Census Agent Caught Harassing Man To Collect His Health Information

The Census rep tells this man that the Census will pursue getting answers until they get them. The rep threatens the man telling him that they have his cell phone, address, work number, etc. The Census agent says Census “doesn’t see it as harassment, they see it as persistence.” The Census agent then goes on to say that HE is a physician! This seems like a ploy to gain trust by people and allow the Census to collect the data they desire.

From the video’s description: This is audio of a real phone call that transpired on October 6, 2014. The Census representative issued veiled threats and promised ongoing harassment if I would not respond to a questionnaire about my personal health. According to the letter I received (included in the video), the interview is voluntary and any person has the right to refuse “without penalty or loss of benefits.” Every United States citizen has a Constitutional obligation to respond to the U.S. Census–but only to report the number of people living in a given household. The government does not have a right to force citizens to provide personal information, and yet this person, Dr. Franks, insisted that if I did not comply, I would be harassed in person and via telephone until I do answer the questions. He said that I should expect more people to come to my home and not leave me alone until I respond to the survey. He also told me that “they” (which he clarified as “the government”) have all of my personal information–demonstrated by his having called my cell and home land line numbers, and having shown up at my door, and he said that “the NSA listens to everybody’s calls.” It was absolutely bizarre and left me feeling unsafe in my home. I contacted individuals at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and thus far have received three emails telling me that the study is a legitimate study, but that the practices of the individual are being investigated. I am posting this because I know one other individual who claims to have been personally “bullied” by the U.S. Census to answer invasive questions about her personal finance and her husband’s health, and I feel that the public needs to be aware that this is happening. I have gone in one day from being an outspoken supporter of the federal government and social services to feeling intimidated, bullied, and vaguely threatened by the government. I hope that this does not fall on deaf ears.

Want to see where this kind of thing leads? They can find out your vaccine history and start pushing vaccines on you. Just look at this comment from the video which I’ve singled out.


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