Is the ‘EMF-5G-Covid Connection’ a Conspiracy Theory?

By now, we’ve all heard a lot about EMF, 5G and Covid, so what’s the truth? The link between 5G and Covid has been labeled as a conspiracy theory. Journal articles have been written about it, like this article out of China purporting that 5G aided in COVID-19 pandemic prevention. This article boggles the mind. It actually says that 5G played a significant role in the pandemic prevention but we have no knowledge about how 5G enabled pandemic prevention so we are studying it. Interesting, don’t you think?

This article has a fancy title, The conspiracy of Covid-19 and 5G: Spatial analysis fallacies in the age of data democratization. This article has three Irish authors who manage to put ‘anti-vaxxers’ and the January 6 “storming of Congress” in the same sentence, demonstrating that both are real threats to health and the publics’  understanding of science. How is the QAnon Shaman ‘horned’ guy a threat to science? They actually describe these threats as “real and immanent.” Immanent is another word for omnipresent. Did they really mean that anti-vaxxers are an omnipresent threat?

The “researchers” talk about average people on social media showing maps of high COVID outbreaks that seem to correlate with 5G tower placement. Big deal! Twitter people are curious and are wondering whether there is a correlation. So what? Incredibly, the researchers go on to say that these Twitter users/conspiracy theorists have “co-opted” spatial data and obviously have a capacity for “organized violence.” Seriously? They try to make their article very scienc-y, but it is utter HOGWASH. What they are really saying is that outsiders have a different narrative that must be suppressed.

Another paper with different Irish authors (what’s up in Ireland?) says that while the Covid-19 pandemic has “mobilised global anxieties”, the craziest of theories are centered in the religious, far-right mainly American crazy people. Really? You conducted a study of the whole world and determined, with evidence, that the bat-shit crazy COVID conspiracy theorists are sequestered in the US red states? Kudos to your meta-analysis! Give these Irishmen the Nobel prize, for God’s sake. This is an absurd paper. Who are the journals that are publishing this garbage?

Papers like this one also analyze the dangerous social media narrative. In this one, the “researchers” analyze seven days’ worth of Twitter social media data with the trending #5GCoronavirus. The purpose of this second piece of hogwash is to study the popular theory that 5G has aided in the spread of COVID-19. Researchers found that about one-third of Twitterers believed COVID and 5G were linked, one-third denounced the conspiracy theory, and one-third had no opinion. Yet the researchers objective was to “develop an understanding of the drivers of the 5G COVID-19 conspiracy theory and strategies to deal with such misinformation.”

This is an example of tremendous science bias. They already decided the 5G theory was misinformation before they started the study. These researchers also stated that fake news sources were popular with people who believed in the conspiracy. How do they define “fake news”? I define it as CNN, but they define it as “alternative” media like InfoWars and the UK Daily Mail, a British daily newspaper founded in 1896 and a paper that currently has the highest number of paid subscribers of any newspaper in the UK. The UK and Spanish researchers also stated that these conspiracists shared YouTube videos with each other (egads!) Amazingly, their conclusion called for “quick and targeted interventions to delegitimize fake news in order to reduce its impact.”

The authors are also aghast that people in various countries have begun disassembling the towers over health concerns, and are especially alarmed over  the UK citizens who burned down these towers. Maybe it is because the people of the world have been incessantly lied to, like the journal article in The Lancet, promoting the bat-in-the-wet-market natural COVID origin only to have literally one of the biggest retractions in modern history. If you can’t trust The Lancet, who can you trust?

These authors have some real gems for sentences, but this one is my favorite: “The analysis also revealed that there was a lack of an authority figure who was actively combating such misinformation.”

This is hilarious. Basically these “researchers” are saying that the people driving the conversation about 5G were just normal everyday people and not anybody important. If only Anthony Fauci had engaged in this conversation, this ridiculous 5G theory would have been SQUASHED!

Where are the experts?

