Operation Sand Man and Ramifications…

by Stan Szymanski

Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

The financial news coming out as of late is getting more and more alarming. We don’t have much time left before the financial house of cards that the American economy is comes tumbling down. In other words, the collapse is imminent.

I can now say with certainty that the collapse is in progress now. The Western central banks have all pooled their resources to stop cash outflows from different banks around the Western world, to plug holes that appear, and keep the banks solvent. But it’s too much; the dam has too many cracks, too many holes, and there aren’t enough fingers available to stop the leaks.

Think about it this way; FTX collapsed, with some $30 billion, and cryptocurrencies vaporized. That in turn pulled in Signature Bank, Silvergate and Silicon Valley banks, in classic bank runs. It would appear that regulators are set to limit withdrawals from banks, to prevent future bank runs. In other words, your money is safe in the bank… until you want to withdraw it.

The shock waves from SVB pushed Credit Suisse, the 2nd largest bank in Switzerland, over the edge, after suffering from numerous scandals in recent years, including a spying scandal, the collapse of two investment funds in which the bank was heavily involved, and a rotating group of executives. The dominos have clearly started to fall, and there are roughly 200 other banks like First Republic ready to collapse in the same way that SVB did. It is abundantly clear that the American financial system is teetering on the edge of the abyss; the only thing that has kept it from already doing so is the US Treasury promising to stabilize the system via bailouts. But the FDIC is already tapped out from the SVB debacle; additional funds will have to be created from thin air, you know, the newly created money via the digital printing press.

This translates into continued inflation, as there are roughly $17 trillion in US bank deposits. The M2 money supply is roughly $21 trillion, so the money supply (and prices for everything) would roughly double, if the US government were to bail out everyone.

For countries and people outside the USA who use the dollar for international transactions, this means that their 2 percent per month inflation rate would now almost double in a very short time. You can’t effectively save money, wealth, future purchasing power, in a currency that is intentionally being devalued by the issuing government; it’s a complete loser. So producer countries have long had the desire to switch to an alternative currency, which is more stable, issued by a country not run by insane egomaniacs like we now have in the USA.

Enter Operation Sand Man, a rumor propagated for over a year by Steve Quayle. The first video I can find of him describing this is 9/21/21, here. I have not been able to find any other sources for this story, much less documentation. But that should be no surprise. Steve Quayle has LOTS of hidden sources. I have no secret-squirrel sources to give me inside information; I’m just another guy having to rely on publicly available sources, and extrapolate from there using my understanding of economics, experience and common sense. In a nutshell, Quayle says:

“Information that came to me…is that, [on October 15th?] at the 11:38AM mark on Wall Street, there will be a declaration by the Fed, itself, declaring Force Majeur. And that simply means, because of a situation beyond control, in this case, there’s too much debt and nothing to pay it back, that the American dollar becomes worthless.

And what Janet Yellen has done, in my opinion is telegraph to the entire world that the United States dollar is coming to an end and as further proof of that, there’s an operation called ‘Sandman’, based on the Petrodollar, Saudi Arabia and the oil-exporting countries are going to basically refuse to take the US dollar.

Most people don’t know but up until…a couple of years ago, all of the oil that was bought and sold was in US dollars. Well, that day’s coming to an end, because there’s an agreement of 130 nations to abandon the US dollar concurrently and simultaneously when the go signal is given…

That means the money in your account denominated in dollars goes away. It means your credit cards no longer work. It means all the benefits, whether it’s EBT, whether it’s Social Security, whether it’s all these things – and look, I’m not trying to scare anybody – but this is the plan they have, to starve out America. This is the equivalent, in my opinion of Stalin’s Holodomor, where 5 million Ukrainians were starved to death. So, that’s what’s at stake.”

Obviously his prediction has not come true–yet. But predictions for exact timing of events are a dangerous thing; suppose you predict a criminal act, and your prediction pushes authorities to take appropriate action, and the criminal act is prevented. Does the fact that the act was prevented and lives saved, make you wrong? No. This is the double-edged sword of this sort of thing. Do we sometimes predict things that turn out NOT to be, at all? Sure. But again, that doesn’t mean that the plan isn’t still in play, or still sitting on the shelf, ready to deploy at some point in the future.

To be honest, I’d forgotten about Operation Sand Man. And then a buddy, Luke, sent me this clip, key point from 58 seconds to 1:18… :

President William Ruto: For the people who work numbers, I am giving you free advice, those who are holding dollars, you might soon go into losses. Do what you must do because this market is going to be different in a couple of weeks.

Another blogger posted a summary which, to be honest, sums it up as well as I could, so I’m posting his comments in their entirety:

This stunning announcement gives credibility to a RUMOR that has been circulating for over a year that 142 countries around the world have secretly agreed to what they call “Operation Sandman.”

According to the RUMOR, Operation Sandman will “put the US dollar to sleep” by having all 142 countries repudiate the currency on the same day, and refuse to continue accepting it for payment in trade.

Countries around the world began planning this when they witnessed the then-Democrat-controlled US Congress, go on a spending spree of several TRILLION Dollars in Omnibus bills. Those countries realized there is nothing backing the value of US dollars and they saw that the US Congress has no plans at all to reign in spending.

One country’s finance ministry recently told the US, “We are no longer willing to accept ones and zeros in a bank computer as actual payment for real goods.”

The countries agreed that holding US currency was becoming foolish because it was becoming worthless on its face, thanks to all the rampant over-spending by the US government.

Now, it appears those countries may actually take action “within a couple weeks.”

If countries around the world repudiate the dollar as payment for goods in trade, then they would halt providing manufactured goods or raw materials unless paid in some currency OTHER THAN DOLLARS.

Since the US barely does any manufacturing at all anymore, thanks to the business nitwits who thought it was a good idea to convert the US economy to a “service economy”, products we buy in stores will simply run out and we will be unable to re-stock because no one will want our money.

Among the business nitwits are also those who pushed for “free trade” claiming it would improve sales of American-made goods overseas if America agreed to halt tariffs on all imported items. The government bought into the idea, not realizing – or not caring – that these very businessmen weren’t at all interested in selling more American goods overseas. What they were interested in was shipping American JOBS overseas, taking advantage of cheap labor, then shipping those exact same products back to the USA to sell at the same high prices while pocketing the profit from the new, foreign, cheap labor without having to pay tariffs.

The businessmen, their corporate Boards of Directors, and Commerce Organizations who touted “free trade” were the ones who moved American jobs overseas and now, the country barely manufactures anything anymore.

So here we are, years later, and thanks to those businessmen, and the federal politicians who foolishly believed their lies about “free trade,” we have almost no manufacturing. Countries around the world seem to be actually planning to stop accepting the US dollar as payment, so we won’t be able to buy anything because it’s all made overseas now.”

This article was submitted by Stan Szymanski from Capitalist Eric’s blog. To read the remainder of this amazing article, click here.


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