Who Does “Political Polarization” Really Harm?

Dr. Fauci

By Greg Glaser, JD, Vaxxter Contributor

As a lawyer who vigilantly tracks vaccine legislation across the country, I can confirm that Democrats push vaccine mandates as their official policy, while Republicans stand with independents and respect health freedom as their official policy. For example, look at the votes on mandatory childhood vaccines in California (SB277) where 92% of Democrats voted for vaccine mandates while 86% of Republicans opposed vaccine mandates:

This same voting pattern has been repeated in every State, every single time, without exception. See examples here and here. Political affiliation is literally the single deciding factor today for whether Americans will be forcibly vaccinated.

BigPharma calls this voting pattern “political polarization” and they hate it because it means that as a voting block, conservatives are increasingly aware of vaccine dangers. Indeed, when you google ‘political polarization and vaccines’ you can see plainly that BigPharma and the MSM can see that vaccine mandates are becoming “politically polarized.”  For example, Neal Goldstein of Drexel University’s public health school suggests the issue of vaccine mandates “has indeed entered a hyper-partisan landscape. As a result, it may be wise to avoid legislation when possible to avoid opening more wounds.”

Also see: “Vaccinations are the new political wedge issue”. Link.  And regarding political polarization generally, see here and here.

Translation: Big Pharma is afraid to push mandates into a “politically polarized” environment where conservatives actually have a voice.

Big Business and Mandates

This shouldn’t be surprising, because it follows historical trends. For example, Big Chemical has always been afraid of political progressives aligning as a voting block by the millions with the environmental movement. Same with Big Abortion and the industry that harvests aborted babies – both fear conservatives as 50%+ of the voting public.

BigPharma, BigChemical, BigAbortion: they all hate political polarization because it disrupts their special interest legislation.  Vaccine mandates are indeed special interest legislation.

BigPharma & the MSM literally seem to be begging the public not to become “politically polarized” around vaccines.  BigPharma is aware it can’t push mandates in a “politically polarized” environment.

Why do some folks in our health freedom movement agree with BigPharma’s format by calling for “political unity”? None can ignore the plain reality that vaccine mandates are “politically polarized”, with Democrats voting for mandates but Republicans & Independents voting for freedom.

Fortunately, President Trump stands for informed consent and vaccine awareness.

Comparing Trump (freedom) to Biden (mandates)

Serial vaccine mandator Hillary Clinton (D) has endorsed fellow serial vaccine mandator Joe Biden (D) for President. See also Biden’s quote this month, ”

“We should be thinking about making it [the COVID vaccine] mandatory.” Biden added that he’d ask governors, mayors, and council members to encourage and mandate vaccines.”  

Biden also says he would make wearing face masks mandatory.

Biden supports mandatory contact tracing (human tracking via BigTech). See here and here.

Health Freedom: Biden vs. Trump

Compare President Trump who supports health freedom enthusiastically — he has repeatedly stated on camera that vaccination will continue to be voluntary (example), vaccination should be voluntary and questioned (example), masks will also be voluntary and questioned (example), and human tracking is unnecessary and unconstitutional (example).

And here are more important things to know about Trump:

  • Trump’s Federal Preemption Means Trump Is Actively Preventing State/Local Cov19 Vaccine Mandates. Many people think Trump is pushing a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine. He is not. The reality is that by asserting Federal control over the Covid-19 vaccine, Trump has legally preempted/stopped State governors from having jurisdiction to mandate the vaccine.  Trump even went so far as to say the US Military will be involved; which is the ultimate expression of Federal preemption. Thus, Trump is protecting Americans from forced vaccination by preventing liberal States like California and New York from mandating it.
  • Trump Broadcasted To Everyone the Vaccine Is Experimental. Pharma-shills like Fauci begged Trump not to call the Covid-19 vaccine “warp speed”, but Trump called it “warp speed” anyway to advise the people that it is experimental. Think about this logically. Would foreign leaders like Angela Merkel call their vaccine development ‘Operation Warp Speed’? Trump has been in office for approximately 4-years and has never mandated vaccines. For example, he didn’t mandate the flu shot during the “flu epidemic” of 2017. Trump didn’t even mandate face masks during Covid-19.  Why would anyone think he would mandate a Covid-19 vaccine? Trump’s words,

