Mississippi Vaccine Choice Activist Embroiled In Fight With State’s Laws

Mississippi vaccines

Mary Jo Perry of Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights (MPVR) wants parents to know that she stands behind their medical decisions, at least in cases of vaccine choice. Her organization, MPVR, continues to push hard for Mississippians to have full parental rights over the matter, both on religious and philosophical levels.

We’re definitely not anti-vaccine,” Perry said, according to OneNewsNow. “We’re focused on defending the freedom of religion and conscience in vaccine decision-making for everyone.”

As it stands, Mississippi is one of the toughest states in terms of vaccine choice. The state does not allow for a religious exemption.

“Many people have no idea the modern vaccination program is actually rooted in abortions for the live virus vaccines, and some people believe that there were only two abortions involved – when there were well over 80,” Perry continued.

Perry insists she is not “anti-vaccine,” though due to her fight for freedom of vaccine choice, she is often labeled as such.

“My kids are fully vaccinated – with the exception of one pertussis booster – and the only reason we didn’t continue vaccinating for pertussis was because my youngest had seizures from that particular vaccine,” Perry pointed out. “Since then, I’ve done a lot of research into vaccines and learned some things that I regret not knowing before.”

Perry’s group is now soliciting the help of state pastors to help garner signatures of support from influential lawmakers.

“Here we are in the Bible Belt – [and] our entire legislature in the state of Mississippi claims to be born-again Christians, and we are violating the religious liberties of families in Mississippi every day,” Perry lamented. “That needs to change.”

MPVR is a non-profit grassroots advocacy group that hopes to help more parents throughout the state who may not want to give their kids one or more of the scheduled, mandated vaccines. You can follow MPVR on Facebook here.

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3 Comments on "Mississippi Vaccine Choice Activist Embroiled In Fight With State’s Laws"

  1. I’m an anti vaxer my daughter got the mmr ivaccine and immediately had kidney failure thank g-d for natural healing she is well today . Never did I vaccinate after that , why would I sacrifice any of my children and grandchildren … people open your eyes and see the truth! We are all victims of the currupt cdc!!! Become informed and don’t let anyone bully you!! Use your own intuition!!!if vaccines worked than I would have been the first on line but they are not working for us we have the highest rate of autisium in the world , what will become of the future?

  2. Jessica H. | 01/19/2019 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    Wow! I was so disturbed when I first learned that many vaccines were made using aborted fetuses. This is not common knowledge, and it should be.

  3. One merely has to research Dr. Stanley Plotkin’s January 2018 deposition in which he describes that these were elective abortions, many on institutionalized women who were lied to. In this harvest of human life, there was no informed consent or truth. That is the basis of our current vaccine program. I am not ok with child sacrifice for “research” or injecting said products into my own or my child’s body.

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