Troubling Discrepancies About Disease X

A Davos sign sits atop a hotel roof ahead of this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Even as the COVID variant JN.1 is reportedly raging out of control, the self-appointed health dictators at the World Health Organization (WHO), are warning us about a dire new consequence: Disease X.

Something doesn’t smell right about this dire disease. Let’s dive in.

What is Disease X?

I promise you, this is the actual literal definition from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s website: ‘Disease X is an illness caused by a presently unknown, yet serious microbial threat’.

Even though the disease is unknown, countless money (courtesy of taxpayers) has been spent on readiness to eradicate an unknown, undefined threat. Is Disease X really an unknown threat? Not to the WHO, which has been planning for it since at least 2017, and likely much earlier. The premise is that scientists work on medical countermeasures for an unknown infectious threat. They develop generic platforms that can easily be adapted to specific viruses or other infectious threats that may just one day turn into Disease X. The “platform” includes diagnostic tests (like PCR tests), drug therapies (like remdesivir) and, of course, vaccines. That platform will be ready to deploy for the next inevitable pandemic, they say. Ebola’s outbreak in 2014-2016 was the great wake up call, they say.

After all, they proved themselves right with COVID, didn’t they? Naturally, the elite point to COVID-19 as the justification for further development of the Disease X platform. SARS-COV-2 was the canary in the coal mine if you will – thank God Fauci and his team had been developing the platform! The WHO also tells us that the Disease X platform is crucial, since “the vast reservoir of viruses circulating in wildlife are seen as a likely source of more such diseases” and have spillover potential to infect other species, like humans.

Holes in the Theory

Hole #1: As I said above, something doesn’t smell right about Disease X. First, it is incredible that these buffoons are sticking with the Wuhan wet market bat soup theory. For a deeper dive on the Wuhan debacle, read TTR contributor Maryam Henein’s Part 1 and Part 2 articles here, but in summary, notice how they mention animal spread as the only plausible reason? Disease X is an “unexpected pandemic” caused by Pathogen X, an unknown pathogen, but they know enough to know that the pathogen will most likely be an RNA virus, definitely have a zoonosis origin (from an animal) and will certainly emerge from an area with the right mix of risk factors like the dangerous Wuhan open air market, and not the Level IV biolab down the street. Nor is there even a mention of the Wuhan Institute of Virology or any of their bioweapons at all. Nothing about gain of function either. Not even the slightest peep.

Hole #2 The WHO says the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2016 was their wake up call and they had no readily available products to treat West Africa’s epidemic. Thus, 11,000 lives were lost and this served as the catalyst for the Disease X platform. They say they (the WHO) created an R&D bluepring to accelerate platform development for a range of priority diseases, all of which were known: Ebola, Marburg, hemorrhagic fever, more MERS and SARS, and Zika. Their shining example was SARS-COV-2, and that platform fueled further development for relevance for unknown diseases like Disease X. One sentence in this grandiose explanation caught my attention in reference to the pre-2014 Ebola: “Despite decades of research, there were no products ready to deploy in time to save more than 11,000 lives. In response, the WHO created an R&D Blueprint to accelerate development of a range of tools for “priority diseases.” No products despite decades of research? This sounds like NASA’s explanation; despite billions of dollars, they’ve not been able to make it back to the moon in over 50 years. With the recent catastrophic failure of the Peregrine lunar lander, NASA has pushed humans landing on the moon to 2026. The elusive return to the moon. What technologies does WHO now have to make their dream a reality? Or is it just another money-laundering scheme?

Hole #3 These buffoons have the audacity to tell us from their Davos perch this week that a Disease X pandemic could be 20 times more lethal than COVID. How could they possibly know that? Really, how could they? If you use a conservative estimate that 7 million have died during the COVID pandemic, this means their next bug will kill 140 million. Am I the only one who gets the funny feeling that these mad scientists are chomping at the bit? Now that they have mRNA biotechnology at the ready, the vaccine ideologists simply must have another pandemic to keep testing their platform. And sell lots and lots of vaccines to governments for lots and lots of profit. As Vigilant News so aptly put it, it’s almost like Disease X is a vaccine ready and waiting for a new illness.

Hole #4 Is Disease X a big distraction away from the upcoming WHO pandemic treaty to be ratified in May 2024?  Even worse, do they want to create a 20X mortality rate to usher in this treaty? Do they really think that we don’t see that the two are connected? Problem: they want world control but we are not buying what they are selling. Reaction: create Disease X. Solution: we need global control in the deadly pandemic era. Thank you, World Health Organization. What would we do without you? This treaty, if ratified in May, could turn WHO into a de facto world government, where a health organization would have unprecedented power over member nations. National sovereignty of every country would cease to exist, as would all existing human rights.