“This is going to go away without a vaccine.” See here

“I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine, because I just don’t think I would do that, where you have to have it,’ Trump told Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network’s ‘Varney & Co.’ “Because there are some people who feel strongly about the whole situation.”). See also here, and here

“if you don’t get it [the vaccine], this is going to go away at some point”… “It’s not solely vaccine based.  Other things have never had a vaccine and they go away. So I don’t want people to think this is all dependent on a vaccine.” Link.

  • Trump Upholds Religious Freedom. Trump has shown a commitment to health freedom by supporting religious freedoms against mandatory vaccinations. Example.
  • Trump Defunds WHO Vaccine Mandators. Trump has withdrawn financial support for the WHO, which is a serial vaccine mandator, and he will be reviewing (investigating) them. Link.

This is part of Trump’s strategy: he gains jurisdiction over major figureheads like Gates and Fauci and WHO bosses by associating with them (or giving them funds), then he destroys their credibility in public, investigates them to gain their records, and then he changes policy (he’s doing the same thing now with Comey and FISA-gate). By contrast, if Trump just waltzed into office and started dismantling the CDC and FDA, or randomly claiming jurisdiction over Bill Gates, then Trump wouldn’t last 2 days as President. There is a proper procedure to jurisdiction, investigations and justice.

  • Trump Attacks BigPharma’s Bottom Line. Trump is working to turn Big Pharma into little Pharma by supporting measures to drastically reduce prescription drug prices. See here and here. Big Pharma hates Trump so much they even boycott his events. Link. Take a look at Pharma operating budgets – they rely on huge income streams to sustain operations. When those income streams tighten up, the companies are calculated to withdraw funding from advertising and lobbying. It’s a power play for the people.

Understanding Trump’s Methods

Trump says what he says about vaccines so he will be perceived as a moderate. Historically and strategically, it is the moderates who create change, even fundamental change.

Trump has never forced vaccination on anyone, so that’s good.

The most he’s done is continue U.S. federal government control and involvement over vaccine development and distribution. And that’s just how the world works — if he didn’t control it, he couldn’t change it.

Same with 5G. Trump has never forced 5G on anyone. Rather he’s set the stage for the U.S. federal government to study 5G for years to come, and to control it and change the technology. Most people correctly equate “5G” with a specific (and harmful) method of transmitting data that’s dangerous. But the reality is that wireless data transmission doesn’t need to be dangerous; we just need to change the technology, to create harmonious technology, for example, a wave propagation in harmony with Earth’s natural rhythms allowing us to reach exponential transmission. I expect that is the kind of progress Trump means when he says, “We will have 5G, 6G, and beyond!”

This is an important point that I think some folks miss: the new 5G legislation empowers Trump to require changes to 5G technology. It put all the power into the hands of Trump (who stopped 5G rollouts) rather than into the hands of industry (who was pushing for 5G rollouts). In short, we now need Trump’s approval in order to get something done.

Like with many things in life, knowing who controls something powerful can be more important than the laws governing that powerful thing.

If the U.S. didn’t control 5G, it would be controlled by China that treats its citizens like cattle. Then to solve the problem the good guys would need to infiltrate China, and war.

If the U.S. didn’t control GMOs, they would be controlled by some other nation through patents. Then to solve the problem the good guys would need to infiltrate those other nations, and war.

Technologies such as 5G, GMO, and Artificial Intelligence, are basically inevitable. The only question is who is going to control technologies and set checks and balances for technologies. Is there any other Nation with a better record of checks and balances than the USA, especially before the love of money corrupted so many into becoming corporatists and statists? I can’t fault Trump for positioning the US to control technology. Is there any other nation on earth with the consumer advocacy resources and ingrained freedom ideology to literally steward the world into a humane technological future, and also a Nation with the military might to actually enforce its decisions for those checks and balances?

