Vaccine Safety Lies Become Official Doctrine to Deny Vaccine Injury Compensation

by Paul Louis VAXXTER Contributor

In a previous article written for Vaxxter, I exposed a secret meeting hosted by the CDC and attended by a list of representatives from several international pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization. This July 2000 gathering has long been referred to as the infamous Simpsonwood meeting.

The meeting was the beginning of a worldwide collusion between governments, the vaccine industry and global organizations to suppress evidence showing that vaccines containing thimerosal (mercury) increased the risk of autism.

Dr. Thomas Verstraeton, an epidemiologist at the CDC had uncovered the vaccine/autism link using the CDC’s own vaccination database. However, under significant pressure, the study published in Pediatrics in 2003 painted a completely different picture. The report stated there was “no significant association found between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes.”

The CDC-Sponsored a Thief 

Danish psychiatrist, Poul Thorsen, had been contracted by the CDC since the early 1990s to do epidemiological research.  Between 2004 and 2010, Thorsen padded his pockets with millions of dollars taken from government research grants for his private use. He was indicted on April 18, 2011, by a U.S Federal Grand Jury in Atlanta, Georgia for embezzling, money laundering, and wire fraud. (Source)

Some of that funding was used to help the CDC cover-up the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines by using bogus Danish statistical studies, which claimed there is no connection to vaccines containing thimerosal and autism. This misrepresentation was called out by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:

“CDC is not an independent agency. It is a vaccine company. CDC owns over twenty vaccine patents. It sells about $4.6 billion of vaccines every year. And its primary metric for success in all the departments in the agency is vaccine sales.” (Source)

Thorsen’s report was used as “proof” that vaccines don’t cause autism, but when deeply examined, it was clear he had manipulated the data. Two journals, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and The Lancet, both refused to publish Thorsen’s study due to “procedural anomalies.”

High ranking CDC official Dr. Colleen Boyle pushed the journal Pediatrics into publishing the study. She submitted a letter of explanation signed by Dr. Jose Cordero, the Director of the CDC National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities to the study in the Pediatrics Journal.

Thorsen’s study, “Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from a Danish population” concluded: 

“The discontinuation of thimerosal-containing vaccines in Denmark in 1992 was followed by an increase in the incidence of autism. Our ecological data does not support a correlation between thimerosal-containing vaccines and the incidence of autism.”

Dr. Brian Hooker, Ph.D. and several others claimed the Thorsen analysis was a fraudulent misrepresentation of the actual rate of autism because thimerosal was banned from vaccines in Denmark and Sweden in 1992. The discrepancy between statistical reality and Thorsen’s statistical manipulations became obvious when the data was reanalyzed and later published in 2013. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Hooker’s prepared testimony before a Congressional Committee in November of 2012:

“While compiling the results for this publication, Denmark researchers [under Poul Thorsen] deliberately withheld critical data that would have revealed a decline in autism rates in Denmark after mercury-containing vaccines were removed from the Danish childhood vaccine schedule in 1992.”

Dr. Hooker’s presentation before congress was also heard by Florida Representative Bill Posey. Here’s what Rep. Bill Posey had to say about Thorsen:

“If you read through the emails and learned about the meetings and the financial arrangement this crook [Thorsen] had with the CDC, it will make you absolutely sick to your stomach. (…) He [Thorsen] was closely tied to the CDC’s top vaccine safety researchers… as long as Thorsen was cooking the books to produce the results they wanted, they didn’t care whether the studies were valid or how much money was being siphoned off the top…” [Emphasis added] (Source)

In 2011, the U.S. Justice Department’s indicted Poul Thorsen for defrauding the federal government’s health agencies of millions of dollars. The Office of Inspector General placed him on the “most-wanted” fugitive list. As of 2017, six years later, Poul Thorsen is still a free man. Congressman Posey wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney General at the time, urging him to remind Denmark of its extradition agreement with the U.S. He has not been returned to the US to stand trial and has openly been involved in several Danish studies. You can access a list of those studies here.

As part of the discovery process that lead to Thorsen’s 2011 indictment, internal CDC emails were identified through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The emails indicated close ties with top CDC officials Thorsen had established during his visits to the CDC.

Exhibit 35 has emails expressing concerns about missing funds from an Aarhus University official in Denmark, which is where Thorsen was researching CDC reports. Exhibit 36 has a series of emails revealing an ongoing romantic connection between Thorsen and a CDC official who was his supervisor, Diana Schendel. Both email exhibits are here.

Thousands of Vaccine Injury Autism Claims Denied 

The Thorsen study was all the proof that the CDC needed to repeatedly claim there is no link between vaccines and autism.  This lead to disqualifying more than 5,000 vaccine-injured children from receiving compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and it’s appeal process through the Federal Court of Claims, commonly referred to as the “vaccine court.” (Source)

The CDC continues to insist that the “science is in – vaccines do not cause autism”  by standing behind flawed and fraudulent research. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the non-profit organization Children’s Health Defense  put it this way:

“The CDC is a very troubled agency, and it’s not just me saying that. There have been four separate, intensive federal investigations by the United States Congress, (…) All of them have painted the CDC as a cesspool of corruption, of an agency that has become an absolute subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry, and that has become a sock puppet, a spokesperson, a shill for the industry.” (Source)

Major adverse health issues from vaccines that the CDC, FDA, and the WHO continually deny are presented fully in the following five-and-a-half-minute video.


Paul Louis is an independent health journalist who understands the moniker “Medical Mafia” is more appropriate for Big Pharma and modern medicine than most realize.


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