Longitude Power Theory: Exodus to the Alaskan Yukon

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You probably never noticed, but world power over millennia has travelled like the sun from east to west, from early Babylon in 3500BC (east, dawn) to California today (west, sunset), and it’s still moving west…

Thus, this theory predicts the Alaskan Yukon wilderness controlled by the US Military will be the undisputed center of world power in the near future, because it is the only land mass available at the relevant longitudes (137° – 169°).

Alaska is not just a place, it’s a pattern, an ideology. Same with California (you know the saying, as California goes, so goes the Nation). Your whole life you have willingly or unwillingly experienced California because California’s influence is nationwide, even global.

You have never needed to move to California because California moved to you. The ideology operates your California designed electronic device you’re staring at right now, it works inside your Hollywood infiltrated brain every year, it’s even in the California grown food and growing techniques that formed and sustain the bones in your body.

This theory predicts the same phenomenon is about to happen to Alaska. What Alaska represents is moving to you (and within you) in your lifetime, and if your culture is not in harmony with the rugged self-sustainable Alaskan pattern or ideology, your people can expect to decrease in power and influence eventually. You may even be replaced. For example, if you live in a smart city surveillance city, you’re probably about to die or be enslaved by technocrats who are also committing suicide. Misery loves company.

Were you thinking about moving your family to Alaska or another wilderness to avoid mass depopulation and mass slavery? Well, guess what, you’re ahead of the curve because Alaska is already moving to you no matter where you go on planet earth. Acquire clean acres and get your culture in harmony with self-sufficiency.

I believe God will use the Alaskan Yukon to restore naturalism and freedom to the world. And that looks like strong rugged men with practical skills and natural families. Build now.

Mystery Revealed

There is a mystery and pattern that appears to be predicting the movement of world power from East to West over time… it’s a geographical pattern written on the earth, and it predicts that we are currently on the precipice of an unprecedented global depopulation period… and it further predicts the region of Alaska and the Yukon represent the next undisputed world power after the depopulation events.  I realize of course that this sounds unbelievable.  But that’s just it, this isn’t about belief, it’s about observation, pattern recognition.  My goal with this presentation is to simply show you the evidence and let you decide what it means.

I graduated from UCLA approximately 20-years ago with a degree in geography, and I continue to study and apply geography today through mapping and biblical history. Not professionally or paid, but because I love discoveries. It’s amazing the things you can learn just by looking at original information, and it doesn’t get more original than the earth.

Geographers & historians have either failed to detect this observable pattern (which seems unlikely), or they have just failed to publicize it (more likely).   Either way, I want to make this pattern public knowledge.  But before we begin, please allow me to make something very clear — this is not a prophecy. This is just classic pattern recognition.  With that said, this pattern recognition is consistent with well known biblical history, from Genesis to Revelation.

Okay, here’s the mystery pattern revealed… throughout history there has always been a geographical world center of power — meaning the greatest world power at any given time in history.  For example, the Roman Empire was undisputedly the center of world power beginning around 150BC.   There was literally no other military on earth that could defeat the Roman Empire during the height of its reign.

What’s so interesting is that if you watch this center of power move over time from empire to empire, from Rome to Greece to Europe, you see it travels across the globe from east to west over thousands of years, just like the way the sun traverses the sky from east to west in a 24-hour day to our perspective on earth.

There have been only seven empires in history that could genuinely claim to be an undisputed world power.  They are Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Europe, and America.  None of these empires occupied the entire world, but rather they were the undisputed heavyweights of their time, meaning that no other empire could even come close to conquering them during the height of their reign.

I’m going to show you now each of these seven empires moving from east to west over time, so you can see this mystery revealed.   It’s quite simple once you see it, so here goes…

Sumerian Empire 3500BC

From our earliest human records, there was no “center” of world power, but rather just dispersed agricultural tribes and societies.

It was only around 3500BC that the great eastern societies in Mesopotamia (Sumerian, Akkadian) ruled the known world – this was the dawn or morning of civilization (just like the sun rises in the east in the morning).  Notably, Sumer is modern day Iraq, which is where some scholars place the Garden of Eden.  And Akkad is the ancient country of Babylonia, which housed the famous city of Babylon.  Indeed, virtually all scholars agree that Mesopotamia was the first major human “civilization”, which is why people named it the “cradle of civilization”.

