The Future with Vaccine Mandates: Part II

By Dani Lasher, Vaxxter Contributor

Last week, we discussed what mandatory vaccinations and non-medical exemptions could look like for Americans.  Let’s follow up with the necessary discussion of how the nation will handle the resulting burdens that will be thrust upon it.

A New America

Imagine this: A fully vaccinated America.

It is estimated that only 1% of adverse events are reported. In 2018, 49,116 adverse events were reported, which would postulate that some 4,862,484 adverse events went unreported last year. Without early intervention, clear paths of causation become blurred, and treatment options become potentially less effective.

We aren’t just talking about autism in kids and autoimmune issues in parents.  Studies for the Pediarix vaccine affirm children developing asthma within 1 to 6 months after injection. As the top cause of chronic illness in American kids, roughly 7 million of them have asthma. Between 1980 and 1995, childhood asthma rates doubled. Then, between 1994 and 2011, the annual cost of treating asthma jumped from $12 million to  $52 million.

As of 2018, PharmacoEconomics notes: “Average annual costs of treating a child with asthma in the US ranged from $3,076 to $13,612.”

A study by researcher Vinu Arumugham discovered MMR vaccines with chicken embryo contaminants could cause type I diabetes. This illness impacts 1.25 million Americans— with nearly 200,000 being under the age of 20. In 2017 alone, treatment for diabetes totaled $327 billion. Who will foot these bills?

Autoimmune disease affects 23.5 million Americans and costs more than $100 billion to treat each year. A bottle of Aleve costs $8 for 24 pills; meanwhile, the immunosuppressant Remicade can gouge patients for as much as $2,500 per dose. As long as America is fixated on creating the demand for its drug supply, it will stay this way.

Ironically, drugs like Remicade suppress the immune response and thereby can render future vaccinations less effective, per the Quadracel manufacturer insert. If our future holds hundreds of thousands of Americans with autoimmune disease, could we be creating the perfect storm wherein a large portion of our medication-dependent population doesn’t even respond well to vaccination?  How does that end justify the means?

And that’s just kids. What about seniors? Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are sweeping through the 65+ population. A Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease  study notes:

“The hypothesis that aluminum significantly contributes to alzheimer’s disease (AD) is built upon very solid experimental evidence and should not be dismissed.  Immediate steps should be taken to lessen human exposure to aluminum, which may be the single most aggravating and avoidable factor related to AD.”

An Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics puts it simply, “aluminium is neurotoxic.”  Repeated research has linked it to the development of dementia as well. Why is the aluminum link important?  Because it’s the adjuvant used in nearly every vaccine.

Current Alzheimer’s rates of 5.7 million could reach 13.8 million by 2050. The price of caring for those with Alzheimer’s reached $90 billion this year, with projections amounting to $1.1 trillion by 2050. At an average cost of $48,000 per person per year, long-term care facilities and nursing homes are a profitable industry. It is alarming how little attention this has garnered.

Who will pay for all of that damage?  

Who pays the penalty if the government decides someone is safe to be vaccinated and they are injured or killed? The answer: Taxpayers; like they always have.  Each vaccine given is taxed with 75 cents that goes into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

In our current fiscal year (2019), $193,878,000.11 has been paid out so far. If this figure stems from an alleged 1 percent of cases being reported, a 100 percent reporting rate could potentially call for $19,387,800,011 in payouts without mandates.  Forget about politics; let’s talk economics. Can America afford to force this issue?

An Economic Crisis

What is the bottom line of this pharmaceutical marketing plan during an era in which Americans are demanding government-sponsored healthcare? In 2014, JAMA Pediatrics reported the cost of caring for just one person with autism fell between $1.4 and $2.4 million over the course of a lifetime. What are the costs in today’s dollars?

Will we be able to maintain a stable insurance market for the nation’s sickest citizens. Receiving a diagnosis of autism actually increases the risk that you’ll lose insurance coverage.

These families are no stranger to bankruptcy. When the pharmaceutical industry sits atop this catastrophic pyramid, the fiscal damage trickles downward. How will other industries stay solvent when consumers can no longer afford little luxuries like dinner and a movie, but start to default on their mortgages and utilities due to medical bills? It’s not a question of whether families can afford this. They can’t.  It’s a question of whether our government and taxpayers can afford the associated costs and for how long.

A Compensated Effort

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is in place to award individuals with confirmed injuries, but will that suffice when only a small number of petitions make the cut?  Between 2006 and 2017, just 6,467 petitions were filed and only 4,450 were paid out.

We are destined to see a surge in injuries when medical exemptions are also restricted. We just saw California’s Governor Newsom sign SB276/SB714 on Monday, September 9, 2019, despite the public outcry and even compelling testimony from Senators on their side of the party line. This law will place medical exemptions in the hands of government officials and away from doctors who know their patients’ family and personal histories.

With contraindications limited to those approved by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, such as anaphylaxis, encephalitis, and death, thousands of families with existing medical exemptions will be forced to choose between access to education or protecting their child’s life.

