional space where everything is either left or right, black or white. It’s more interesting in engaging in the Z axis—a dimension where we can gain entirely new perspectives. So rather than arguing one point over another—and I say this having just written a book that argues 100 points!—I simply tell people that I am choosing my particular practice of going without a mask and resisting the lockdowns out of solidarity with the millions of innocent victims of this epic crime against humanity. And then I invite them to learn more.

Actually, many take me up on the invitation. And you know why? Because many simply haven’t thought very deeply about it. It’s amazing, but it is true. This is both a problem and an opportunity. I wrote A Devil’s Choice and the forthcoming sequel to help those conversations yield fruit. The information is important, but it can be better received if it can come from a perspective they’ve never considered—a perspective that can also serve to transcend the fear. We could all do with a bit of wisdom on that front.

Maria: You mentioned working on your next book. Could you tell us what it will be about?

John: A Devil’s Choice really lays for the foundation for understanding the true nature of the pandemic, what’s behind it, and the global response to it. For many, the pandemic has been an eye-opener. It certainly was for me as I researched it.

The organizing principle for my next book gets to the very heart of the virus crisis—and what’s driving both sides of the narrative: information, misinformation, and disinformation. Given the current media environment and high-octane politics behind the COVID agenda, it can be difficult to sort it all out. Disinformation is the most powerful weapon in the world today and we all need to learn how to recognize and neutralize it. The idea is to put things to the test, to equip, encourage, and enable people to sniff out and reject the propaganda in all its forms. But as evidenced by its phenomenal success, it is easier said than done. I hope the combination of the two books will help make this a little easier.

My next book will also take a deeper dive into the slippery slope of contact tracing, which is driven by COVID tests that are not only not fit for the purpose, they are easily manipulated, and are actually no more accurate than a coin toss. But boy, are they useful for ramping up numbers of so-called “cases.” Like epidemiological models that never say what they are not told to say, the RT-PCR tests being used to diagnose COVID cases also obeys their masters to yield only the desired results. When people come to understand how this whole system works—and how it will drive a surveillance state with contact tracing—they will be very disturbed by it.

I personally will never submit to a PCR test, especially if I exhibit no symptoms. People should also know that contact tracing is likewise fraught with the potential for statistically significant false positives. In other words, this whole thing is ripe for abuse, fraud, discrimination, reprisals, scammers, and more bad news.

Beyond this, my current book “A Devil’s Choice,” exposes the shocking depth of corruption in WHO-sponsored research that is driving public policy. Some of this “science” is so bad that even those who support the COVID agenda are embarrassed by it. And this includes the junk science being used to discredit a whole raft of treatments that are actually amassing remarkable numbers of complete recoveries. Not that this keeps the press and the pundits from running with it. After all, disinformation is their stock in trade.

Maria: Could you tell us more about your organization Dissenting Voices?

John: Dissenting Voices is an outgrowth of my organization, Abundant World Institute, a public benefit corporation. It became clear to me early on that the COVID agenda poses a serious threat to everything we believe and value, and so we’re here to put up a fight. Dissenting Voices was actually created in response to the pandemic, and specifically to answer the disturbing extent of censorship our many friends in this fight are experiencing.

Equally consequential, when dissenting voices are silenced, innovation itself is quashed. Worse, original ideas and the products of critical thinking are displaced by the kinds of deadly groupthink that ultimately yield dystopian dysfunction—in spite of an “apparent intent” of serving the public good, whether that intent is well-meaning but misguided, purposefully deceptive, or actually nefarious. So we’re building the Dissenting Voices platform because whenever, wherever freedom is diminished, so too is the hope of human flourishing—and the abundance of the good, the true, and the beautiful that attends it. The Devil’s Choice is an eBook; it is $2.99 and the proceeds benefit Dissenting Voices.


Maria Ryan is a freelance content writer. She has contributed to a number of online publications on topics such as fitness, nutrition, food, lifestyle, and parenting. She is an avid reader and book reviewer and works to promote indie authors and their books. She runs the book review blog:

John Schroeter is Executive Director at Abundant World Institute. Comprising a society of the world’s foremost technologists, futurists, and entrepreneurs, Abundant World Institute is a social enterprise dedicated to identifying and defining exponential solutions to global grand challenges in several areas of tremendous human consequence: energy, healthcare, education, and the environment. Schroeter is co-author of the award-winning book Moonshots–Creating a World of Abundance, with Naveen Jain and Sir Richard Branson, and editor of After Shock, a compendium of essays by the world’s foremost futurists observing the 50 year anniversary of Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s Future Shock. He is the publisher of the iconic Popular Electronics, Mechanix Illustrated, and Popular Astronomy magazines, hosted at


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