They’re Coming For Your Kids

The gloves are coming off. It’s time. Things have gone WAY too far. Most of us who are of a certain age (ahem, older) and who subscribe to Christian belief don’t agree with gay marriage. Nevertheless, we tolerated Obama’s legalization of gay marriage, which he celebrated by awashing the White House in rainbow floodlights. Maybe some of us even felt guilty; were we being fair to our fellow mankind? It’s a free country, we thought. We should be more open-minded. Everyone deserves to be happy. Isn’t Christianity a bit about tolerance?

Fast forward a few years, and things are simply bat shit crazy. Resentment has turned into outrage. I went to breakfast the other day with a friend who met her son’s friend. He pulled his mom aside before the meeting to tell her that so-in-so wants to be addressed by the pronoun “them”, to acknowledge both male and female. OK. Ugh. Tolerance, remember tolerance. We’ve long tolerated these pronouns and more than two genders (are we up to about 8,000 now?), but pedophilia? Hell, no. This is simply unacceptable – at any level.

Why do parents tolerate pedophilic teachers in the classroom? Why do some parents think it is a good idea to take their small impressionable children to a drag queen story hour? I mean seriously, who are these people, really? And have you seen some of the books and class assignments about anal sex, oral sex, sexual fantasies, and God knows what else. What five year old has a sexual fantasy?

Proponents of pedophilia now want them to be called minor attracted persons or MAP (they even have an acronym all their own!) It is stunning that for some time now, pedophilia has been more and more normalized in society. In this article, researchers paint pedophiles as victims of society because we (society) don’t understand this drastically misunderstood disorder. After all, they say, pedophilia starts in the womb! (Really?) We are terrible people, they say, because pedophilic attraction does not always turn into action. Shame on us!

But when it does turn into action, and a child is molested, the chances of it happening again and again are pretty high. In this 1975 paper, the researchers studied recidivism (re-offense) rates of male convicted child molesters and found that 35% of them committed another offense against a child who was an acquaintance with even higher rates applying to extended family members and strangers as well. They found the re-offense risks to be much higher than hypothesized and other types of criminality present in “relatively large proportions.”

A pedophile has a trifecta of factors that meld: deviant sexual interests, low self-control and lots of opportunity and access to children. Current research is focused on using new methods, insinuating that old methods were biased towards these pedophile-victims and reported rates were much too high. As I reviewed the research, I couldn’t help but notice the spotlight on methodology, almost as if the researchers had lost sight of the premise that their subjects had already committed a heinous offense against a child. Look over here, not over there.

Governing Bodies Like Pedophilia, Too

Now we have the United Nations (UN) calling for decriminalization of pedophilia. The world is discriminating against people who want to have sex with children. Shame on us! The UN is serious about this, discretely publishing a report in March 2023 to ensure that sexual relations between adults and minors are not crimes. This report referred to pederasty; I mean, I have a pretty good vocabulary and I had not heard this phrase – ever. It refers to sex between a man and a boy, first practiced in Ancient Greece as a perfectly acceptable cultural and intellectual custom.

The UN report condemns countries who impose new laws that are counter to sexual rights and consensual sexual activity, as well as criticizing places around the globe that view prostitution and pornography as a criminal act. They use fancy words like “bodily autonomy” Shouldn’t we just all be free from discrimination to be able to do whatever we want, even with toddlers?

Of course, someone connected the new UN rule to the tyranny of “power and male dominated systems”, and I agree – most pedophiles are male so that is absolutely a male-dominated power system. That power system wants access to our precious children. I’ve got to hand it to the UN authors; they’re pretty crafty in their wording, like this sentence: “Parents, guardians, carers or other persons who enable or assist children to exercise sexual rights may not be held criminally liable.” Who are “other persons”? This is a very all-inclusive statement. The edict goes on to say that criminal liability can occur if coercion, force or lack of informed decision-making occurs on the part of the child.

But then they say that sexual relations “between adults and minors should not be frowned upon.” They don’t want enforcement linked to the age of consent. They word it as if the rights of minors are being infringed upon! It’s almost as if every 12 year old just wants to have sex, sex, sex and society is stopping that with our pesky laws. The UN says minors should be able to make their own decisions about sex and sex partners; they have the right to be heard! Parents be damned!

This is not a new concept that the UN has created. For at least five years, international Planned Parenthood organizations have advocated for children as young as 10 to be allowed to do commercial sex work. Kids aged 10 and under have sexual rights, and shame on all of us in society who are not enlightened about this!

With children entering puberty earlier, around age 10, they should be allowed to make an earlier “sexual debut” (their words, certainly not mine) and if that includes sex work, so be it. These groups actually describe sex work as a relationship on par with dating and marriage. Is it just me, or does this make NO sense at all? Sex work is NOT a relationship!

Groups like these muddy the waters with their inane justifications. They say age is arbitrary. They say crime is arbitrary. And they keep pushing, pushing, pushing. Remember when porn, sodomy, transgenderism and even bestiality were not accepted in society? Now, all of these perversions are seemingly welcomed with open arms. Pedophilia has traditionally been very taboo and therefore is met with fierce resistance. But they’re still gonna try to mainstream it.

For the UN and globalist groups like them, the end justifies the means, and they’ll use any means necessary to meet their desired end; coming after our kids. And they actually say the quiet part out loud – that their UN policies are designed to combat governments and people who view these kinds of things as indecent and obscene. Shame on us indeed, if we don’t stand up for our kids and loudly profess & protest that enough is enough.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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