Sound of Freedom: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

The mainstream media (MSM) is freaking out over the movie Sound of Freedom. It’s popular. It’s a box office hit. People are seeing it and people are talking about it. Yikes! They really don’t know what to do, so they’ve resorted to lowbrow attempts to decry anyone who dares see the film as an old, cranky Q Anon conspiracy theorist.

I’m sorry, I am having a tad bit of trouble following how the MSM is linking this movie to Q Anons. So is Tim Ballard for that matter. I definitely know that child trafficking is not a conspiracy theory. These feeble attempts to keep people from the theaters will propel more of us deplorables to go see the movie. To use a familiar Q Anon phrase: nothing can stop what is coming.

I think the MSM is scared. I mean, really scared. And the people they work for are terrified. Sound of Freedom outperformed both Indiana Jones and The Flash movie on July 4, so that’s saying something. Actually, that’s saying a lot. I bet the MSM never expected this. You know, it kind of reminds you of a theater insurrection, doesn’t it?

Look at the screaming talking heads in the MSM! They are apoplectic!

They’re Out of Their Minds

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote this doozie: ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms. This immediately prompted me to ask Dr. T, “What is a brainworm?” I think the writer at Rolling Stone has ‘brainworms’. He started the article (if you can even call it that) basically saying that Sound of Freedom is not based on a true story (but offered no proof), compared the movie to Fargo (which I completely don’t understand), and described star Jim Caviezel as “the person best known for being tortured to death in Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ. The “person being tortured to death” is mostly known by his familiar name of Jesus, and the author lost all credibility with this one line. You’re truly an idiot.

By the way, a brainworm is a parasite common to white-tail deer. It causes damage to the central nervous system, thus the name ‘brainworm’. It is also a term used for “stuck song syndrome” meaning a memorable piece of music that stays in your head. That’s what is happening with Sound of Freedom; the horrifying realities of the movie are leaving audiences in stunned silence long after the film credits roll. So you are correct, idiot Rolling Stone writer, the movie is for dads with ‘brainworms’, and believe me, they’re not going to let pedophiles come after their kids any longer.

The Guardian described Sound of Freedom as the “paranoid new movie turning into a surprise box-office hit.” Sorry, why is it paranoid? Is Tim Ballard fabricating child trafficking in his mind? The first sentence of this article rivals the Rolling Stone writer: “Type the words sound of freedom into Twitter (decent people who wish to live good, happy lives should under no circumstances actually do this)…” Wow, is this a threat? Is he saying social media will censor and otherwise make conservative lives difficult for exercising freedom of speech? Say it isn’t so! You too are an idiot, Guardian writer!

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post also had to chime in on the Q Anon connection to the movie. This is not Caviezel’s first rodeo. He is a man of conviction and a man of God and he is continuing to speak out about trafficking, come what may. They’ve been trying to release the movie for over three years. Don’t we think they expected a bit of push back?

It is very interesting how most of these articles are reviewing the audience rather than the movie. Gee, I thought film critics were supposed to review the movie. Did I miss something somewhere?

“This crowd, I could tell, would view the events depicted… as entirely literal”. Yes, we will, because child trafficking is real.

Actually, there is a Q Anon connection, not to the movie, but to child trafficking, and the famous Q Posts talk about it in a big way. Here is an example.

“Underage obsessions” is to pedophilia as “minor attracted person” is to pedophile. THEY don’t want us to know about it much less disrupt their institutionalized $150 billion global industry.

And speaking of throwing everything they can at it, CNN took the ridicule of Sound of Freedom to a whole new sickening level.

Host Abby Phillip interviewed this spectacled dweeb Mike Rothschild, who described the movie as one created out of fear and moral panic. He looks down his nose at normal people who think buying a ticket to the movie can help bring down these trafficking rings and save children. He said smugly, “Now, it’s not true, but it’s a very comforting and warm feeling to have.”

Hey Rothschild, a nice bookcase as a backdrop doesn’t make you sound smart, and hey CNN, rethink choosing someone with the last name ‘Rothschild’ when you are going to criticize the Q Anon movement LOL!

Hey, spectacled dweeb, what if it is more than just a warm feeling? What if people do make a difference by seeing the movie? Maybe ‘we the people’ will bring down the pedophile rings. No one else seems to be doing anything about it. CNN certainly could help as “the most trusted news network”, right? They could be doing lots of stories on this to increase awareness, but they’re not.

Why not?

It might be because CNN itself seems to have a pedophile problem. Project Veritas first revealed the issue with CNN producer Rick Saleeby’s possession of sexually explicit images of underage girls. Another CNN producer, John Griffin, was sentenced to a couple of decades in prison for luring a 9-year-old girl and mother to train the daughter how to be sexually submissive to men.

Oh, but, pedophile rings are Q Anon conspiracy theories! And Griffin, you are right where you belong: Behind Bars.. I hear other prisoners don’t like pedophiles, so be careful in the slammer. Remember the US Olympic team doctor Larry Nasser who abused female gymnasts for decades? Today, he was stabbed 10 times in prison.

Go See the Film

Don’t listen to the MSM. If you want to see the film, go see it. Dana White, CEO of The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts (MMA) events is providing free tickets for all UFC employees to see the movie. He urges other company leaders to do the same.

Mel Gibson speaks out at the end of this video clip below. Neither Dana nor Mel seem like they have ‘brainworms’ to me.

Look for shenanigans when you go to the theater. Stories are surfacing nationwide about theater tickets being refunded because of non-working air conditioners and other mysterious malfunctions and mishaps. In this twitter clip below, interestingly, the AC worked in all other areas of the theater except for the theater where Sound of Freedom is showing. Hmmmm.

Five Fast Facts

I’m not stupid and neither are you. Trafficking is real, and here are some important  statistics:

  1. At any given moment, an estimated 3 million children are being victimized in situations of sex and labor trafficking of children. (Source)
  2. In the case of child sex trafficking, the crime is defined as the exchange of any sex act with a child for anything of value. (Source)
  3. Traffickers don’t fit a stereotype. They can be anyone: family members, peers, educators, employers, community leaders, and clergy. (Source)
  4. Youth often continue living at home, going to school, and participating in extracurricular activities – even while they are being trafficked. (Source)
  5. Over 85,000 migrant kids are missing from the US southern border. Where are they? (Source)

The establishment can continue to attack this film, but that will make more people resolved to go see it. The establishment can call it “low budget”, refund tickets, and link it to Q Anon. None of it will matter. Your attempts to trivialize the film will not succeed. We should thank “Q” for first bringing trafficking to light for millions of people. Now, Sound of Freedom is bringing it to light for millions more.

Remember when Savannah Guthrie pressed President Trump on the Q Anon issue, and he answered, “I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much against pedophilia.” Who isn’t against pedophilia?

The pedophilia networks and those who support these networks are very afraid. They don’t want us to dig deeper. They don’t want us to know more. But there is so much more to know, and we will find out. Dark to light. Because nothing can stop what is coming. And God’s children are not for sale.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work. 


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