Should You Need an “Exemption” to Say No to a Mask or a Vaccine?

By Janet Levatin, MD, HMC, Holistic Pediatrician

In these times of mask mandates, saying no to unwanted mask usage has become difficult.

If you say no to vaccines, or chemotherapy, or statin drugs… or any medical procedure or intervention you don’t wish to have, no one knows you have refused it as you walk down the street, browse in a shop, go to school, enjoy a day at the beach; or as you attend a movie, play, or concert. It is your private business.

If people know you haven’t been vaccinated or if they find out you are a full-fledged “anti-vaxxer,” a lot of hatred and misunderstanding may be directed at you. While many are aware of the dangers associated with vaccines, many people still buy into the party line that vaccines are safe and effective and feel it is everyone’s “duty to society” to be vaccinated. After all, they believe that YOU need to be vaccinated to protect the health of others.

Mask requirements and mask mandates have completely changed these dynamics. You may have done your research and understand that there is no science to support that a healthy person wearing a mask (outside of the operating room) does anything to stop the spread of viruses. You may even know that wearing a mask can increase or induce a variety of medical and psychological problems. For these reasons and many others, you may be saying no to wearing a mask. And you may have already found out that this decision can lead to exclusion, derogation, and possibly even violent, aggressive acts.

It seems fairly obvious that the mask orders have been put in place to 1) control us, and 2) divide us, and they appear to be doing a good job. Unlike declining vaccines, a choice that is invisible to others, declining to wear a mask is the first thing people notice about you these days. This immediately sets up a division and polarizes us before we even say hello. Smiling as a way of greeting others has become a thing of the past.

I estimate that perhaps 50% of the population thinks wearing masks regularly is a good idea. They wear their masks almost all the time, even though almost everyone wears them incorrectly. These individuals are on board with the agenda and obediently comply with government directives even when they make no sense and are not backed by valid science. Let’s refer to them as “pro-maskers.”

The other 50% of the population understands that wearing a mask is unnecessary, unhealthy, and ridiculous. Let’s call these people “anti-maskers.” Even though they understand the myth of the mask, a significant percent of anti-maskers still wear masks for a variety of reasons: they think it is the law; they are worried about confrontations; they want to be viewed as “good citizens;” they believe they are doing what needs to be done to make others feel comfortable.

While anti-maskers are not trying to force pro-maskers to stop wearing masks, the same cannot be said of most pro-maskers. As both individuals and institutions, pro-maskers aggressively push the pro-masking agenda by denying mask-free shoppers entry into stores, terminating their jobs, refusing them medical care, refusing them access to travel and other events, sometimes resorting to verbal and physical confrontation.

While vaccines exemptions have been around for decades, the idea of needing to obtain an exemption to avoid mask wearing is a new idea… we are in uncharted territory. In an attempt to avoid the pro-mask compliance rules, many anti-maskers are seeking medical or religious exemptions. It is important to know that most mask mandates, however, are not legislatively-enacted laws; they are guidelines, and thus technically do not need to be obeyed.

(More on vaccine exemptions: exemptions to vaccine laws have a long history as they have been used for decades and are codified into the laws of all states, although numerous states are making them more and more difficult to obtain. Vaccine exemptions in most states apply only to children in grades K through 12 and unfortunately are usually not available to those in college or employees in most industries.)

Mask Exemptions

Can we claim medical or religious exemptions to avoid wearing masks? Will an exemption work? Will laws be put into place that take away our right to say no? And more importantly, WHY do we even need to ask these questions?

I assert that we should not need to say why we are choosing to not wear masks. Not wearing masks should be the norm, and wearing them should be an exception.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers simply want to live in the world in our natural state, breathing the pure air that nature provides us and living with the uncontaminated body we were born with. It is a false narrative and an agenda to control our every move when we are required to submit to invasive procedures to allegedly protect the health of others. Especially when those measures can make us sick or even kill us.

Here are few things you can do to fight against both mask and vaccine mandates:

  1. If you have any media contacts, encourage them to present both sides of the issue. If the media reported on mask-related illness and vaccine injuries in the same way they have promoted “safe” use of masks and vaccines, the truth would wake up the masses and hopefully lead to elimination of mandates.
  2. Contact your state and federal legislators frequently. Once is not enough. Let them know that you do not support mandates for masks or vaccines and that you are watching how they vote on these issues.
  3. Talk to individuals who are wearing masks because they think they have to or that they “should.” Encourage them to stand strong in their beliefs and to not wear masks unwillingly. I do not wear a mask. If I am challenged, I say, “I have a condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. I would like to shop in your store/eat in your restaurant. I hope that’s OK.” If they refuse, I take my business and my money elsewhere.
  4. There are several lawsuits currently underway to take legal action against these unlawful mandates. Help those groups raise funds for their ongoing advocacy work and their legal efforts.
  5. Join local activist groups and organizations so you can network with likeminded people in your community. There is strength in numbers and you will find you are not alone.

Pro-maskers can wear their masks if they like and anti-maskers need the same freedom of choice. We need freedom from the fear-mongering and propaganda that are creating schisms in our society that may be irreversible. We need to fight for and defend our freedom of choice. Once your right to say no is gone,

Get involved. Every freedom-loving person is needed in this battle for our rights. Secure and protect your rights now so that your grandchildren and  great-grandchildren can be free. Once our right to refuse what should be an elective procedure is gone, it will likely be gone forever.


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Dr. Janet Levatin graduated from George Washington University in 1982, and completed a pediatric residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ. From 1986 to 2011 she had a private practice in Boston, MA, where she offered various holistic options for children and adults. In 2011 she moved to northeast Ohio and joined Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, where she offers a variety of programs for children and adults including homeopathy, nutritional detox, cardiovascular wellness, breast health and herbs. Dr. Janet is passionate about prevention and using natural solutions for health problems whenever possible. She has spoken out about the toxicity of pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, for many years and is a strong supporter of freedom of choice in medical decision making.

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