The Deep State’s Last Ditch Efforts To Scare Us

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working overtime on last ditch efforts to scare us over the latest outbreak. Here are some of the alarm bells they’ve sounded.

A Fungus Among Us

Candida auris is a form of yeast. It generally poses no threat to healthy people, but can pose a serious threat to patients who are already weak due to other health conditions. Cases generally occur in hospitals and healthcare facilities like nursing homes. People are at risk IF (and it’s a big if) the Candida enters the bloodstream. The risk to these patients is further complicated if the yeast becomes resistant to at least one type of antifungal drug, making it much trickier to treat.

Candida auris was first reported in 2016. Cases have certainly risen since then, but only 3,270 US clinical cases were reported in 2021. While CDC cites alarming percentage increases, in reality, we are talking about 0.1% of Americans who are affected by this fungal infection. “Screening cases have tripled,” warns the media! Putting this in perspective, it amounts to only 4,000 cases in a nation of 350 million people.

What the CDC is describing is a type of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI); these are nothing new, but they continue to be a big problem. It’s all about stopping the spread, and medical facilities utilize many different forms of standard-of-care HAI prevention techniques like good hand washing and personal protective equipment (PPE). Whole industries are built around best infection control practices, including improved operating room ventilation, sterilization methods, and wound and pathogen barriers. HAIs of all kinds remain a substantial cause of morbidity, prolonged hospitalization, and death, particularly if drug-resistant. Multidrug-resistant bacteria (sometimes called “superbugs”) were named a Top 10 Global Health Threat by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019. In 2023, WHO launched its first-ever Priority Pathogens list of about 20 pathogens of interest; Candida auris is in the top 4 for global threats.

The media does a great job of making everyone nervous about things like Candida. Here is a perfect example: “The fungus can be carried on people’s skin without them knowing it!” Egads! In reality, after the gut, there are more microorganisms on the skin than anywhere else in the body. Here’s another CDC attempt at alarm: their own web page refers to this as a pan-resistant fungus. Pan-resistant? Really? I gotta hand it to them; it indeed sounds terrifying. However, fewer than 5% of the cases are resistant to the first line of treatment (echinocandin). So if 95% of the cases can be treated, is it really pan-resistant? The CDC hasn’t updated their website since 2022. If this fungus is so dangerous, wouldn’t you think the web information would be more up to date?

The bottom line here is that by no means does Candida constitute a potential pandemic threat in the general population.


Not to be outdone by yeast, Marburg is also a contender for a new pandemic threat. Despite the fact that as of February 13, 2023, fewer than 10 people in Equatorial Guinea have died of Marburg virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) convened an emergency February 14 meeting to discuss the dire situation. Naturally, many news outlets, including Fox News, CNN, Forbes and the New York Post, immediately wrote articles along the lines of “What You Need to Know About the Deadly Outbreak”. Fear sells, and it gets clicks.

The WHO apparently is omniscient about Marburg because they had already convened an expert panel back in 2021, the Marburg virus vaccine consortium (MARVAC), where they reviewed the “outbreak” of nine cases. Conveniently, the WHO already has not just one, but several vaccine candidates. Here’s the subtitle from NBC News: “The World Health Organization convened an urgent meeting to evaluate vaccine candidates after nine deaths and 16 suspected cases were reported.” When was the last time a vaccine was in such early development so that it could be discussed for deployment after only 25 reported cases? The WHO is really prepared. Thank goodness.

Not surprisingly, the experts of the consortium are the same people that are continuing to ruin our lives by recommending perpetual COVID protocols such as the pseudo vaccines & Paxlovid pills. Why was this panel needed in 2021? According to the CDC’s own data, there was only one case worldwide of Marburg in 2021. ONE. One case does not need a panel.

It’s interesting how the vaccine development works. The NBC News article reports results of animal testing from three prominent vaccine developers. The names are familiar to us all: Janssen Pharmaceuticals (aka J&J) and the Sabin Vaccine Institute, a WHO-led project that is part of the world Vaccine Safety Net (VSN). Take a gander at the VSN membership.

