Health Care Worker ‘Forced Flu Shot’ Says Hospital Board Members ‘Cried’

A health care workers Facebook rant video is getting new life this week. Lauren Atkinson, who runs video while she is driving and also notes that her phone is “stabilized,” details her opposition to health care workers being forced to receive flu shots.

Essentially, she claims that at her hospital, you either get the flu shot or you “are terminated.” For most people, losing a job, income and health care simply isn’t an option so they are forced to accept the flu shot.

“Yes, it’s against our constitutional rights, yes, it’s completely absurd,” Atkinson states in the video.

Atkinson says she refused the shot and was summoned to a board meeting. The hospital told her that this was coming down from the government and that the government will cut the hospital off from Medicaid and medicare if 90% of the hospital workers don’t take the flu vaccine.

Atkinson also explains why the flu vaccine is “impossible to make” and that it has “massive amounts of detergents and preservatives.”

Atkinson takes a compassionate stance with the hospital’s stance. She claims their hands are being forced and some of them seemed to be crying over people having to be “injected or else.”

Atkinson then claims they offered her a more natural vaccine, but that turned out to be a GMO derived version of the original flu vaccine.

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