Virginia Baby Dies 4 Days After Well-Visit Vaccines

A Chesterfield, Virginia family is dealing with tragedy following the death of their four-month-old child.

On June 30th, Killy Schultz, just four days following his receiving of vaccinations, developed a rash and fever.

“He had just eaten his bottle for the afternoon. He was a little warm but we figured it was a warm day so get him home and let him cool off,” said Killy’s mother Alex Dempsey, per wtvr..

After giving Killy a dose of Tylenol, the family took him to St. Mary’s Hospital. As his situation worsened, he was eventually admitted to pediatric intensive care unit. Doctors told the family that Killy most likely contracted meningitis, which causes brain inflammation to the membranes surrounding the brain.

“The moment they said meningitis I knew there was a really strong possibility that we were going to lose him,” explained Dempsey. “They told us we were going to hit the window if he was going to make it or not but being he was only four months old he didn’t really have an immune system to help us with that.”

“Just out of the blue his heart rate dropped, and they started to do CPR and after 10 minutes of CPR you don’t come back from that, so we had to tell them to stop,” said Dempsey. “After 10 minutes of CPR grown adults don’t come back from that, he was brain dead.”

The Virginia Department of Health is investigating Killy’s case. A prophylaxis measure of antibiotics has been given to anyone who came into contact with Killy in the days prior to the tragedy. Health officials claim that their investigation has revealed an unvaccinated child is responsible for transmitting the meningitis to Killy. GoFundMe page  has been set up for Killy.

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1 Comment on "Virginia Baby Dies 4 Days After Well-Visit Vaccines"

  1. Richard Miller | 04/06/2023 at 12:14 pm | Reply

    I call bull on blaming it on an “unvaccinated child”. typical.

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