Hundreds Protests Mandatory Vaccine Bill In Washington State

vaccine rally washington

With Washington state reporting 50 cases of measles, lawmakers and pro-vaccine groups are scrambling to push for more restrictive vaccine laws. Washington allows parents to use philosophical exemptions. Many would like to allow the government to have increased control over kids living in the state.

On Friday, hundreds of parents gathered to protest a bill that would remove the philosophical exemption. Washington is one of 17 states that allows the exemption, something these lawmakers are primed to change.

“I don’t feel I’m putting my child at risk. There’s nothing that’s going to change my mind on this on that specific vaccination,” said mother Monique Murray, one of the hundreds protesting increased government control.

The media is continuing its relentless coverage of measles in the United States, prompting many parents to become afraid.

If the state’s politicians have it there way, the bill will pass by April. However, it is likely that people for parental rights will continue to protests and fight.

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  1. Dr Tenpenny
    What is your current stance on the measles outbreak in the Philippines with over 4000 infected and 70 children dead?

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