Parents Blame Vaccines For Two Infants Deaths

Two infants from the region of Barangay Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City have passed away as of a few days ago. The parents have filed a complaint which asserts that vaccines were the mutual cause of deaths. The pentavalent vaccines, which were administered via the barangay health center, are the subject of criticism by the parents of the two children, who say the babies “conditions worsened” after being subjected to the shots. The hospital is arguing that one child was experiencing diarrhea before the injection took place. They also argue that 90 other children received a vaccine on November 8th without issue, the same day as the two infants. Death certificates say Ghirvaughn Mcreign Limpangog died from meningitis while Ayesha Mae Suson succumbed to dehydration, leaving out the vaccine as a cause. The parents do not share such sentiments.

According to Philstar

The parents of the children said the babies’ conditions reportedly worsened after they received the shots on November 8. They both died three days later on November 11.

Ghirvaughn’s mother, Gian, said she noticed her baby reportedly weakening and having a fever when they arrived home from the health center.

She thought these were side effects to the vaccine but her son’s temperature remained high despite medicine and hot compress. Half of his body also reportedly stiffened and she believed he was suffering from pain as he would no longer smile.

They brought him first to a hospital in Lapu-Lapu City but the child was referred to a hospital in Cebu City since his condition was unstable and he was reportedly already “brain dead.”

Gian suspects the vaccine administered to the baby may have already expired or that the health officer gave more than the dosage needed.

Like Ghirvaughn, Ayesha also reportedly started having fever after getting the vaccine, said her mother, Lenlen.

Like Gian, Lenlen thought the fever was a side effect of the vaccine but evening on November 8, Ayesha reportedly started vomiting and was suffering from diarrhea.

They then brought the baby to a hospital in Lapu-Lapu City where doctors told them the child was also suffering from cough. Like Ghirvaughn, Ayesha was later referred to the same hospital in Cebu City and it was there where they both died.  It was also in the hospital in Cebu City where the two mothers met.

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