Guess What? The COVID Jabs DO Alter Your DNA

Over the last year or more, we’ve read about lots of junk that has been placed into the COVID mRNA jabs – spike protein, graphene oxide, harmful adjuvants, and only God knows what else. The story is always the same. Months and months of denial ensues from big pharma, then a few brave souls persevere through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain documents. We read the documents, find out the truth, and leave big pharma with no other choice than to fess up, face the music and tell the public they knew all along that ingredients like graphene oxide were in the jabs.

In the latest disclosure of these noxious death weapons, a doctor in South Carolina has formally testified about a brand new undisclosed ingredient that we knew nothing about. That ingredient is double stranded DNA (dsDNA). That’s right, there is DNA contamination in the mRNA shots.

Dr. Phillip Buckhaults delivered over 30 minutes of testimony last week to the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee. He referred to himself as the “cancer gene jock”, but this “jock” is a University of South Carolina professor with a Ph.D. in molecular biology and has expertise in all the ways that the human genome can be modified to cause cancer.

Buckhaults certainly delivered a bombshell in his September 14 testimony: he found DNA in the mRNA vaccines. This news comes on the heels of Attorney Tom Renz letting us know that the mRNA in these jabs doesn’t refer to nature’s messenger RNA like everyone thought. Instead, Pfizer misled us (shocking) and the jabs actually contain modRNA, a lab-created hybrid concoction actually designed to modify the genes. We wrote about modRNA here.

Where did the DNA come from?

Needless to say, the jabs should not contain DNA. Buckhaults explains that the DNA is a contamination product that was left behind in the in vitro transcription process. This is a process used to create RNA in the laboratory; it is a widely used and fairly simple procedure that uses a template to create RNA molecules.

This error(?) was the result of manufacturers, Pfizer and others, using different processes for the clinical trials and the commercial products. During the clinical trials, the modified mRNA was created using a process called PCR, short for polymerase chain reaction. PCR amplifies short segments of RNA using enzymes. The other process was used to scale up the product to manufacturing levels; it uses a different technique involving a template of plasmids and E. coli. Basically, the DNA from the plasmids and bacteria got left behind and contaminated the product with not only DNA, but also lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxins that stimulate the immune system. LPS induce a wide spectrum of proinflammatory responses, particularly in the brain’s immune cells.

How did Buckhaults discover this?

Dr. Buckhaults became involved in this research when his colleague Kevin McKernan shared in early 2023 that he had found DNA plasmid contaminants in both Pfizer and Moderna vials. He was concerned because this provided definitive proof that these vials were out of spec (OOS). Here is a great explanation of what OOS really entails, but McKernan used six different methods to test DNA contamination and all methods exceeded the contamination requirement for both the FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This is not good news.

Naturally, many so-called scientists immediately called McKernan a fear-mongerer. He was attacked and labeled an anti-vaxxer, but real scientists had the good sense to do REAL science, meaning that several independent labs (not linked in any way to McKernan’s lab) attempted to reproduce the results. It’s shocking, but this is how science is actually done. One of these scientists was Buckhaults, who was able to reproduce the results and was alarmed to find DNA contaminants – in fact so alarmed that he chose to testify to the South Carolina Senate.

What does it mean?

The jabs contain DNA. Period. McKernan expressed concern because governments and regulators like the FDA have assured the public that the Pfizer shots in no way modify a person’s DNA because they only contain mRNA and no DNA. Guess what? They lied. It means that your DNA has a very high likelihood of being modified if you took the COVID shots. This type of plasmid DNA integration into stem cells can have long-term impacts like cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The presence of some pieces of DNA in traditional vaccines was not such an issue, but the mRNA vaccines use liposomes to encapsulate the spike proteins. The problem is that the DNA contaminants are also encapsulated, making it easier for them to get into cells. When they do get into the cell, the DNA permanently integrates into the genome. The DNA is modified and this is a heritable trait, meaning that if you have offspring after this modification, the trait is passed down to the next generation. Depending on the specific location on the genome where the DNA integrates could mean a higher risk for cancer and other ailments.

What should be done?

Buckhaults told the Senate committee that he was incredibly alarmed and suggested an urgent need for thorough investigation. First, he suggested genetic analysis of individuals who received the jabs (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and Astrazeneca.) By examining a person’s stem cells, scientists can look for any potential genetic modifications. Multiple labs should do the DNA sequencing of these stem cells to accurately determine the rate at which DNA integration is occurring.

Second, Buckhaults said that people should be very hesitant to take the shots until they can be assured the vials contain no DNA plasmid contaminants. This will be a tall order, given that Buckhaults’ lab found on average 200 billion pieces of DNA per dose. The sheer number of pieces found directly correlates to a higher likelihood of integration into your own DNA. Some vials had more and some had less, which speaks to the quality control issues that have long been known. Putting it bluntly, the quality control of these doses is a complete joke and epic fail. All regulatory agencies, like the FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), require stringent pharmacovigilance, which is the assessment and prevention of adverse effects after the product goes to market. The premise is that safety and efficacy is initially limited to clinical trials, and when the product is used in the market under less controlled conditions and given to a much larger patient base, side effects are sure to emerge. Companies spend billions of dollars on pharmacovigilance each year. However, in the case of these shots, Pfizer and Moderna lied about their clinical trial data right from the start, and these agencies continue to approve the products, despite pharmacovigilance being required under EU law, US law and more. It is truly mind-blowing, especially since it is so easy to check for product purity. Several standard assays are available to check purity at the end of the modified mRNA manufacturing process. Buckhaults says it takes about 3 hours to do this check, costing about $100 for reagents. Keep in mind Pfizer made $37.8 billion in 2022 profits from their COVID vaccine, but they couldn’t spring for $100 bucks? This is even more mind-blowing, and troubling.

Going forward

Sadly, we are where we are. Do they think we are naïve enough at this juncture to think that big pharma didn’t know about the contaminant DNA and its associated problems? Of course they knew. It’s not a new concept; here is a paper about the risk of foreign DNA insertion into genes published nearly 30 years ago. They’ve known everything all along. Pfizer should have disclosed so much, but they didn’t. Big pharma should have included this DNA contamination as a risk and explained that in layman’s terms in a full informed consent, but instead, they used blank package inserts.

If stem cells are checked, will the real results ever see the light of day, or will they be buried forever? Remember that Pfizer tried to hide the clinical trial data for 75 years. Buckhaults also called for the FDA to actually regulate Pfizer and Moderna, which they have yet to do. And if the FDA has become a centralized regulatory agency that can’t get out of its own way, we should move to decentralized state-based regulation. I mean, how could the FDA have never even looked for DNA contamination and required a test that only costs $100 and takes 3 hours? This is the epitome of pharmacovigilance and is literally the FDA’s sole function. This agency is a monolith that has outlived its prime.

One thing is for sure: we should keep doing science just like Buckhaults did, because it is good sound science. Actually, it is even better – it is irrefutable, hard evidence. And when good scientists want to speak out about their results, we should let them. Buckhaults’ testimony is definitely getting attention from the entire science community and they are taking the dsDNA contamination very seriously.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work. 

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