WHO Downplays Oral Polio Vaccine Spreading Polio

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Polio is a disease that thrives in the unsanitary and unclean. And now it also thrives in, well, the vaccine itself. The oral polio vaccine contains a live polio virus. Sound ridiculous? Well, that’s because it is. And it is also dangerous. The vaccine, when given to children, gives them the live virus. Many children have gotten Polio in this way, suffering from the paralysis that the vaccine markets itself to prevent. The bacteria itself can live in the feces and infect the sanitation of a community and spread into the great beyond.

Why wouldn’t the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation merely contribute billions of dollars to restoring the sanitation of third world communities rather than pushing out mass vaccines? Wouldn’t it make more sense to make sure that communities had clean drinking water before being vaccinated for something likely caused by the poor sanitation and infected drinking water? Of course it would. But that’s not a way to control and profit from the people. It carries less appeal to the Gates.

A new NPR article highlights the situation in Haiti as being conclusive evidence that the Polio virus can and will go “feral.”

In the year 2000, Kew was investigating an apparent polio outbreak in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Twenty-one kids had been paralyzed and two had died from an unidentified disease. It seemed unlikely that the cluster of paralysis cases on the island of Hispaniola was actually polio because polio had been eliminated from the Americas in 1991.

The solution in this was first to blame under-vaccinated communities on the outbreak. The logic being that even though the vaccines themselves spread the disease, if more people had been vaccinated, it would have been prevented. This is clearly flawed logic at the highest of levels. It is nonsensical. But it is the world of vaccines as we know them when they are placed in reactionary spots.

The WHO plans to phase out the oral vaccine and replace it with an injectable version which doesn’t contain a live virus. Again, this is to the benefit of the vaccine maker and the Government wing. You keep the vaccines going. You push new product. You keep people trained to receive vaccinations out of habit. There is no apology, only the plan to replace and refuel. People are asked to be calm, but the reality is, the Polio virus, in these cases, was thrust unto the people by the vaccine maker.

Photo by RIBI Image Library

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