Flourish and Prosper: A Simple Truth

Reprinted with permission from The Clear View with Lee Kessler

The Tenpenny team has chosen Brain Health as our theme for April. In that spirit, The Tenpenny Report will be featuring articles that make you think! Here is one from guest author Lee Kessler, who tells us one simple truth about the difference in thinking between us good guys and the bad guys who are our enemies. Happy reading!


As we launched into March on The Clear View, this month’s webcast entitled “Simple Truths, Simple Solutions” will set the tone of hope for everyone. At least that is my intention. So, this week I want to take a look at a simple truth. It is one that “bad guys” can’t face, and they cannot defeat. That alone should give you a glimmer of hope.

The reason lies in the differences between the traits of Good People, and the traits of Bad People. I have addressed before in Commentary, Podcast, and Webcast the fact that Good People strive to create. And bad people strive to destroy. They are happy only when they are destroying something or someone they feel is threatening to them. Cowards all. And therein lies the simple solution as well.

Since Bad People cannot produce, cannot create, all you have to do—each one of you on an individual basis, or in groups—is to prosper. When you flourish instead of cower and wither, and when you prosper even in the face of all the adversity that is targeting you, it literally drives your enemy insane.

All the issues we have looked at so far on The Clear View, especially Perception Management and Fifth Generation Warfare, will pale when you realize this simple truth. Which means that whether you are an activist or not, whether you are an “average American” (if there is such a thing) who is ensuring that his Scout Troop is expanding, or his garden flourishing, or his children now beginning to prosper and flourish in school because the parents took full responsibility for the health, the well-being, and the education of their children, each action—in each and every arena—that you take that causes you to do better financially, spiritually, health-wise, education=wise, maritally, etc. is a setback for the enemy that wants to destroy this country, and enslave its population in a low standard of living, stripping us of our power, our ambition, and our influence.

The simple truth is that you can influence the situation in front of you—large or small. You can influence you, and your family, and more. It is not going to be necessary in my opinion for everyone to join with some powerful group, or to contribute huge sums of money to organizations, or to give up their jobs so they can devote full time to stopping this Great Reset. You may choose to do that. But in reality you, as a Good Person, doing what Good People do is a step in the right direction. Just know that every time you personally flourish, each time you personally prosper at work or at home, the enemy is set back.

It is a simple truth opening the door to a simple solution. You might be tempted to doubt that, or the power of that statement, but if you do I would like to suggest it is simply a manifestation of the Perception Management campaigns that have been waged brilliantly against you. The masterminds in those arenas have gone to great lengths to get you to believe the problems are immense, they are insurmountable, and certainly are outside your range of making a difference. Make no mistake, they are relentlessly hammering away at your self-esteem and self-confidence, in the expectation that at some point it will be completely overwhelming to you, and you will sink into some form of apathy, and just let the American Dream die. They are counting on your seeing things as hopeless, and if that were true, you would just succumb and submit.

Fortunately for us, it is not hopeless. The situations are dire and threatening, but they are not insurmountable. If I may, I want to help you extricate yourself from the clutches of the fearmonger. Because once you separate yourself from the bearers of bad news, and horrific predictions, you will find your own natural calm return.

Here’s a simple solution. I will lay it out here, and then in the Podcast I will tell you a Hollywood story from my own experience that will drive the point home. But first, the solution: Stop listening to the news. Stop reading the news compulsively, cover to cover. Stop watching endless hours of network talk shows, and even stop watching countless hours of your favorite Internet purveyor of truth. They may in fact be helping with data proven factual. The problem is the quantity.

Most Americans that I talk with who are awake and aware are also inundated to the point of mental and emotional constipation by their appetite for the next juicy “truth” that has surfaced. It is fine that truth surfaces. It’s fine to scan occasionally to find the news item, or subject that catches your attention and perhaps sends up a red flag, or at the very least arouses your curiosity.

That is not the error. The error is in consuming so much information that one cannot take his precious time and prosper. He can’t flourish because he is immersed in all the data. Make no mistake, the enemy doesn’t mind if you tie up your evenings and free time driving yourself down into anger, hatred, or fear by over-consumption of the current events news. After all, they want you to experience as much of it as you can—true or completely fake news. For they know as it gnaws away at hope, you are becoming ripe for the taking.

So, give yourself a two-day holiday from all of it. Get away. Take a walk. Hug your family. Play a game. Have a nice meal. Read a great book. See if you don’t feel a resurgence of belief in humanity, in the expectation that something can be done about all these situations. But most of all, see if you don’t feel a settling in your spirit that signals you are still here. And you are flourishing when the enemy expected you to wither.

In the Podcast, the story I tell will make you laugh, but the shocking, simple truth of it may very well set you free.

And that is my goal for you: to remain free.


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Lee Kessler is an author, television actress, screenwriter, playwright, and stage director.  Her career  spans thirty-five years, and includes dozens of guest starring roles in television and movies, including  recurring roles in the series Hill Street Blues and Matlock, and a co-starring role with Peter O’Toole in the movie Creator.

Since the publication of her four suspense novels in the White King Rising series, Lee has made numerous radio and TV appearances discussing the book’s relevance to the outcome of the War on Terror. Today, Lee is a successful entrepreneur, a pioneer in Internet commerce, and owns an international Internet business which operates throughout the United States. She is the host of a new podcast, The Clear View with Lee Kessler.

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