Smallpox Eradication: The Real Reason the Vaccination Program Stopped

By John Jones, PhD, JD. Vaxxter Contributor

A prominent vaccine-free family has been active Down Under.  Taylor Winterstein, and her rugby star husband, preach and teach the joys of raising vaccine-free children (as do I). Taylor tells all who will listen, the truth about vaccines.  Namely:  there are no safety tests against true placebos; one-size does not fit all; and vaccines cause injury and death.

Last March (2019), when Taylor announced her tour for seminars on natural living the mainstream media – from England to New Zealand – was in an uproar. Her venues were canceled. (The same once occurred to Dr. Tenpenny in Australia in 2015). Winterstein was called uneducated and a threat the public health.

These critiques have been echoed for decades.  And now, with Vaxxed II coming out, which will show the harm caused by vaccines and spotlight the health of unvaccinated children, the mainstream media is returning to scare tactics.

As Dr. Tenpenny has long explained:

“Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry.  Vaccine-injured children – and adults – then become customers for life.”

The Latest Big Lie … and Halloween Ghost Story

Adopting ideas from Freuds nephew, Edward Bernays, the Nazis utilized, the Big Lie – a strategy of propaganda, repeating a single theme or falsehood to a target population. The power of the Big Lie is that it guides all ancillary thoughts to come. A Washington Post reporter explained, via the Big Lie if one swallows the big pill, and the rest must follow.

The pro-vaccine pathology is absurd. Doctors tout flu shots for kidney transplant patients or HPV vaccine for nine-year-old boys – all is part of the Big Lie.  And therein lies their Achilles heel:  When the fraud of the Big Lie is exposed, support for all of the related ideas will wither away.

No matter the particular infection story of the month (e.g., measles in New York; Mumps in Pennsylvania) the pro-vaccine mantras always claim that vaccines ended smallpox and polio.  But from the literature we know that:

As for smallpox, in her 40-minute lecture, Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains why people from the 1800s through the early 20th century opposed vaccination.  It did not save lives.  Vaccination spurred diseases (like smallpox, tuberculosis, cancer), and caused deaths.

Despite the fact that archived books and videos across the Internet have unlocked this history, the mainstream media continues to sell us on Pharma’s Big Lie.

 A Ghost Story, from Down Under

Consider a recent article from the New Zealand Herald. This latest effort is not news about smallpox but, in keeping with the spirit of Halloween, a ghost story.

On October 24, 2019, a week before Halloween, the New Zealand Herald ran a story [sic] about Janet Parker, the last person officially recorded as dying from smallpox in England.  Parker died on September 11, 1978.  Parker was neither from, nor lived in, New Zealand.  Her death was unrelated to Halloween.  But the Herald printed the propaganda piece nonetheless.

The article starts fast – crafting a scene of yesteryear, an age of horror, with mystery diseases … mitigated only by vaccines.

“On August 11, 1978, Janet Parker began to feel unwell.  Within days, the 40-year-old … developed unsightly red spots on her back, limbs and face.  Soon, she [was too weak to] stand …  A month later … now blind in both eyes, in renal failure, and having developed pneumonia, [she] died.”

What could have killed this woman so quickly?  Author, Natalie Brown, writes:

“What doctors initially diagnosed as chickenpox [sic] was actually smallpox … Thought to have been eradicated, [responsible for] killing over half a billion people in the 20th century alone … on October 26, 1977 the last natural case of smallpox was discovered in Somalia.”

So where is the punchline?

Was it that smallpox infection presents like chickenpox?  (Edward Jenner said that in 1799).  Did Ms. Parker die of wild smallpox?  Did Ms. Parker die of an otherwise eradicated disease only because she stubbornly refused to get vaccinated?

The article points out that Professor Henry Bedson, head of the smallpox laboratory at Birmingham Medical School where Ms. Parker worked, joined Professor Alasdair Geddes, to examine Parker post-mortem.  They discovered that “the particles that had infected Ms Parker had escaped from his own laboratory — likely having reached her through the building’s venting.”

If that were the case, why was Ms. Parker the only person to contract such a virulent case of smallpox, leading to blindness, renal failure, pneumonia, and death?

The article omits any mention of whether Parker received a smallpox vaccination, but she was born in 1938. UK law mandated the smallpox vaccine for infants from 1853 to 1962.  (See Gareth Millward2019).  So it is likely that Parker had received at least one smallpox vaccine.

But given that this ghost story is supposed to frighten young parents into submitting their children to nearly 72 injections, it would not support the “safe and effective narrative” to admit that Janet Parker died of smallpox developed in a laboratory, even though she had been vaccinated.

Do You Believe in Magic?

To the trained eye, the rest of the story exposes pro-vaccine rhetoric for what it is, blather, balderdash, claptrap, vacuous, etc.  The problematic statements are so glaring that one finds it hard to believe the story was actually published. Through her discussion of the smallpox vaccine disaster, Dr. Humphries reminds us, “most of those who spread pro-vaccine sound bites would not know where to research problems with vaccines or why the anti-vaccine movement ever began.” (See Humphries’ book, Dissolving Illusions for more detail.

