Researchers Suggest More Vaccine Marketing ‘Before Conception’

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Vaccine producers are always trying to get a leg up when it comes to figuring out the best way to market vaccines. They have teams of researchers working tirelessly to extract data that their Pharmaceutical marketing teams can use to push more product. The point of this post, and so many of our post here on Vaxxter, is to consistently bring to the forefront deceptive marketing and the origin of that deceptive marketing. The more you know, the more transparent it all becomes.

New research coming out of North Carolina’s Children’s Hospital is another such study which will fuel deceptive marketing campaigns. The study primarily pushes the idea that Pharmacuetical companies need to market to “mothers to be,” as opposed to just current mothers. In other words, “becore conception” marketing might well be a more prime spot to market. If they can influence the mother or father before conception, they feel strongly they will have a lifelong customer.

According to, the hospital surveyed 170 mothers and fathers.

A significant majority (72 percent) reported starting to develop vaccine preferences for their newborn before conception. “Perhaps not surprisingly, 77 percent of parents of previous children had already thought about vaccines for their new baby before pregnancy,” said lead investigator James Yarnall from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Studies such as this one may seem like small news, but the truth is, this time of marketing research is happening every day. Vaccines are treated exactly the same as Coca Cola and Fritos. The product is being pushed, the marketing is the catalyst. Vaccine research often operates under the guise of being for the welfare of the people, but read that aforementioned study yourself and just pretend it is Hair Conditioner instead. Does it not sound just like marketing research to push a product?


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