8 Year Old Dead After Taking Polio Vaccine

Photo by CDC Global Health

An 8 year old boy in Laos is now dead after taking a polio oral vaccine. The child immediately suffered paralysis after the vaccination and ended up dying 5 days following. The WHO has stated that the virus was derived from the vaccination.

According to The Washington Post.

WHO officials said that genetic sequence showed that the virus was derived from an oral vaccine and that it may have been circulating in Laos’ Bolikhamxay Province for more than two years. The oral polio vaccine contains a weakened virus, and when a child is immunized the virus replicates in the intestine and is excreted by the individual. In places where there are sanitation issues, this virus can infect others in the community before dying out.

Laos has been polio free since 1993, which begs the question: is the vaccine reviving the illness? If so, get ready, because the WHO and CDC have activated emergency immunization efforts which means we can expect a lot more vaccinating. The WHO is of course, downplaying vaccine-derived polio infections claiming vaccine benefits outweight the risk. Someone might not mention that to the 8 year old’s family.


Photo by CDC Global Health

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