St. Louis Hospital Implements 100% Flu Shot Compliance, Mass Firings To Begin

mercy hospital flu shots

Officials at St. Louis’s Mercy Hospital are giving doctors and nurses a cold hard choice. They can be flu vaccinated, or they can be terminated.

The hospital will now implement a 100% no tolerance policy regarding flu shots. There will be no religious or personal exemptions and wearing a mask will no longer be an option.

It’s about Mercy’s denial of ALL religious and medical exemptions for their employees and their draconian measure of terminating those who will not give in to their policy. Mercy Hospital denied ALL doctor and religious leader signed exemption paperwork.

The staff will hold a protest tomorrow. In a lengthy, informative Facebook post, the protest organizers made clear that the point of the protest is to fight for employee rights, not open up a flu shot efficacy conversation.

The protest will be held at Mercy Hospital South- Tues. 11/27 at 3-4:30 pm.

(10010 Kennerly Rd. St. Louis 63128)

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