They All Knew

by Fed Up Texas Chick Thanks to Texas District Judge Mark Pittman, the FDA was ordered to release the Pfizer documents within eight months instead of within the FDA-requested 75-year timeframe. We covered the FDA…

Paypal Founder Challenges FDA On Vaccine Approvals

In what seems to be rare air, the FDA is backing down from approving vaccine trials for a new vaccine for herpes. The FDA claims the vaccine violates domestic safety standards. Although the United States…

FDA Chief Denies Ever Meeting With Anti-Vaccine Groups

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb took to Twitter this week to “clarify” his position on vaccines after rumors surfaced that the FDA had met with anti-vaxxers to discuss the vaccine safety commission, which has recently found…

The FDA Is Big Pharma’s Best Friend

Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord discusses how corruption within the Food and Drug Administration results in unsafe pharmaceutical drugs becoming available to the public. “When a republic has been corrupted, none of the ills that arise…

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