Hole #5 This one is a bit trickier to see. The US powers that be didn’t think we would notice this one but we did. It’s the Disease X Act of 2023, designed to protect Americans by establishing a Disease X Medical Countermeasures Program at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which is part of the HHS. This wide-reaching act allows HHS to award any contract within the purview of Disease X for the express intent of developing medical countermeasures. What could go wrong there?  Again, this ludicrous bill only addressed drivers for natural disease (a la wet market). No mention of any biolabs, despite the fact these labs exist in Galveston, Montana and a multitude of other locations.

The Act grants HHS power to use all technology available to quell the X pandemics, including “bioinformatics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and genomic editing. Again, for what purpose? They tell us: to enable the development of novel biological weapons for detection, attribution, and treatment. They want us to believe these weapons are to our benefit for use against those undefined zoonotic oppressors (like bats, pangolins and avian species), but can we really trust our government’s definition of a bioweapon at this stage of the game? Emboldened, our government actually says the quiet part out loud: “Whether a future pandemic threat is naturally occurring, accidentally released, or deliberately caused, our best defense will be safe and effective medical countermeasures – drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics.” Of course, they also mention the age-old deterrent against the bad guys developing biological weapons. Good ol’ USA to the rescue. But what if we (our government) are the bad actors? Yikes.

Hole #6. I was only going to list five holes, then I saw that Peter Hotez has been pushing Disease X. He is a hole all to himself. Hotez is a Fauci-wannabe and fervent vaccine promoter, also known as being too afraid to debate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the COVID jab effectiveness. When we see a worm like Hotez pandering for Disease X, this is a red flag. Despite the unknown origins of Disease X, Hotez seems to have keen insight that X will be way worse than anything we’ve ever seen. This guys actually said, “Science is not something that is typically debated”, so he definitely is part of the Davos club and not saying this for his elegant mind. Hotez is very dramatic, worried that the US as a nation hasn’t made the commitment to really protect the American people. OK, so close the wide-open border and give us all ivermectin as a preventative, but that’s not his vibe. Hotez actually speaks about many Disease Xs, that we will have regular pandemic threats: “COVID-19 was just the warm-up act.” Hotez says we don’t know what they are or what these viruses look like but they could arise at any time! Egads! “The world will have to prepare for mass vaccination drives and deliver the doses in record time,” says Peter Hotez. And we should certainly live in constant fear! The WHO has identified 25 virus families but those families contain thousands of viruses, and there are millions more viruses yet to be discovered. Hotez says they all have potential to evolve into a deadly Disease X pandemic. We need to live in constant fear and trust the science, right?

Don’t Worry, Eat Ze Bugs and Be Happy

Don’t worry – our fearless, psychotic, unelected leaders are on the trail of Disease X at Davos. They’re talking about it in a session on January 17. The panel consists of experts from WHO, WEF, Astrazeneca and other organizations that form the public-private partnership. What is this partnership exactly? With a 2024 theme of “rebuilding public trust”, someone needs to tell our health overlords that it is too little, too late. WAY too late. But they continue to work on their X platform so they’re ready for the problem-reaction-solution that happens when they enact the next pandemic on all of us.

The concern is that these evil people always tell you what they’re going to do to you. Remember when Event 201 happened in the summer of 2019, then COVID-19 began at the end of that year? Event 201 was a practice dry run to get ready just in case a pandemic happened. And what do you know? It happened.

Event 201 predicted several things that were very accurate. No holes here. The health overlords said that 65% of the global population would easily take an experimental vaccine. They were right. They predicted that conspiracy theorists would spread theories that big pharma released the virus for their own benefit. We’re all pretty sure this happened too. Then, the conspiracy theorists would need to be squelched so draconian penalties would be needed to stamp out dangerous misinformation. That definitely happened, and I quote: ““If the solution means controlling and reducing access to information, I think it’s the right choice,” said a “fictitious” player in the dry run event. They said that protests would occur on a large scale and that violent crackdowns and maybe even martial law would be needed to rein folks in. Yep, that happened to. Event 201 predicted economic turmoil, long-lasting societal impacts, and loss of public trust in the governments and media. That certainly happened.

What are they discussing at Davos as they center on the theme of rebuilding public trust? Are they secretly gleeful that COVID went so well, and are they ramping up plans for us in this 20X deadly virus? Let’s keep an eye on what comes out of Switzerland, shall we?


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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