Dear Dr. Neides, You Are Not Alone

by Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM
speaking-at-podiumRecently, Dr. Daniel Neides posted an OpEd piece on,saying he had spent years listening to the CDC and the government over vaccine efficacy. He concluded it was not possible to call “vaccines preservative” free when they clearly have preservatives. He called into question vaccine safety and efficacy. Uh oh. He poked the beast in the eye. For speaking out, his colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic (CCF) were outraged. They forced him to “apologize” and plan to censor him for his views. Who most likely raised their nasty heads and roared at the Cleveland Clinic (CCF)?
  • Dr. Mike Roizen (Chief Wellness Officer, 71yo). He is a business partner with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the “YOU” book series. Roizen’s idea of “wellness” is eat more veggies and walk 10,000 steps per day…and get your flu shot. 
  • Dr. Roizen’s wife, Dr. Nancy Roizen, is a developmental pediatrician and works at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, a CCF hospital. Their son, Jeffrey Roizen, MD, PhD is at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. During his residency, he trained with Paul Offit.
  • Dr. Max Wiznitzer, a neuro-pediatrician who practices down the street at University Hospital. He’s a darling of the Vaccine Industry; he consistently testifies AGAINST parents of vaccine-injured children. Wiznitzer treats autistic children here in Cleveland. He denies ALL connections between vaccines and autism…or vaccines and “anything else.”
  • Oh, and CCF gets big money for autism research. In 2013, they received a 5-year, $2M grant to study the possible genetic cause for autism.  
I will be calling Dr Neides soon to congratulate him for his bravery. His office is not too far from my office in Middleburg Heights. I have little doubt the CCF staff will make working conditions so incredibly uncomfortable, that even if they don’t fire him, it will be a difficult place to work.

Been there. Done that. So have many others.

A Member of the Club

graduation_dreamstime_xs_33624736Becoming a member of the Conventional Medical Club is somewhat like joining a street gang. You have to be chosen (medical school matching). You have to earn your membership, plowing through sleep-deprived and often humiliating internships, residencies and fellowships. Some don’t survive the initiation – 400 physicians per year, many of them aspiring medical students and residents – commit suicide.

But after 4 to 12 years of “training” (more like slave labor), you’re in. You arrive. You’re given great accolades. You’re part of the “team.” You’re given a certificate of completion, assigned a license number, an NPI number, a UPIN number, a DEA number. You’re given a stethoscope to dangle around your neck. You’re given a long, fancy title (such as Assistant Chief of XYZ Department and Associate Professor of ABC). You’re assigned a group rooms to examine patients. And you get paid well for handing out little pieces of paper all day long called prescriptions.

Over time, a creeping discontent sets in.

This really isn’t what you thought “being a doctor” was all about when you aspired to join the Club so many years ago. In your gut, you know there must be a better way. You want to spend more time with patients, individualizing their care instead of practicing algorithm medicine. You have a growing sense that suppressing symptoms with pills is doing very little to help those who are suffering. So, you start to read about acupuncture, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, detoxification. You learn about vitamins and supplements. You discover what you’ve been told about vaccines – that they are safe, effective and provide protection – is a big fat lie. In fact, you realize most of what you’re doing day-after-day-after-day is causing more harm than help.

At some point, you just know. You know you have to make a change. That ethically you can no longer be part of the Conventional Medical Club.
You decide to leave.

But then you discover it’s not that easy.

In fact, in many ways, it’s not that much different than trying to leave a street gang. You fought your way in, now you have to fight your way out. You are given The Talk. You’re censored. You may be fired. You may have your reputation smeared, privately or very publicly. You discover what the Club and the Media did to me in 2015, and Andy Wakefield and Dr. Bob Sears and Dr. Jack Wolfson, physicians who dared to tell the truth about vaccines. The Powers That Be will do their best to figuratively kill you, by threatening your license (i.e. your ability to earn a living), by crushing your spirit and by excommunicating you.


You’re strong. You’re brave. You must follow your convictions. You escape. Breathe.

Breaking rank and incurring the wrath of the Top Brass at large medical institutions is unpleasant, even frightening. But there are more of us who have walked away than you might know. There are many supportive organizations with long names shortened to a few letters, such as IFM, A4M, ICIM, AAEM, ACAM, PIC, and AAPS who are embracing a better way, a new paradigm. Many events – seen here – are available for education and networking.
To the Physicians who remain in The Conventional Medical Club as employees, keeping your egos and long-standing reputations safe:
  • Will you ever understand that when it comes to vaccines, you have violated your oath to “first, do no harm?”
  • Will you ever take a stand for your patients?
  • Will you ever recognize how much your profession has sold out to the drug companies, swallowing the pill-pushing model hook, line and sinker?
  • Will you ever understand how much you sold out to the government through electronic medical records?
  • Will you investigate Healthy People 2020 – and what it will mean to your patients?
  • Will you ever apologize to the parents you brow-beat into submission?
  • Will you ever – as humans, not physicians – look in the mirror and take responsibility for every child they have harmed, every child whose death was directly – or indirectly – linked to vaccines?
To Dr. Neides – and other physicians who want to speak up and step out: Do It. We welcome you. Thank you for your courage.

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