We Have It All. Now What Do We Do With It?

Let’s face it, there have been some crazy events involving Joe Biden. Whether tripping up the stairs or incorrectly telling crazy stories about Corn Pop and family members, the events involving Biden are disturbing, to say the least. It leaves one wondering: who is really in charge of the government? It also leaves one wondering whether the gargantuan corruption of our government will ever be exposed on a meaningful level.

There is a large population of the country who thinks we are in a continuity of government (COG) situation and that Trump declared COG right after the Dems stole the election and took office in 2021. This is where the story of the Q posts comes in. If you are a follower of the Q movement, or even the least bit curious about the Q posts, you’ve likely been called a tin foil hat-wearing MAGA conspiracy theorist, or worse.

What are the Q posts?

The Q posts are nearly 5,000 internet posts made over a period between 2017 and 2022. The posts utilize the Socratic method, long hailed as the best way to teach critical thinking because the posts ask very intriguing questions to, well, make people think.

Most people dismiss these posts as crazy without ever looking at them, but hold your horses. Are the Q posts really all that crazy? What do the posts say about COVID, for example? Here are a few images from October 2020 Q posts.

It’s pretty interesting, actually. And accurate.

Now do I have your attention?

But what, or who, is Q really? The identity of “Q” is still a mystery. Many have speculated about it. Some are even obsessed by it. Is Q a single person, such as Trump or General Flynn? Some even say JFK Jr. is still alive and is Q!

A more plausible explanation is that Q is a group of people. But who are they? One of the best explanations of Q that I have seen comes from Dave S. at newstreason.com. He explains that the Q operation has been brought in by the military to make people realize that we have lost our collective perspective on reality, truth and history. In fact, we don’t even realize what we’ve have lost.

Is Q a military-civilian partnership? What is a military-civilian partnership anyway? They’re nothing new. It involves the military and civilians working together to keep Constitutional law and to keep our country the way it was intended to be since its founding.

George Washington used military-civilian partnerships. He had a network of citizen volunteers who functioned as spies during the Revolutionary War. Did you know that just 3 percent of Americans actively participated in that war effort? Most people then were still British loyalists, and the patriots of the time were the tin foil hat-wearing crazies. (I guess those tin foil hats had three corners back then.) If you think you’re lonely as a Q or MAGA follower now, imagine not having a phone, social media or the Internet. Washington’s spies were likely much lonelier, but they persevered, just as many of us do today.

George Washington’s military-civilian partnership, the Culper Spy Ring, is a fascinating piece of history. You can read about it here in The National Library For the Study of George Washington at Mt Vernon. Or, you can watch the television series “Turn”, which aired in 2014-2017. It’s great. You feel like you’re immersed in that time in history. I highly recommend a binge watch.

You’ll see things like housewives hanging dark and light laundry on a line. The dark and light represented Morse code which the passing boats would read and communicate to Washington’s ranks. Today, the Q movement is a digital army, helping the military communicate with the public via social media, exposing the truth to battle the “largest global network of state-sponsored propaganda in human history.”

Is there a historical precedent for the Q posts?

Benjamin Tallmadge Bio, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and SalaryYes, there is. In 1778, George Washington appointed Major Benjamin Tallmadge as his director of military intelligence. Tallmadge created the spy ring right in New York City, home to the British military headquarters. Regular people, like coffee shop owner Robert Townsend, worked secretly for the movement; Townsend was able to gain a lot of information from his British customers. The ring operated for five years, and Washington himself didn’t even know who the spies were. No spy was ever unmasked (unlike in the Obama administration – sorry, couldn’t resist.)

There is also a much more recent historical precedent. Have you heard of the Venona files? Few people have. The National Security Agency (NSA) declassified and released the information in 1995, but the Venona endeavor actually occurred during WWII. At the time, the precursor organization to the NSA was a top-secret group called the U.S. Army Signal Intelligence Service. The group began an undercover operation in 1943 to intercept Soviet communications between Russia and Germany. The code name for the operation was Venona. The group read all diplomatic messages sent between Washington, DC and Moscow. What this group did not expect to find was evidence of the immense Soviet penetration of the US government, at the highest levels, during and after World War II. They uncovered a large-scale, well-organized Soviet espionage penetration of our government.

One of the many interesting discoveries was that commercial companies like the AMTORG Trading Co. were a façade for obtaining intelligence on American industrial ventures. After the war was over, the Venona analysts also learned that the USSR had penetrated the top-secret Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where US scientists had been developing the atomic bomb. The information also revealed top spies in the US Treasury, State Department, and White House.

Once the Venona team learned about the subterfuge, the good guys in the military kept the gleaned information under very tight wraps. Just as George Washington didn’t know about Culver spies, FDR, Truman nor Eisenhower were ever briefed on Venona at the time.

The big issue with Venona was that the information was gained under surveillance. It was a secret program with no warrants. If you’re part of Venona, who do you give the data to? FDR, who was the source of much of the corruption? Even if they did give it to FDR, the warrantless information was not admissible in court.

Which brings us back to the Q posts. One of the famous Q sayings is “We have it all.” The military probably does have it all – everything from Julian Assange’s Wikileaks to the God-knows-what information Seth Rich discovered on the DNC servers shortly before he was murdered. The NSA likely also has all of the data on exactly how the powers-that-be stole the 2020 election. Many, including patriot Mike Lindell, have said this. We’re in a digital age, where nothing is truly ever deleted.

The Q posts are extremely complex, so much so that there is absolutely no way these are just posts from a fly-by-night internet nerd fueled by diet Pepsi and Cheetos. No, I firmly believe, as many do, that the military is behind the Q posts.

But will anything ever come of the Q posts and this military operation? Or will it suffer the same fate as the Venona project? I think it is different this time. I hope and pray it is different this time. What did the military behind Q learn from the lessons of Venona? We know that those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.

Maybe the military did learn a thing or two from Venona. One of the most famous Q sayings is: How do you introduce evidence legally? President Trump sure is in a lot of lawsuits, isn’t he? Use your Socratic thinking. Is everything being revealed to us? Did military intelligence finally craft a way to use all the information they’ve been collecting for decades? Let’s hope so. Go take another look, or a first look, at those Q posts. You might be surprised at what you find there. And don’t forget your tin foil hat.


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