Actually, there should have been an authority figure who weighed in, such as the World Health Organization (WHO). After all, the WHO has an initiative called the International EMF Project. Its stated purpose is to address scientific questions and public concern regarding the potential health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Their specific mandate is to “investigate detrimental health effects from exposure of people to non-ionizing radiation” in the frequency range 0 – 300 GHz divided into groups: static (0 Hz), extremely low frequency (ELF, >0-300 kHz), intermediate frequencies (IF, >300Hz to 10MHz), and radiofrequency (RF, 10 MHz-300 GHz) fields.

Despite the worldwide coordination among 55 countries and the $200 million that has gone to these research agendas, the WHO results are not evident and indeed woefully lacking. In fact, the website has sparse information. The last published report was from 2007 on the topic of ELF radiation; the report was an update from the previous 1993 report. My initial impression: this committee doesn’t produce much work. There was a huge lapse of work between 2013 and 2018, but in 2018, the group launched a survey to rate adverse effects of EMF. In 2019, the group called for experts to systematically review the top two adverse health events, cancer and reproductive issues. (It is interesting that COVID-19 jabs have those same adverse events, isn’t it?). In 2021, the efforts to form expert panels ramped up, followed by the December 2022 public notice that researchers from around the world are on the case. There was a public notice several months ago, but no update since. A 2022 report from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) references the WHO group as THE expert, but why? Expert at what? There’s literally nothing there.

The WHO group seems almost non-existent, and the lack of a clear authority figure continues, as do the conspiracy theory criticisms. Bruce Yee criticized the conspiracy theory in a piece for Forbes Magazine. Yee is a self described “writer, journalist, professor, systems modeler, computational/AI/digital health expert, medical doctor, and avocado eater.” I would expect that Yee, who literally has done everything, including the avocado thing, would be writing in New England Journal of Medicine, but instead wrote a weak hit piece in Forbes. Astonishingly, the article doesn’t cite a single medical journal article, but instead cites the EPA and shames Twitter posts of average people a.k.a conspiracy theorists. Yee writes highbrow sentences like this one: “By contrast, cell phone towers tend to emit radiofrequency (RF) waves, which is a form of non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation is not the same as ionizing radiation.” Thanks for clarifying that, avocado eater.

Fancy smancy words aside, none of these authorities above have really addressed the link between 5G and COVID. They’ve addressed everything else – violence, Twitter shaming, and avocado consumption, — but not the question at hand.

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Real science

These authors actually address the true issue, and before you jump to the conclusion that the authors must be from the Avocado Institute of Whatever, they’re actually legit, from radiology departments in large hospitals, and physicians from the US’ largest radiology practice, Radiology Partners. They actually use the evidence of the city-wide implementation of 5G towers across Wuhan, and the emergence shortly thereafter of COVID-19. Many of us have seen that Wuhan video footage of people dropping like flies on the sidewalks and in the streets. They cite the epidemiological triad (agent-host-environment) applicable to all disease. (Side note: Forbes avocado guy did not cite the epidemiological triad.) Logically, the researchers explain ambient radiofrequency radiation from the newly installed 5G towers as a possible environmental factor in the COVID-19 pandemic. They cite a statistical correlation of COVID incidences with recently established 5G networks. Importantly, these researchers examined the peer-reviewed scientific literature on the detrimental effects of 5G, and identified several mechanisms by which 5G may have been a toxic environmental factor that contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. They cite specific effects such as changes in red blood cells, hypoxia, immune system dysfunction, autoimmune triggering, cardiac issues, immunosuppression and larger levels of inflammation (hyperinflammation). Hypothesis. Possible causation. Possible effects. Real science.

The point is that science is about investigation. There is certainly enough anecdotal evidence regarding 5G and detrimental health effects to warrant scientific investigation. After all, 5G is still in the early stages of development and is not fully ramped up or implemented, so scientific investigation is both warranted and welcome. The frequency used by a 5G tower determines the speed, distance and power for the service provider, and the towers are only using a small part of the spectrum now and are planning to ramp up the intensities of these frequencies in the near future. Real scientific investigation is warranted, and we must shun attempts to label real concerns as conspiracy theories. It’s a lame attempt and it will no longer stand. Let the ‘real scientists’ determine what is real.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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