Equally, those who spread pro-vaccine sound bites cannot see the limitations of the talking points. Here are two examples from the article:

  • Ms. Brown argues that Jenner’s vaccine saved humanity (it didn’t).
  • Ms. Brown offers that prior to vaccination, “With no cure, and killing a third of those it infected, people tried to combat the disease with treatments that included being bled, purged, starved, and wrapped tightly in red cloth.”

Historical records do not support the idea that smallpox illness necessitated a high death rate.  As detailed in the 1885 book, The Story of a Great Delusion, smallpox was understood to be a mild disease of infants, and nothing on the order of death caused by scarlet fever, pertussis, or even measles.  (See chapter 34).

Most likely, common treatments of the 19th century caused the harm.  When patients became ill with smallpox after vaccinating, the wounds were often treated with mercury (see paragraph 53 in this link). Those who were not bled, forced to vomit, and starved, but rather fed fresh produce, encouraged to walk outdoors, and offered clean linens, generally recovered fully after a few days in bed (see this John Birch from 1817).

Brown’s story goes on to say that Ms. Parker was admitted to a hospital around August 20:

“.. .those closest to Janet were … swiftly quarantined and vaccinated.  Everyone who came into contact with Ms. Parker from the moment she was hospitalized – from ambulance staff to the hospital chaplain – were treated similarly.  [Within] two weeks after Ms Parker had first shown symptoms of the disease, more than 500 people had been vaccinated …”

Author Brown claims that vaccination saved the hospital staff.  But how could any vaccine, even if 100% effective, have protected them?

According to the WHO:

“[Smallpox] has an incubation period of between 7 and 17 days and only becomes infectious once the fever develops. A distinctive rash appears two to three days [after the fever].  The most infectious period is during the first week of illness, though a person with smallpox is still infectious until the last scabs fall off.”

The article reported that Professor Deborah Symmons was the first member of the hospital’s medical staff to see Ms. Parker, and she apparently exclaimed, “I remember … she had a very dramatic rash.”

If Parker were covered in a rash when she arrived at the hospital, she was contagious.  Yet there was and is no “super-fast acting” vaccine, which could have helped those who were in contact with Parker.  Even today, the CDC says that it takes about two weeks for influenza vaccine to provide any protection. Brown guides readers to think that smallpox was highly contagious and all those vaccinations protected those who had immediate exposure to Parker.

The Truth About Smallpox Eradication Exposed

We know that mandatory smallpox vaccination ended.  But why?  In his book, Vaccinating Britain British Historian Gareth Millward writes:

“[fewer cases of smallpox worldwide] increased the risk of vaccine injury relative to the risk posed by the disease itself.  Contemporaneous vaccination rates of infants in the UK fell to 32% because, by the late 1960s analyses on the vaccination program answered questions about vaccination safety and efficacy.  Expert opinion turned away from smallpox vaccination on scientific and practical grounds.  (Chapter 2 – available as a free download at this link.)

So there it is.  By 1967, it had become scientifically apparent that the risk of vaccine injury was higher than the relative to the risk of smallpox infection.  It was on the basis of the balance of risks – not on the elimination of a pathogen – that the [UK] Secretary of State, Sir Keith Joseph, announced on July 28, 1971, that routine smallpox vaccination would end.

After more than 170 years of mass vaccinating with the smallpox vaccine, the virus – and the infection – had not been eliminated.  So, in 1970, the CDC and the WHO changed their global vaccination strategy. They accelerated the eradication program to justify an end to injections and claim victory over smallpox.

In 1977, the last case of wild smallpox was reported and in 1980, the WHO declared they had successfully eradicated smallpox.

Time to End ALL Routine Vaccinations

How curious it is that in 1971, the medical establishment in the UK determined that the risks of smallpox vaccination outweighed the benefits.  When will other vaccines similarly be retired?

For example, the western hemisphere has been declared polio-free since 1994. For YTD 2019, there have only been 88 cases of wild-type poliovirus infection reported in the entire world, but there have been 95 cases of polio caused by circulating vaccine virus.  With a global population in excess of 7 billion people, why do children still receive 5 doses of polio vaccine?

On a personal note, my child has never been injected with a vaccine, has no need to visit a doctor, and has only been prescribed antibiotics once – as an infant.  Her story is one of the thousands of similar stories that will knock down the Big Lie.  The other half is seen in the tragedies of the families who have shared their stories online, and in the upcoming documentary, Vaxxed II.

Government sanction and protection of the vaccine industry must end. The CDC/Pharma revolving door must end. I encourage everyone to continue to say, No. Expose the Big Lie.  And offer guidance to the objects of their propaganda.  As Ray Parker Jr. might say,

“Don’t be ain’t afraid of no ghosts.”


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John Jones is a researcher who holds a Ph.D. and JD with expertise and interests in the philosophy of science, medical rhetoric, vaccine case law, and statistics.  Since 2003, he has been investigating vaccines and helping people to heal and recover their vaccine-damaged children.  He is the proud father of a healthy, vaccine-free daughter.

Photo credit: by Pan American Health Organization PAHO

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