  • Trump Prevented 5G Rollouts. Using National Security as the reason, Trump took the reins over dangerous 5G technology, preventing nationwide rollouts and instead, is currently pursuing research and safety improvements. For four years Trump has blocked 5G in the name of ‘research’, thereby protecting us from liberal cities and states that were trying to force 5G on the public. See here, here, and here. Trump even allocated the funds that Congress authorized for 5G and spent it on things like roads and bridges. Even if folks don’t yet see or believe how Trump protected us, I expect that in the future we’ll be able to look back on this “Secure 5G and Beyond” legislation as a pivotal turning point that protected people from the runaway train of 5G rollouts. And yes, this legislation gave Trump all the power was accomplished because Trump is perceived as a moderate, not in spite of it. Expect the same on the vaccine issue.
  • Trump Supports Environmental Engineering For Root Environmental Reform. Rather than greenwashing like previous administrations (i.e., manufacturing solar panels with toxins to “save” the planet; banning plastic straws to “clean” the ocean), Trump has instead relied on the Nation’s engineers to innovate new technologies that actually can clean the planet.

Democrats tend to think politicians & bureaucrats will clean the earth with their regulations (even though these regulators have presided over and approved the worst pollution in human history, and now claim the greatest threat to humanity is not pollution in its thousands of forms but rather carbon), whereas Republicans are more likely to recognize the reality that engineers produce root solutions transcending political issues and not requiring bureaucracy to sustain.  Incidentally, Trump says he is an environmentalist, and his record shows nature conservation. See here and here.  So I’m optimistic for the bright future of environmental engineering in the USA.

A Message to Every Democrat in the Health Freedom Community  

Given the statistical fact that the Democratic Party is the #1 opponent of health freedom who is literally trying to forcefully vaccinate and track us electronically, why not announce that simple truth openly, and announce that you’re really an Independent? Why not #WalkAway?

Relatedly, I also don’t understand the whole ‘unity at all costs’ thing? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Californian so I love kumbayah sentiments, but does ‘unity at all costs’ even work in reality to create change? When you study this phrase “political polarization”, you can find countless examples where ‘unity at all costs’ is a failed strategy because it does not create change. For example, if you want to stop liberals from killing babies (abortion), it is a proven effective strategy to withdraw support from the political wing that supports killing babies. Trying to convince liberals to stop baby killing is like trying to convince Merck to stop manufacturing the MMR; not gonna happen.  Merck is all in with the MMR.  Planned Parenthood is all in with abortions.  The Democratic Party is all in with vaccines.

This should make sense to liberals. They can no more convince conservatives to support repealing the 2nd Amendment than they could convince Christians to accept forced microchipping. Sure, you might get a few confused takers here and there, but is it wise or even hopeful to plant good seeds in the desert?

That is why the health freedom movement should focus its efforts and sowing seeds within the fertile field of conservativism, where patriots are actively open to waking up by the untold millions, and waking up immediately.

Independents all across America are flocking to health freedom primarily because they are realizing that mandatory vaccination and electronic tracking have become the official policies of BigPharma and BigTech and the Democratic Party.

One last point: Compare conservative news to liberal news and observe how they report entirely differently.  For example, when a UN Official claimed that governments because of coronavirus “may have to enter homes and remove family members”, Tucker Carlson, a conservative broadcast host with FoxNews, correctly exposed the UN as tyrannical and out of touch with American families. Link.

By contrast, Rachel Maddow, the liberal broadcast host with MSNBC, praised the UN for their forward-thinking approaches and cited a NY Times health reporter on the ‘virtues’ of government forcefully separating family members in their own homes for their own good. Link.

No more excuses. #WalkAway and unite with the health freedom community.



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Greg Glaser is a conservative and health freedom lawyer in California.

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