Video Shows Pharma’s Power Brokers

VacTruth has released a new video series which puts on display those that are pushing for vaccine laws and other pharmaceutical agendas. Watch the video below.

Pharmaceutical Company Power Brokers: Part 1

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1 Comment on "Video Shows Pharma’s Power Brokers"

  1. Pease know that aside from Jesus Christ and His Word, little jealous lucifer and all his evil empire fear nothing more than God’s Word. See what I have to say about Mystery Babylon and even things like the Horns of the beast, Babylon’s Sorcery, and Witchcraft (Pharma–as it was written). After doing what this message says, they will fear you even more. My documents show you how Mystery Babylon is completely illegal, by All laws. Patience and perseverance will pay off if you do as this message says. Carry the White Stone everywhere you go (you will see). As iron sharpens iron, let me sharpen as I’ve been sharpened. You will find many arguments throughout my scroll, Google Drive, and book that–when used together, with considering all of what’s said–you will be able to corner all the forces of darkness.

    Here is the copy&paste message I send to as many people as I can, while fighting one of the heads of the beast tooth and nail to get the messages out.

    Copy and Paste the following. Share it widely.

    Insert name of recipient here,

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    When you have free time, go through the documents I put in there. Lean Not on your own understanding–do not jump to any conclusions–but have faith like a child and once you go through those things, I promise you will see more and more how God’s Word is the choicest of weapons (when you wear the Full armor of God As it was written). You will see; as iron sharpens iron. Witnessing/testifying on behalf of Jesus Christ and those whom He loves is also, in fact, the one way we have to corner antichrist’s and even The antichrist. But do not change times, names nor places. Use God’s Word and remember 1st Corinthians 13, and that we aren’t the judge. Love thy neighbor and even love thy enemy…give them the Word of God and love as Jesus loves. All things good come from God and His Word Is love, little jealous lucifer would just like to decieve others to think its not. The Bible is a love letter.

    The antichrist will never do as Jesus commands. In fact, those that are of the spirit of the antichrist and also are of the synagogue of satan will never confess that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords and that there is no other. We know of one who we would like to shine light onto his darkness–that evil one is at the very bottom of the Tip of the Funnel (see my diagram/”infographic”).

    I’m sure you will be wise and discerning to understand.

    See what God’s Word has to say. I write on behalf of God’s Word that I’ve studied throughout my life and on behalf of those whom I love as a Christian, who are also those whom God loves. We are to seek to have a heart and mind as Christ-like as possible–being unlike the antichrist and standing against who he serves–which is to stand against little jealous lucifer.

    See what I have to say about Crowns of Humility, as opposed to facing number 5 or number 6 in what I call Order of Operations. (Shown in my Love and Shalom equation document and also referenced throughout my scroll and book. You are number 5; the devil is always on your 6 and he always wants your own personal crown that God intends uniquely for each and every person to have as their own crown). (You’ll see but it takes patience to understand all of what I have to say). Jesus Christ is above all crowns–King of kings and Lord of lords–of which, there is no other. The antichrist will never confess that. Jesus Christ is the head, we are the church which He calls the Body. He and His Word are to govern us.

    Jesus is literally the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Once you’ve read through the shorter documents in my Google Drive, and also quickly scroll and click through the past few months of tweets on my account/archive (that won’t take too terribly long), you’ll want to read the rest from the bottom to top, in Order. Think Fractally like a tree/brain as you try to organize the connections. The best way to do that is to simply remember all of what I say as you consider one thing from another in my writings. But know that branches connect, and do not think, hear, feel, speak, nor do any sinfulness against anyone–even while reading. That takes Biblical discernment with love for all of God’s Creation and never hate of it, but only hating the sin and the root of all sin.

    Antichrist’s only get their power by deceiving Christians (and I say Christian as it is written: Christ-followers–those who abide in God’s ways of being to one another and to Him).

    With patience, discernment, and looking to God’s Word and with love as we are to all have for God’s Creation, while also hating only the sin, and also knowing the ways of little jealous lucifer, you will come to be even further sharpened against all the forces of darkness in this world.

    My book, scroll, and other documents are simply a sharpening stone and also a platform for others to grow in faith and overcome the evils of the world. Claim my writings as your own, use them, apply them, but do as instructed in them, wearing the Full armor of God with faith like a child, or else you will suffer the law of an object only being as strong as it’s weakest point.

    Do not protest; witness/testify on behalf of Jesus Christ and those whom He loves, being the salt and light of the earth shining brightly the light of the truth of God’s Word over All the forces of darkness. You will see, and through you shining, others might come to see where they have otherwise been blinded by the enemy. The enemy is little jealous lucifer and all that stems from him. It is all that goes against Christ and Christ-likeness. We know Jesus Christ loves His Creation, and hates the sin. Love as He loves.

    Trust, hope, love, persevere. Judge not the sinner, judge the sin. Witness/testify.

    It takes faith just for me to do this. But I know you will see. Do not jump to any conclusions and do not conform to the patterns of the world, but sharpen and then shine even more. You will see. And do not change times, names, nor places, as evildoers prefer. Trust what God’s Word says. It’s the truth. Show everyone God’s Word.

    God bless you,


    PostScript: If you have any questions, feel free to write me and as I have free time, I’ll help you know more intimately what I may or may not mean. If you are ever confused about anything, ask yourself what Jesus would interpret something to mean even applying that viewpoint to the news. If there is any evil/sinful interpretation on anything I write, that’s lucifer having decieved you to misinterpret, so rebuke that interpretation. But if something also simply doesn’t make sense, Continue reading, not dwelling on any confusing part, but holding onto what you’ve read as you continue to read more and then I promise, in time with perseverance, you will see what I mean.

    Start with the shorter documents in my Google Drive, and the past few months of tweets–clicking and scrolling. You’ll want to read the rest following that.

    The Twitter Archive in my google drive has instructions on how to print.

    Loading the index.html of any of my updated Twitter archives I’ve posted in my Google Drive will launch a twitter-made webpage for easy loading and navigation on computers (not generally phones). Those archives are easy to print and bind.

    Claim my book and scroll as your own.

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