But Mesopotamia/Akkad did not remain the undisputed world power, because power moved slowly West, and the next undisputed world power was Egypt around 1800BC.

Egypt 1800BC

Archaeological, biblical, and historical evidence confirms this is the time Joseph helped the Pharaoh during the Middle Kingdom period.  Keep in mind, when we look at a world power, we’re looking at how far it reaches in all four cardinal directions.  In the case of Egypt, we can see it reaches quite far in these examples on the screen.  Thus, the Egyptian Empire reached farther West than the Akkadian Empire.  We’ll measure this phenomenon consistently throughout this study.

Egypt was the undisputed world power for over 1,000 years, from the Middle Kingdom to the New Kingdom. The period of 1000BC to 550 BC has been called the age of Egyptian decline, where Egyptian power faded slowly until Egypt was conquered at the end by the Persian Empire around 550 BC.

Persia 550BC

So after Egypt, the Persians reigned as the westernmost edge.  This was called the Achaemenid Empire, which extended beyond Egypt and right up to Greece.

So this Persian Empire was the largest empire the world had yet seen. Studying Persian military history is bone chilling, because their might came in some measure by the way they performed grotesque killings to instill fear in their enemies.  In any case, the Persian Empire did not last long.

Greece 330BC

After Persia of course it was Greece that conquered the civilized world as the undisputed world power (around the mid-morning of civilization circa 330BC).  The early signs of this transition of power began around 500BC (as we can see with Greek armies actually repelling some Persian invasions during the Classical period, even though the Greeks were clearly outmatched militarily by the Persians).

This transition of power from Persia to Greece was fully consummated around 330BC with Alexander the Great leading the Macedonian army basically anywhere he wished.  The Macedonians had the most powerful military the world had yet seen, with long spears, large cavalry divisions and siege weapons.  The Persians didn’t stand a chance, and of course Alexander the Great is the most well-known commander associated with the Hellenstic time period, and precisely for this reason ‘conquering the known world’ as they say.

And yet, this too was relatively short-lived: only a couple centuries with the early Hellenistic kingdoms: Seleucid and Ptolemaic.  And as we know, the Hellenistic Empire of Greece fell to the Roman Empire (on our timeline this represents late morning around 150BC).

Rome 150BC

The Roman Empire represents the time of the Caesars, but exponentially more important: it was during the Roman empire that the biblical Messiah Yahshua (Jesus Christ) was born and was crucified and then rose again, where he is now seated at the right of the Father in heaven.  Jesus did not set up his kingdom on earth, so his reign is not limited or part of this longitude power theory, especially because this theory is about worldly empires driven by military conquest. By contrast, the kingdom of heaven is about spiritual righteousness, not temporary military conquest on earth.

The Roman Empire was indeed sustained by military conquest.  It was able to conquer the Hellenstic Empire precisely because of the Roman Army’s superior military techniques and force.

Europe 500AD

Scholars debate whether the Roman empire fell to Europe, or whether Europe was swallowed by the Roman Empire.   For example, certain areas of Europe referred to themselves as “the Holy Roman Empire”, and all of Europe adopted Roman customs, Roman common law, Roman titles.  England for example became a Roman colony shortly after Julius Caesar invaded it around 55BC, and even to the present day we still find Roman titles like IMPERATOR on British coins. In any case, it is clear that the undisputed world power center continued its steady course by moving West through Europe – in particular Germany, France, Spain, and England – with the United Kingdom specifically being the empire that ultimately triumphed as the undisputed world power. Even today, English is recognized as a universal language. So Roman-Europe represented noon and early afternoon in the history of world civilization. Remember the propaganda piece that the sun never sets on the English flag.

Well, the sun does eventually set on the English flag as power continues moving West toward America.

Atlantic Ocean Depopulation 1350AD

But before we get to America, first there is the dark ages of plagues & war, where the majority of the world population died prematurely, and often gruesomely (as people power drowned in the Atlantic ocean), and then the center of world power surfaced on the East Coast of North America (early evening) with British colonialism of the new world.