Public Health Vaccines is a lesser-known company, but its insidious ties are truly incredulous. PHV’s jab tech was actually developed by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health run by Anthony Fauci for over 40 years until his December 2022 retirement. NIAID actually licensed the tech to PHV! Even better, PHV is partnered with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovations (CEPI) and received an award of over $40 million to develop several vaccines against bat-borne viruses, including Marburg and Nipah virus. Oh, and PHV also works with the US government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). One simply cannot make this stuff up — the connections are truly astounding.

This is a great video from attorney Todd Callender  explaining what WHO has planned for us should the Marburg outbreak come to our shores. Rest assured that the WHO is ready to deploy their five jabs to combat Marburg. You’ll be in good hands.

The MARVAC also discussed other promising treatments like remdesivir, the deadly drug from Gilead Sciences. For a brief refresher on Gilead, it’s the company that signed an agreement with the European Union to use remdesivir as a COVID-19 treatment; that deal was potentially worth $1 billion to Gilead. Two weeks later, the US FDA approved remdesivir as the first drug for use in the US for COVID-19, an approval which baffled scientists given the less-than-stellar clinical trial data. The WHO’s own Solidarity trial showed remdesivir neither reduced mortality nor recovery time for COVID-19, but WHO expects it to work better for Marburg?

And if the WHO fails us, the CDC is on the case. Their scientists have “spearheaded a small pilot project deep inside the Ugandan forests to track the movement of bats that carry the deadly Marburg virus, a close cousin to Ebola.” Thank God the bat trackers are still employed by one of our federal agencies. I know I will definitely sleep better tonight with that knowledge.

The bottom line is that you are probably not really at risk from this extremely rare virus unless you spend a LOT of time with African fruit bats OR you work or reside  near a bioweapons lab like the Galveston National Laboratory and a security breach occurs.

COVID Arcturus

No sooner had Joe Biden ended the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) than a new COVID variant popped up. The WHO is “watching it closely”. Yes, aren’t they always? Cases of Arcturus are rising in India and hospitals there are holding mock drills to make sure hospitals are ready. Aaaaggh! The WHO tells us this variant is also on the rise in the US, Australia and Singapore. It’s another Omicron variant, XBB.1.16, named Arcturus, another strong name designed to strike fear in our hearts. As always, this one is THE one—not just another run-of-the-mill Omicron. Oh no, this one is a descendent of stealth Omicron! And it affects children, who are experiencing a never-before-seen variant-unique condition – pinkeye, or conjunctivitis. When one gets past all the hoopla and inflammatory language, it boils down to cases being mild, except for immunocompromised kids. Yes, this is the case with EVERY illness.

A couple of things are interesting about Arcturus. Adenovirus is also fairly common in India and can result in conjunctivitis. COVID and adenovirus are so similar they are impossible to differentiate unless testing is done. Now isn’t that interesting? Also, let’s not forget that Dr. Tenpenny told us several months ago that the COVID-19 shots are causing vision problems, including pinkeye.

Doctors in India warn us that the world pandemic is in the “age of recombinants”, meaning existing variants have teamed up to wreak more havoc. Well, that’s not good. We could have a seemingly endless barrage of recombinants, such as XBB.1.9 which may also spawn from Omicron and may be even worse than Arcturus, “if nothing else emerges.” Hmmm. If nothing else emerges. That’s a strange thing to say.

Nevertheless, the WHO says Arcturus is the most transmissible yet, but how do they really know that? And it is clearly in the process of infiltrating the US, even though we haven’t heard one peep about it.

Same Playbook

None of these is a real threat. As we are so painfully aware by now, these articles are about inciting fear. The headlines use wording such as “alarming rates” and “deadly outbreak” and “sweeping across the US.” Seeds of doubt are sewn in our minds as they tell us “it can’t be completely treated” and “there’s still a lot to learn.”

It’s all about using trigger language that was teed up during the COVID-19 pandemic. The New York Post describes the tactic very well: “serial capitulations to progressive hysteria on masking, school closures, lockdowns and vaccinations…that immiserated millions, disrupted society and inflicted irrecoverable learning loss on a generation of school kids. Its ugly aftermath can still be seen in everything from our persistent inflation to elevated levels of crime.”

Let’s face it, this is the same playbook. It’s just that COVID wasn’t scary enough, but they’re hoping that Candida, Marburg or Arcturus will scare the dickens out of you.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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