NJ Woman Says Shingles Vaccine Gave Her Shingles, Sues Merck

A woman in New Jersey claims the vaccine she sought to protect her from an illness rather gave her the illness, instead.

The plaintiff, called Peggy S. by the courts, received a Zostavax shingles vaccine on October 15th, 2013. She decided to get the shingles vaccine to prevent the shingles illness from infecting her.

But alas, things don’t always turn out the way we want.

Peggy S. instead, got shingles.

According to Top Class Actions, in July 2016, “as a direct result of the vaccine, [Peggy] suffered from a Shingles outbreak, in addition to chronic pain, rash and lesions to various parts of her body.”

The lawsuit also claims mental and emotional distress due to her ongoing physical issues that she claims are a result of shingles.

Merck, the maker of the wildly popular Zostavax, is now on the hook for Peggy’s pain and suffering.

The point of Zostavax is to stop shingles from occurring in people who have had chickenpox.


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