Anonymous Polling Platform Launches to Assess Pervasiveness of Vaccine Injury

We are proud to announce we are working with a new Social Media Platform called PollMole. PollMole uses an anonymous polling platform to collect real-time information from real people.

We will bypass the mainstream media. We will be able to capture your opinions without censorship or manipulation.

PollMole is the fastest, most robust, most secure technology of its kind. It is the first system in the world to combine quantum tunneling, Level5 encryption and server auto-scaling, accessed through a simple downloadable app that will function on most mobile handheld devices. PollMole is a social media platform designed to collect information from millions of people at the same time, allowing transparent communication with full identity masking.

We are working with PollMole to raise awareness about vaccine safety. We will collect uncensored data to present to lawmakers, institutions, governments and more. We want to help them understand where the public really stands on the extremely important issue of vaccination.

The question will be: “Do you personally know anyone, adult or child, who has been injured by a vaccine?”

The answers are a standard 3-response format:


Have you ever been called by a Polster? Do you feel you’ve never been heard? PollMole is about to change all of that. YOU can participate in every poll. YOUR vote will count. YOUR voice will be heard. Please tell your friends to download the app and vote. We want as many participants as possible so the results will be as persuasive as possible.

Be a part of the revolution that will allow your voice to be heard without mainstream bias.

PollMole is launching at Midnight, EST, on March 26. Download the app and be ready to respond to the poll. It’s FREE, super-simple, and downloads very fast. Sign-up is a breeze. Download out today at the AppStore, Google Play or go to this link or use this link or type that link into your browser.

Thanks for your help. Be part of the Change.

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2 Comments on "Anonymous Polling Platform Launches to Assess Pervasiveness of Vaccine Injury"

  1. Roberta Jamieson | 03/23/2017 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    Can you add a portion for PETS? I know thousands of people with vaccine injured or killed pets who would gladly participate!

    • This the first of a very long term project with MANY questions. I know that polling about animals will be coming! And your right – there are >3000 vaccines for animals, a real travesty.

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