COVID Lawsuits: The Domino Effect

The COVID jabs will cause problems for years, and even generations, to come. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been our constant warrior, giving us these steadfast reminders since she first identified 40 mechanisms of injury caused by these clot shots. She even wrote a book about it.

On a daily basis, Dr. Tenpenny reminds us of the problems these COVID jabs are causing. The latest revelation in her Eye on the Evidence substack is the growing evidence suggesting that COVID-19 vaccinations can cause new-onset autoimmune diseases, including autoimmune glomerulonephritis (kidney disease), autoimmune rheumatic diseases (joint disease), and autoimmune hepatitis (liver disease). It has also been suggested that COVID-19 vaccination can lead to increased blood viscosity, which may lead to inflammation resulting in arteritis. This goes along with the blood clotting issues seen with all the jabs.

Let’s speak plainly. Paul Alexander says it clearly: the COVID pandemic was concocted based on PCR-manufactured false-positive results that led to masking, lockdowns, business/school closures and other mandates.

Dr. Tenpenny also speaks plainly, telling people that COVID is democide, death by government. They tried it with COVID, then Marburg, Ebola and MonkeyPox. Now they are trying it with bird flu. She says she hopes people will remember that and “not be fooled by the next round of scare tactics that they are starting to ramp up.”

The resulting mass deaths and disabilities caused by the COVID jabs should be enough to convince everyone to stop vaccinating themselves and their families. Many people know the whole COVID ‘thing’ was a debacle. But more importantly, the people who PLANNED the pandemic know that too. They must be sweating bullets as the walls come crumbling down around them.

The globalists continue to do their best to scare us but they’ve overplayed their hand and these tactics are not working. In early May, the CDC warned Americans  about the latest SARSCoV2 variant called FliRT detected in wastewater. Check. Stronger than the last variant. Check. This one has changes in the spike protein that help the virus better invade the body. The issue is that people are no longer buying what the CDC is selling.

Not only are people no longer buying this nonsense, we are also in the age of the great boomerang. Several incredible developments have occurred.

Japan Says “Oops, We’re Sorry”

First, former Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs Kazuhiro Haraguchi apologized directly to the citizens for the COVID-19 vaccine campaigns waged against them. He became the first major political leader in the world to do so. Haraguchi openly acknowledged the sudden deaths and also said these deaths were almost entirely in the vaccinated population. He also apologized for suppressing natural cures like ivermectin.

In 2020, during the pandemic, the Japanese government largely took direction from globalist institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO). Now, Japanese citizens are mounting large protests for crimes against humanity. Is Haraguchi truly sorry, or is he scared of the people and trying to literally save his own neck?

Either way, Haraguchi’s admission is likely to set off a domino effect with other world leaders making this same admission in an attempt to escape the wrath of the citizenry they were obligated to protect.

AstraZeneca Pulls Its Own Product

AstraZeneca has faced a challenging year. Citizens have filed a class action suit against the company in January seeking compensation for damages caused by their COVID-19 DNA vaccine. The company admitted in court that their shots do indeed cause blood clots, and in early May, the European Union pulled the product (Vaxzevria) from the market. Interestingly, the company itself formally requested the withdrawal of its product. Despite the mainstream media telling us that the company pulled the vaccine for low demand (which is utterly laughable), they pulled it because it is deadly.

AstraZeneca is finished in the COVID era, and hopefully, this will create another domino effect to pull ALL of these death jabs from the market. It’s hard to believe that Moderna and Pfizer are not only still available, but that mRNA vaccines for other issues are being churned out at a fast pace (or as Fauci would say, at the speed of science.) I wrote extensively about AstraZeneca in an earlier May substack which you can read here.

Mandates Struck Down

Remember when universities mandated the jabs and wouldn’t let students go to school without it? That poor decision is coming back to haunt them. The University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine just suffered a not-so-favorable ruling from a US court of appeals. In short, the school refused to implement a religious exemption for the COVID jabs, a move just deemed unconstitutional by this court, according to court documents.

The court ruled that an employer may not punish some employees and not others for the same activities, simply due to differences in religious beliefs. In April 2021, the University announced that all students and employees were required to get the jab by the fall semester. The university says it did not issue a universal policy but allowed each campus to adopt its own. Apparently, the School of Medicine (ironically) implemented the most severe form of policy, a decision they are likely regretting at this juncture. Again, this case sets a legal precedent and could also serve as a domino effect to put other universities in their places so this never, ever happens again.

A Huge Win

Dr. Tenpenny has rightly never called the experimental COVID death jabs “vaccines” because that’s NOT what they are. It appears that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just agreed with her. In a huge win for the Health Freedom Defense Fund, the court says the injections were NOT vaccines because they do not prevent the spread of COVID-19. The plaintiffs argued that the jabs only mitigate symptoms making it a medical treatment but not a traditional vaccine. Dr. Tenpenny recently spoke about this in her June 11 Morning Coffee episode. Watch it here.

The case is a class action lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District, which required employees to get the jab or lose the job, a decision that interfered with employees’ “fundamental right to refuse medical treatment.” The court agrees, and again, this case hopefully will open a Pandora’s box to hold accountable similar employers that made poor decisions. View the full court ruling here.

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Dr. David Martin says this ruling paves the way for sweeping lawsuits because the manufacturers “willfully misled the public by calling them [COVID shots] a vaccine.” Martin says this act violates both the US Federal Trade Commission Act and the international Deceptive Medical Practices Act. Martin says the court’s decision also puts a significant crack in the liability shields that have protected vaccine manufacturers for decades. Martin goes on to say that the liability shield is also crumbling for “individuals, employers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and hospitals that actually injected people.” In summary, these jabs did not stop infection or transmission, so the the public was willfully misled. And. That. Is. A. Crime.

