Vaccines and Pharmakeia: An Abomination

I enjoy reading historical books and believe if we don’t learn the lessons of history, we must suffer through them again. Lately, I have been reading the St. Germain series of texts for inspiration; I find the information to be grounding in this time of great turmoil in our country and the push for mandatory injections.

I was quite surprised when I read this phrase  in the St. Germain’s Volume 2, on page 151:

“The idea that serums made from animals can produce health or protect against disease by injecting it into a clean child’s body is a consciously directed sinister activity. It breaks down health and resistance in the race and destroys the ideals of mankind. The medical profession has been made a cat’s paw for this destruction under the guise of science. Humans continue to use the marvelous mental body to deteriorate the physical body with more and more destruction.”

Wow. Read that again. It was written in 1935.

The thought becomes: “What’s a cat’s paw? What does that mean?”

I looked it up. There are various definitions, but basically, a cat’s paw is “A dupe or tool for another; a person who is exploited by another; a sucker.”

So, now we can say that not only doctors are a cat’s paw when it comes to vaccination, our elected officials are a cat’s paw for the pharmaceutical companies. Almost all of them – at the local, state and national levels.

We each have a role to play in this battle against good and evil. We all have different circles of influence and different friends. Each person you share information with, the message is magnified and expanded. I may talk to someone about ASIA Syndrome and they respond like deer in the headlights. If you talk to that very same person about numbers and statistics, the lights go on and they get fired up like a rocket ship. Every fact you share about problems with vaccines contributes to waking another person up.

I know what I’m good at. And I know what I’m definitely NOT good at, and that’s gently walking a person along until the eventually reach the conclusion that vaccines cause harm. I don’t have the patience or the tolerance for that role. To me, the destruction occurring to the human race by injecting foreign matter into a body under the ruse of “health” is as obvious as the thumbs on your hands. I do not understand why there is a “struggle to decide.” In those circumstances, it is simply best for me to bite my tongue and not play in those circles.

My role is to help those who have already made up their mind to Just Say No to be stronger, more confident, more articulate with their decisions. If you haven’t joined our Spring 2019 Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp Course, then be sure to get on the early notification list for the fall course, which will open in September.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Stand Strong. 

Now is NOT the time for soft-pedaling the message that vaccines are not safe. Vaccines do not prevent you from contracting the infection. Vaccines can make you sick, even kill you. The push for mandatory vaccination is championed by uninformed, uneducated politicians. If their faulty, “unavoidably unsafe” products are so marvelous, why censor those who question that premise? Why pass laws to force those with a different opinion to be subjected to medical tyranny in the name of the “greater good.”

How much good? Well, there are four million kids born each year in this country. That means there are 40,000,000 kids between the age of 0 and 10. They are among the most highly vaccinated and the most chronically ill of any kids in the world.

Do you really think they give a sh**t about 163 cases of measles?

The push for mandates is about control, power, and money. With nearly 300 vaccines in the developmental pipeline (as of 2013), will all of those become MANDATES too, for children AND adults, as they become available?

Mandates: The vaccine-medical industry wins, hands down.

We PAY for the vaccines. We PAY for doctor appointments when we get sick. We PAY for all the medical tests that are run to prove we are sick by anything other than that shot. We PAY for years for all the medications take to manage our vaccine-sicknesses. We PAY tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket in an often vain attempt to recover our health.

The Greek word “pharmakeia” literally means drugs. According to, the word appears five times in the New Testament: Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, and 22:15.

Pharmakeia is translated into the English Bible as either witchcraft or sorceries. We also get our English word pharmacy from the Greek word pharmakeia.

Giving away our power, our money, and our health to pharmakeia is a truly an unforgivable abomination.

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12 Comments on "Vaccines and Pharmakeia: An Abomination"

  1. Old books have the best information. Your article on a vaccine for colds caught my attention. Over 50 years ago they vaccinated orphans with a vaccine for colds. Turned out deadly. Found this information in an old book. Hence why they are burning books. The decades of medical fraud needs to be stopped.

  2. First: Thank you for Everything you do Dr. Sherri Tempenny, I am truly grateful, and I BELIEVE GOD CALLED YOU TO “THIS!”
    Question. I read another article you write about Transhumism and had a thought I wanted to ask you about.
    I was thinking about all the “junk” animal serums injected with vaccines,and the DNA that is in them.
    Would you have a Red Flag when you think about the future experimentation of mixing/splicing animal DNA with human DNA?
    …think of Egypt with their half human, and half animal gods they worshipped.
    Scientists are splicing both DNA’s now, and have been for quite sometime…and no doubt way longer than the public has been informed!
    …just curious what you think because once I read this article…my Red Flags went Straight Up!
    God Bless you, Sherri…and keep you Safe!!?

  3. If you take out the reference to St. Germain series I could use your article. Otherwise it would be worthless to the people I would send it to. They would view the reference as a bunch of New Age occult nonsense. Otherwise, it is a powerful article.

  4. What are the St Germain series of texts? It would have been helpful to include the footnote & reference even if out of print.

  5. Thank you for all you do. I’m coming to the place where the personal attack, the hate and disgusting behavior by people towards me is too much. I used this same “pharmakia=witchcraft” argument when I discuss essential oils, nutrition, and natural remedies to individuals that think pharmaceuticals are “better.” As a Christian, how can someone say that a synthetic, man-made chemical is better than God’s creation? Here’s a scripture– Ezekiel 47:12– You shall use the fruit as food, AND THE LEAVES AS MEDICINE. Love that. Thank you Dr. T. Your research, your resources, and your words help us speak to others and share.

    • Stay the course, Susie. Remember “sticks and stones….” The only real argument they have and way to fight back is name-calling. Their facts have no basis. We need you!

  6. Eric Ranger | 03/07/2019 at 6:31 pm | Reply

    Here’s some more history…Asclepeions were healing temples located in ancient Greece and Rome, and were dedicated to Asclepius, the first doctor-demigod/”god of healing” in Greek Mythology (and son of Apollo). The serpent-entwined rod was said to have been wielded by the Greek god Asclepius. This symbol is still associated with our modern day asclepeions/hospitals, but is hilariously confused by many institutions (e.g., US Army Medical Corps) with the staff of the god Hermes, the caduceus. Some modern priests of asclepius seem to be confused about their faith! Even the original hippocratic oath began with: “I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panancea and by all the gods…” So, the next time you go to re-fill that prescription, just realize you are entering the temple of aslepius, and your priest/sorcerer will be happy to serve you with their pharmakeia, I mean witchcraft!

  7. WOW!Doc Tenpenny this is one of your best articles yet!

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