Illinois Hospital Now Refuses Un-Vaccinated Kids Treatment

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Centegra Physician Care will no longer treat unvaccinated children, according from a news release by the care center. The policy is effective as of this morning. The center claims “overwhelming” evidence in favor of vaccines as the reason for the decision.

Patients 17 and younger will be required to receive the recommended vaccinations to continue care, a news release said. Centegra expects children not up to date on vaccinations to begin the catch-up process at their next office visit. Those who do not comply with the vaccination schedule will be released from the company’s practice, the release said.

Dr. Laura Bianconi, medical director of Centegra Physician Care pediatrics, said in the release that the decision is based on “overwhelming evidence” that vaccines are effective in saving lives and preventing the spread of serious illness.

“Over the years, we have done our best to accommodate families who chose not to follow the scientifically established vaccination schedules,” Bianconi said in the release. “Recent outbreaks of diseases preventable by vaccines have caused us to re-evaluate our position regarding exposing infants and other vulnerable children in our practices to children whose families have chosen to either not vaccinate or undervaccinate them.”

What remains to be seen is how they handle cancer patients where vaccination is deemed not safe. Will they treat a vaccine injured child? In addition, this care center should be about treating those in need rather than choosing and selecting those who choose to poison themselves with vaccinations. This is likely pharmaceutical influence at work encouraging health care centers to cut off those who don’t vaccinate. This behavior is a part of a growing epidemic. My hope is that a care center gets sued over this matter for discrimination. This is dangerous legal ground for the hospital, though I fear many courts would side with them in order to help push vaccines.

To make things even more interesting, the CDC actually claims to prohibit this type of behavior. So what gives? Clearly the CDC approves of these actions by hospitals but removes liability by using plausible deniability.

Photo by UNMEER

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