Hong Kong Flu Vaccines Found To Have ‘White Particles’ Inside Them

flu shot hong kong
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Hong Kong authorities halted Sanofi’s flu vaccine after finding traces of “white particles” inside of the vaccines. The incident occurred in late November.  The quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine, VaxigripTetra, is now being passed by Hong Kong’s Department of Health. Sanofi also tested the vaccines for safety and claim it is now safe to be administered.

Back in late November, 175,000 of Sanofi’s flu shots intended for Hong Kong were found to have the white particles. Over 75,000 of them were already placed in distribution. Hong Kong officials launched an immediate investigation into the incident. The officials claim more recent testing revealed: “no particles were detected,” according to fierce pharma.

Sanofi claims the particles were found to be “inert and nontoxic cellulose.” The testing was performed on flu vaccines stored with Sanofi, as well as ones already distributed to clinics around Hong Kong.

Sanofi says that all the flu vaccines are up to quality and safety standards.



Photo by stevendepolo

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  1. Martina Anne | 01/03/2019 at 10:58 am | Reply

    We can’t digest cellulose it’s part of the fibre in our diet. Why bypass the digestive system to get it into the body tissue? It will likely clog something up

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