Child Given 13 Vaccines At Once And Then CPS Said Mother Tried To Refuse…

The 2016 edition of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons by Neil Z. Miller performed a study called, “Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe.” The study found that concurrent vaccines were not safe.

“Our study showed that infants who receive several vaccines concurrently…are significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die when compared with infants who receive fewer vaccines simultaneously.”

A Georgia mother named Durenda Whitehead took her 1-year old son in to see the pediatrician. A nurse practitioner told her that her son was far behind on his vaccines and recommended that they “catch up.” Whitehead, according to medicalkidnap, questioned the safety of giving 13 vaccines at one time. The nurse practitioner replied, saying, “I can give up to 20 at a time.”

Whitehead alleges that the boy’s first year of life was happy and healthy, only suffering from a few instances of respiratory illness. Her son was given 8 different vaccines, consequently amounting to 13 total vaccines being that some are combination vaccines. After the vaccines, the nurse practitioner recommended that she “play extra hard with him when he gets home” and give him some Tylenol.

According to the same source, here’s what followed:

I went into my kids room to pack their clothes [for my mother to babysit while I went to work]. I noticed my son didn’t attempt to follow me as usual and he started to cry. I called his name so he would come to me, but his cry only got louder. When I came back in the room to see why he wasn’t coming, he leaned his body forward and reached for me. I then said to my son, “Stop being lazy. I’m not about to pick you up.”

He leaned his body forward again and had this ‘help me’ look in his eyes while he continued to cry.

Her son needed to be supported to sit upright.

Durenda says she could not stand him up unsupported.

While Durenda went on to work, she had her mother come over and watch her son with a closer eye. The grandmother described him as “lethargic, spaced out, and slumped over when trying to sit up.”

They ended up taking him into the emergency room.

Durenda, rushing to the emergency room, was involved in an accident which caused her car to be towed. This also caused her to be late to the emergency room.

He was spaced out, [and] had weakness and trembling in his legs and swelling where his shots were given…. I told the E.R. doctor that my son had received 8 shots earlier that week. He gradually lost his ability to use his legs properly and was acting very abnormal.

A CT scan revealed black lesions on her son’s brain. They also found inflammation. Within a few hours, KJ’s daddy Keynard rode with him in the ambulance to Atlanta, while Durenda and her daughter followed in her car. Durenda says that the E.R. doctor in Atlanta “did a spinal tap and another CT scan on my son because his concern was ADEM [Acute disseminated encephalomylitis], post-vaccination encephalitis, or some metabolic issue.”

Doctors recommended that they move her son to PICU under the reasoning that he’s having breathing issues. Durenda fought with doctors saying “No, ma’am. My son is here because he has been very weak and spaced out after receiving his vaccines earlier this week and he’s been acting very abnormal.” The doctor seemed confused over the matter, but ran tests and those tests confirmed that breathing issues were not a proper diagnosis.

“My son is showing no signs of respiratory issues though, so why is that such a huge concern right now?”

Next, a hospital social worker shows up and tells Durenda she shouldn’t have argued with the doctor. Durenda says she explained that she was merely explaining the situation to the doctor. The social worker left, but the doctor came back with four security guards. The doctor said that Durenda was not willing “to comply with the doctor’s orders” and that they were “refusing treatment.”

The security guard reportedly took issue with that, saying:

“Oh, you think you know more than the doctor now?”

Durenda said:

“No, sir, but this is her first time ever seeing him. I know my son and I know the reason I brought my son to the hospital and that’s not why. Even the test she just ran proved that.”

That was not good enough for the security guard, who told her:

“Whatever the doctor says goes. If she says he’s going to PICU, then he’s going if that means we have to take him.”

Child Protective Services was called into the situation and found KJ “dependent,” based on the reports from the hospital that the child had respiratory issues and that the family did not agree with the doctors that he needed treatment in the PICU.

The reports accused the parents of trying to take KJ out of the hospital. Durenda wonders if that part referred to her request that he be transferred to another hospital, something that should be the right of any parent. There was no way that they could have whisked him away from the hospital even if they wanted to because her car was wrecked.

Durenda eventually gets her child back into custody, you can read the tragic tale in full here.

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  1. Chris Calvo | 04/25/2017 at 4:35 pm | Reply

    This is child abuse!!!!

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