Book Review: How to End the Autism Epidemic, by J.B. Handley

Review by Maria Ryan

Occam’s razor states that the explanation requiring the least speculation is usually correct. Therefore, is autism really that hard to figure out? “How to End the Autism Epidemic cuts through the confusion and tired rhetoric, and reorients us to what the most current science states regarding the causes of autism.

Autism is a controversial topic and there are many who even deny its existence. However, no denial can erase the list of symptoms that make up an autism diagnosis or that the autism symptom profile continues to grow. Currently, one in 36 children in the U.S. have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, ranging from mild to severe.

Handley reminds us that autism is just one of many health issues caused by vaccines. There are countless conditions including allergies, asthma, neurological and autoimmune disorders that may be caused by one, several, or any combination of vaccines. None of these conditions may have occurred in an otherwise healthy child had it not been for vaccinating, even a single time. Most conditions occur after a latency period, making it difficult to associate the new condition with a particular vaccination. There are also several offending ingredients in any single vaccine that have the potential to cause serious illness, even death. Handley doesn’t spend time going into detail about any of these ingredients except aluminum which is mildly disappointing but underscores the need for learning from additional resources.

One of the most infamous Nazis, Joseph Goebbels, once stated that if you tell a big enough lie and repeat it enough times, people will believe it. In this book, Handley makes a great case for this phenomenon. One cannot help but think about that statement regarding our current vaccination program.

How to End the Autism Epidemic is divided into three sections.

Part One dives into the lies about autism and vaccines. Handley unpacks the oft-used phrase vaccines are safe and effective and identifies the large gap between sound-bite policy and what the data actually reveals. He explains important historical facts such as the decline in measles before the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1963. This is critical information for building a framework to understand the propaganda regarding vaccines that is so aggressively pushed today. It also helps explain the extreme level of censorship that eliminates civil debate. Handley moves into a step-by-step explanation for why science is never settled, something so inherently obvious it shouldn’t even need an explanation. Pertinent excerpts from the Plotkin deposition are fascinating. Anyone on the fence regarding vaccinating will likely become decisive after hearing the “Godfather of vaccines,” reveal the horrifying truth, while testifying under oath, about how vaccines are created and “tested.”

Part Two is dedicated to the truths about autism and vaccines. From the critical scientific discoveries that the autistic brain is in a state of chronic inflammation to the immune activation events that lead to this state, Handley walks us through the process in easily understood terms. Aluminum is explained as arguably the most offending ingredient in the vaccines. Handley calls upon an impressive list of leading experts in this area and offers their testimonies on the dangers of using several different aluminum adjuvants in multiple vaccines.

Handley then dissects the facts surrounding Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a pediatric neurologist who was the government’s go-to witness in federal court, commonly referred to as “Vaccine Court.” His testimonies consistently defended the position that vaccines do not cause autism. His expertise was so pivotal in denying the vaccine-autism link that 5,400 families who had filed for compensation were dismissed, leaving all those injured children and their parents in the dust.

In January, 2019, Zimmerman came forward and under sworn affidavit, stating that in 2007, he told Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers representing the government in these cases, attorneys Matanoski and Ricciardella, that there were “exceptions” and in some cases, vaccines could cause autism. Zimmerman’s full opinion was devastating to the government’s case. Hence, his misconstrued comments lead to the refusal of all future autism-vaccine cases being allowed to apply for government compensation. Vaccine safety advocate and attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., of Children’s Health Defense, describes the case in full here. Kennedy went on to say that the alleged cover-up and misrepresentations by the DOJ attorneys are arguably “one of the most  consequential frauds, in human history.”

The book explains the pivotal Hannah Poling case which was removed from the 2009 Autism Omnibus Proceedings because Zimmerman could not offer undeniable proof that Hannah’s autism was not caused by vaccines. Poling’s case was settled quietly for more than $1.5M. The records were sealed and an unsuspecting public was lied to about the vaccine-injury connection. The vaccination program would be protected at all costs.

Another landmark case, that of Yates Hazlehurst, was also discussed. This case is currently winding its way through the court system and if decided in favor of the plaintiffs, could bring justice to the hundreds of thousands of autistic children since the alleged misconduct of the US Department of Justice which threw American families under the bus in favor of the vaccine/ pharmaceutical industry.

These cases are critical. They represent why the government and doctors deny the connection between vaccines and autism. They explain why more people aren’t aware that vaccines can cause autism and why parents are so vehemently told there is no connection. Hannah’s diagnosis of mitochondrial dysfunction was used to explain her regression into autism. We are told this condition is rare, but is it more common than we’ve been led to believe? No child is screened prior to vaccinating to determine if underlying disorders are present that would preclude vaccination. This is an indictment against our current medical practices and against the legislative zeal for mandatory vaccination.

In Part Three, Handley talks about the notion of cognitive dissonance, the negative response most people feel when directly confronted with evidence that challenges a deeply held point of view. Cognitive dissonance is what causes most people recoil, especially the majority of the Americans when introduced to negative information about vaccines. He lists a number of persons who were staunch vaccine advocates…until a vaccine injury occurred to their loved one. (pg. 229, paperback ed.).

Carl Sagan, astronomer and passionate advocate for scientific inquiry and skepticism, once stated, “One of the saddest lessons of history is if we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”  Sagan’s words are eerily appropriate to the topic of vaccines.

Chapter 8 provides a very useful overview, summary, and time-line of where we are today with vaccines and their role in the autism epidemic. If you tend to skip around or skim instead of reading every page, this section may be the most important section of the book. The information here will provide enough details for you to become ‘well-informed’ in comparison to the uninformed population.

In Chapter 9, Handley lays out a simple, twelve-step proposal to end the autism epidemic. It is a straightforward and sensible approach that could easily be implemented. Why hasn’t this already been done? The answers are clearly found in the book.

Chapter 10 explains biomedical interventions and several of the most prevalent treatments. This topic can get overwhelming and Handley makes sure to keep this section simple. It’s a solid jumping-off point for parents looking to recover their kids.

As the vaccine program continues to expand and more vulnerable children are put at risk by unfounded vaccine mandates, this book acts as a harbinger of what could happen to millions of children in the near future. None of the biomedical, mainstream theories designed to distract us from the facts have panned out, including the ridiculous notions that autism is genetic and is only more noticeable now due to “better diagnosis.” Parents speaking out about their vaccine-injured kids and looking for bio-medical help for their injuries are maliciously attacked and accused of not accepting neurodiversity. They are expected to view symptoms such as intense pain, brain swelling, headbanging and hand flapping as normal; they should just let them suffer.

Handley seeks solutions to a serious problem from his personal place in the trenches, fueled by his compelling story about his own autistic child. He writes in a reader-friendly approach. He breaks down the information in an easily digestible manner. The excerpts of personal testimonies provided throughout the book are valuable for understanding key points within a proper context. The stories also help with information retention.

This book is recommended for every single one of us, with or without children, with or without being devastated by autism. How to End the Autism Epidemic is a “start here” kind of book and a valuable contribution to understanding – and ending – the autism epidemic.


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Maria Ryan is a freelance content writer. She has contributed to a number of online publications on fitness, nutrition, food, lifestyle, and parenting. She is an avid reader and book reviewer. Her work especially promotes indie authors, getting less-known information into the hands of many.  You can find her additional book reviews at her blog, 

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