America 1700AD

But the sun does not stop moving, so power goes onward through the great cities on the coast of the United States of America, like New York City and Philadelphia, that solidified American industry and the Constitutional Republic. And then eventually American power moves to the Industrial Belt and the Midwest, which became the world power in the sense of mechanical invention and feeding the world and creating the American dream that captured the world’s ideal standard of living (evening), and now here we are long after the gold rush — the sun is setting in California as you enjoy your California computer, Hollywood, California food, etc.  Even the United Nations was founded in San Francisco at the beginning of this generation – that was no coincidence it happened in San Francisco rather than New York.

Pacific Ocean Depopulation 2020AD

If human civilization is in synch with this geographical clock pattern, such that this pattern is both correct and continuing, then the world is clearly already experiencing, or else on the precipice of experiencing, an unprecedented global depopulation event (as world power enters the Pacific Ocean).  Remember, the Pacific Ocean represents depopulation (drowning of people power) because the Atlantic Ocean represented depopulation during the dark ages.

According to my research regarding Covid-19 vaccination, genetically modified foods and many other industrialized problems,  depopulation has already begun as billions of people walk around pretty much clueless of just how sterilized and diseased they already are, and it’s getting more extreme each year, especially with the push toward transhumanism.

So I think the center of world power has already left California’s longitude, and the world is presently experiencing the next longitude phase (124° – 137°), which is dominated by the dying Pacific Ocean (Fukushima nuclear meltdown reaching California is a recent example) and the moral depravity of British Columbia.  Fortunately, above these we find the refuge of the Yukon Territory.

So depopulation has already begun on the West Coast. 

Why do I refer to the moral depravity of British Columbia? Because it is a blatant hub for apathetic submission to the new world order police state, where freemasons and Satanists have deep roots, and the younger generation is hopelessly apathetic.  Simply do an internet search for ‘illuminati in British Columbia’ and you’ll get the picture.  Indeed, because of money and technology, power is being more and more concentrated up north in what British Columbia actually represents on a more global level – it is symbolic for British & Columbia. British refers to financial power (i.e. British banks that already rule all banks worldwide).  And Columbia refers to military power (i.e., Washington D.C. – District of Columbia, that already dominates any military worldwide).

Alaskan Yukon Near Future

But there is a silver lining in this world power madness – immediately north of British Columbia is “Yukon Territory” – sound it out just right, and that’s the Hebrew name John, like the apostle John, ee-oo-kan-an.  That was his name.  And that’s where this longitude power theory is pointing for the next major world power.

Geography literally means ‘earth writing’.  And history is written on the earth in many different ways for those with an open mind to see it.

So if this Longitude Power Theory is correct, then eventually the Yukon represents safety, simply because it is the only land mass available at the relevant longitudes (137° – 169°).  That’s right, this theory predicts the Yukon and the State of Alaska will be the undisputed center of world power in the near future.

In a world experiencing massive depopulation and civil upheaval, can you see how clean, open, and natural land is more desirable than, say, a high-rise office building in San Francisco or Dubai?

Alaska represents rugged self-sustainable homesteading amidst military dominance with durable tech.

In the new age, our descendants are likely to be recyclers of old tech, builders of natural homesteads in a post dystopian world.

One pole shift can turn snow-covered fields into vast farmlands with pristine soil.

Is this longitude power theory right? Or does it have gaps?


The textbook reason the sun rises in the east and sets in the west is because the earth rotates west to east while the sun is ‘fixed’ in the sky to our perspective. This geographical fact is obvious, but what is less obvious is the ‘longitude power theory’ symbolism:  it is not the eastern powers that are moving from east to west. Rather, it is the western powers that are traveling east. The power has always been symbolically fixed with the sun.

So it’s all a metaphor for the whole world being called to Yahshua the Messiah in Jerusalem. He is the King of kings, and Lord of lords. He is one with the Father.

Isaiah 45:6, “so that from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting people may know there is none besides me. I am the LORD, and there is no other.”

About the Author

Greg Glaser is a constitutional lawyer for health freedom.  He lives with his family on an organic ranch in California, for the moment.





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