Ohio’s Fight Against Medical Tyranny

Ohio is leading the way to end medical tyranny. Other states will and have followed suit. At the forefront of the fight is attorney Tom Renz, who has been a passionate and outspoken advocate for medical freedom literally from the beginning of the plandemic. Renz has testified to the Ohio legislature regarding Ohio House Bill 73, known as the “Dave and Angie Patient and Health Provider Protection Act.” The bill has three main functions: (1) allowing healthcare providers to prescribe off-label medications, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, (2) protecting a healthcare provider’s right to voice an independent medical opinion (yes, one that may counter FDA/CDC/Fauci advice), and (3) ensures that patients cannot be denied basic medical care if they refuse treatments such as COVID jabs, remdesivir and ventilators. Watch Renz’s full testimony here.

Renz is also speaking out to advocate Ohio House Bill 319, to end the  “no jab, no job” policy. The bill says that no employer can deny or terminate employment based on their refusal to take any vaccine or other pharmaceutical product. Critics of the bill say it’s just too hard to keep everyone “safe” without mandated medical treatments, but Ohio — and Renze — are having none of it: “What you can’t do is make a rule that allows me to be discriminated against because of the way that I choose to take care care of my body,” Renz said.

Dr. Tenpenny recently interviewed Renz. Watch that informative episode of This Week With Dr. T here
to see and hear two warriors who have been in this from the beginning.

Kansas Kicks Butt

Kansas has Pfizer in its sites. The state is suing the COVID-19 manufacturer, alleging that the company’s actions violate the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, “regardless of whether any individual consumer ultimately received the Pfizer vaccine.” Kansas wants Pfizer to be held accountable for the big lie – its false representation of the benefits of the vaccine. Oh yes, and also for its aggressive tactics for concealing the truth about the vaccine’s safety risks. That, too. Republican Attorney General Kris Kobach filed the lawsuit; nearly 3.5 million Pfizer doses were administered just in Kansas as of February 2024, accounting for the large majority (about 60%) of all COVID jabs given in the state. Pfizer is on the hot seat for using various mechanisms designed to conceal critical safety and effectiveness data. One tactic mentioned was Pfizer’s destruction of the control group participating in the vaccine trial.

Upheaval in Utah

Interestingly, she sought help from the NIH, which diagnosed her with post-vaccine neuropathy. Her nerves are slowly withering and dying.

However, Brianne has no recourse due to the PREP Act passed by Congress during the “pandemic.” The PREP Act provides immunity from liability for medical countermeasures against COVID-19. But her case is unique because she signed a document in which AstraZeneca promised to pay for medical treatment for injuries suffered during the clinical trial. This is another nail in the coffin for the demise of AstraZeneca’s jab. Her lawyers believe this contract means that AZ does not have immunity.

Courtesy Brianne Dressen

Photo courtesy of Brianne Dressen

FDA Horseplay Comes To An End

Remember this social post, and how insulting it was? It’s great that nothing truly ever disappears from the internet, because this is stark proof that the FDA withheld valid treatment from the people.

FDA settles ivermectin lawsuit, removes contentious COVID-19 posts

Keep in mind this post was made in the middle of the worst pandemic in history. It certainly isn’t politically correct, now is it? In fact, it is offensive and oppressive, so much so, that doctors took the FDA to court. The FDA criticized people for using ivermectin products formulated for animals, but when your own government is suppressing the human-formulated ivermectin, many felt they had no choice. It’s kinda hard not to take the side of the people visiting feed stores, right?

The sheer irony is that FDA said that they were unsure that ivermectin was effective against coronavirus because the clinical trials were ongoing. SERIOUSLY? This from the agency that approved covid jabs with literally zero testing. Their argument is simply ludicrous.

As so many who work for the federal government, the FDA social media geniuses must live in a bubble, because they never saw it coming. Thinking they were cute and clever, everyone saw the posts, including key medical players and organizations, and oh yes, courts ruling on ivermectin.

The three doctors who sued (and won, by the way) had been prescribing human ivermectin to literally thousands of patients, in an off-label capacity. Naturally, the FDA claimed sovereign immunity, which basically says that the government cannot be sued by the people. In this case, the Fifth Circuit court disagreed. The court also criticized the FDA for its social media campaign and their omission of the fact that ivermectin is indeed also prescribed for humans. In short, their horseplay led people to believe it was only for animals, which of course is patently false. The crux of the lawsuit was that FDA showed overreach in telling physicians how to treat their patients. The court agreed: it’s not the FDA’s place to do so.  “FDA is not a physician. It has authority to inform, announce, and apprise — but not to endorse, denounce, or advise. The doctors have plausibly alleged that FDA’s posts fell on the wrong side of the line between telling about and telling to.” The FDA settled the case, a major, major win for medical freedom and a clear signal that there will be repercussions when government agencies overstep their boundaries.

Fauci is Finished

On June 14, criminal referrals against Anthony Fauci and other public health officials have been submitted to District Attorneys in Louisiana.  Hospital systems are also included, accused of committing crimes per the Louisiana criminal code, including terrorism by intentional killing or serious bodily injury. Other charges levied included first and second degree murder, manslaughter, human trafficking and cruelty to persons with infirmities. This is one we should all definitely keep an eye on.

Tip of the Iceberg

The lawsuits above just scratch the surface. No doubt we will be bringing you so much more reporting about the plethora of lawsuits already in work. For example, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) , recently commented on the revelation that the CDC kept 780,000 COVID jab adverse events hidden. A lawsuit was needed to compel the CDC to fork over the information.

This is the tip of the iceberg – the first shameful chapter in a volume of books that will be written about COVID lawsuits. Stay tuned.


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