Comedian Threatens Violence Against Anti-Vaccine Parents

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An Australian comedian named Lawrence Mooney went on a tirade against the anti-vaccine community, as well as those simply opposed to mandatory vaccines, inciting violence. The exchange is creating a stir due to Mooney’s violent tone, one that seems a bit of a reflection of the current state of Australia.

Here’s the exact exchange:

Meryl: I am certainly opposed to any form of mandatory vaccination, because vaccines like all medical procedures carry with them a real risk of either long-term disability or death. So, if you are going to be saying that someone has to take that risk, that’s wrong. What we are simply saying is that vaccination, like every medical procedure, needs to be completely an informed choice, and no pressure, no coercion, no financial penalty should ever be applied to it.

Lawrence Mooney: So Mel’s obviously against banning kids from school if they aren’t vaccinated. It is ‘Can of Worms’, we’ve opened it today. Should kids be allowed to go to school if they aren’t vaccinated? I am no, they should not be allowed. My daughter Maggie got whooping cough from a kindergarten, and I just wanted to go, I wanted to go a little bit Liam Neeson on anti-vaxxers, I wanted to go and find an anti-vaxxer (woman’s laughter) and beat them…some bastard anti-vaxxer (laughter). So…

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