For the families who cannot homeschool or move, some will certainly concede to vaccination. We have no way to project the potential societal and economic disaster this will cause.

Assault on Adults

Sadly, it won’t be a huge battle for the government to enforce vaccines for adults. Decades of vaccinating children globally and spreading the message that “vaccines save lives” has ensured many have blind faith in this corrupt industry. America is already no stranger to free gift cards for getting the shingles vaccine or bonuses and PTO from employers for following through with the flu jab.

For adults who aren’t keen on getting up to date with the cocktail of 15 potential vaccines, the coercion will come in other ways — even if you’re not a parent. It may only be a matter of time before we can’t drive or leave the country if we aren’t fully vaccinated with whatever the CDC decides.

Several states have already found clever avenues to make parents comply with forced vaccination. In nearly half of the American states, those who receive state welfare benefits face financial penalties if they don’t keep their child(ren) up to date.

We’ve seen Australia impose similar restrictions by fining childcare centers and preschools up to $24,000 if they admit non-vaccinated children. They’ve also pushed through laws to restrict welfare payments for parents who don’t keep their kids vaccinated. Argentina passed a law in 2018 that requires adults to show proof of vaccination before they will issue ID cards, drivers licenses, passports, prenuptial certificates and more.

Not Every State Will Comply

Everyone seems to be headed to Texas. Mandates will never happen there, right? No one thought it would happen in Maine, but LD798 goes into effect September 1, 2021, removing religious and philosophical exemptions in Maine. No one expected judges to uphold going against religious communities in New York, and we’ve seen it happen multiple times in recent months. It is a new America, folks.

If states don’t pass mandate laws on their own, the federal government may step in. Sure, vaccines are a state issue and the federal government doesn’t have a say. Sort-of. But Public Health Service Act of 1944 actually gives a path for the feds to get involved if the government feels it is in the best interest of the public’s health.

The Act authorizes the US Surgeon General to “make and enforce such regulations as in his judgment are necessary to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the States or possessions, or from one State or possession into any other State or possession.”

This is precisely how New York’s Mayor de Blasio was able to get away with his short-lived emergency vaccination order and the order to banning non-vaccinated individuals from certain public spaces. Is this not coercion by anyone’s definition?  Perhaps, but what side do you think the law will come down on — the heavy hand of public health or the free will of the people?

One federal “trial balloon” has already been tested. HR2527, a bill introduced in May 2019 by Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson (D), is written to remove grant funding for schools in states that don’t meet certain vaccination thresholds by — you guessed it — restricting exemptions to medical-only. Fortunately, even though the bill had 17 Democratic co-sponsors, the bill has had no movement forward.

Americans are hoping President Trump’s Conscience Rule will apply to vaccination decisions. The rule would give the Department of Health and Human Services authority to:

“Remediate the effects of discrimination in coordination with other funding components in HHS, which may include withholding federal funds, as appropriate.”

Can We Outrun Our Government?

We’re all looking for a way out of this. Is it realistic to expect a sizable number of Americans could just flee to another state or even another nation and escape this tyranny? I’m not so sure.

Many states have vaccine tracking systems in place already. These systems go by different names, but the result is the same — they put each person born in a hospital or otherwise registered with the state government into a database that tracks which vaccines they receive and when. This database is accessible by not just doctors, but schools, insurance companies, and virtually any person a Secretary of Health appoints.

Running probably isn’t the answer. This issue isn’t limited to America. New Brunswick is currently waging the same war in Canada. Italy recently succumbed to mandatory vaccination laws. Other countries – Romania, Germany, Malta, Columbia – all have mandatory vaccination on the books. There’s no end in sight.

Will Humanity Be Annihilated?

What do life, health, and liberty look like at each of these stages? What will America look like full of adults who’ve lost the right to their own bodily autonomy? How will this shift in the way we treat consumers? How will this impact the way future generations treat their fellow humans?

Many feel no inherent concern for the loss of religious exemptions. However, if government and industry eliminate religious rights, many will feel they have nothing left. If the pharmaceutical industry manages to take charge of our sovereign body, our world will be forever changed.

Will we see people committed or arrested for their beliefs if they aren’t aligned with the government’s ideology? Historically this has happened before – in Germany, in Russia, in Cambodia, in North Korea. Could it happen in America?

What other medications might be forced? How many of the hundreds of vaccines currently in development could make it onto the schedule and into your child? Your grandchild?

Call to Action

The decision of whether or not to vaccinate is one of the hardest decisions parents find themselves faced with. Soon, it will be a choice adults must make for themselves. With mandates in place, we may see some parents cave to the pressure. We might also see people fall in line without question because fighting for the truth is daunting work that almost no one wants to do.

We must examine the risks of allowing the government to decide whose medical risk factors are exemption-worthy. What many fail to see is the steep drop at the end of this slippery slope. It’s a long way down. Who will catch us?


Dani Lasher is a writer, motherhood coach, and health advocate living just outside of Washington, DC. While passionate about informed consent and women’s birthing choices, she’s also slightly obsessed with city living and cooking. You can catch up with Dani at her site, BumpMama.


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